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Do not welcome the dictator!

We do firmly hope that this letter will land in your proper hands so that you can read our message to you. We are writing you this letter first on behalf of the African people who would like to live in a society of freedom and dignity like many other people in the world. We are also writing you this letter on behalf of the African youth who are most starving for liberty, dignity and peace in their own countries. We are finally writing you this letter on behalf of the Djiboutian people who are enduring more than thirty six years of dictatorship, oppression and lack of basic human rights in their mother land and who are at this very moment struggling to get rid of this tyrannical regime .Dear president, deep from our minds and hearts, from all corners and walks of this great African continent, we were all thrilled to the bones when we heard the ground breaking speech you made in Ghana five years ago. We felt proud and happy to hear from your mouth that “Africa needs strong institutions rather than strong men”. All of a sudden. We became aware that we were not left alone in our fight for a society of freedom and dignity. Your choice to invite African youth rather than undemocratically elected heads of states at the white house also made us proud and filled our hearts with huge hope and genuine support from you and from American nation beyond .

Actually, it is a sad reality but too many African countries are run today by strong men who have destroyed everything that could build the pillars of strong nations. Core institutions are trodden down if not destroyed .Basic health system and education are the first victims of this lack of good governance. For a long time those African leaders have overlooked the general interest of their country in order to serve their own ones. They chose to squander the wealth of the country for their own and family benefit alone. As a result most of those countries under the rule of strong men are simply bound to vanish into anarchy. We remember SOMALIA, former ZAIRE, IVORY COAST and ZIMBABWE, just to name them. Most of those strong African leaders run their country with iron fist based on the use of permanent oppression and repression. Some of them simply ask the advice of their wives or their cronies to call for a change of the constitution on the spot. Others wake up in the morning; drink up their cup of tea or coffee and say: “Guys, time is running out for us! Let us summon the assembly and have the constitution amended, otherwise we will be all thrown out into the street”. That is the way most current leaders rule their people. Dear president.

Djibouti, my country, is one of these African countries under the rule of a strong man rather than strong institutions. What is worse in Djibouti is the fact that we are living under a hidden dictatorship because almost no one else except us does not seem to see the plight we are going through here. The current president dictator, ISMAEL OMAR GUELLEH, is running the country with the use of force and daily oppression. He has never accepted any fair and free election. Dear president, this small country but highly strategic is likely to add up to another instability in this already troubled region if the current president does not open the country up for a democratic change. Dear president on may 5th you will be receiving Djibouti president dictator at the White House ,the shrine where the founding fathers drafted this great ant timeless constitution , the seat of the American lawmakers , the cradle of this great America democracy. On may 5th you will be sitting at the WHITE HOUSE with a strong man who is using AMERICAN TAX PAYERS’ MONEY (100m US$/YEAR)TO KILL , TORTURE AND OPPRESS HIS OWN PEOPLE . On may 5th you will be sitting at the WHITE HOUSE with the most corrupted president who is money laundering our national riches , AMERICAN TAX PAYERS’ MONEY into the off shores. On may 5th you will be shaking hands with a president dictator who is going to cling to power for ever against the will of his people. In 1991 late NELSON MANDELA put his first steps on the path of freedom after 27 years in prison. This was made possible thanks to the resolute of his fellow south- Africans and the priceless help they got from the international community. On may 5th we Djiboutian people are excepting from you, your people and your lawmakers to stand with us and give us your support against the dictator , the tyrant, the oppressor for the sake of securing our freedom and true democracy home.

God bless America and its people!

God bless Djibouti and its people!


TEL: 613 700 83 71