oddhDjibouti, 12 January 2015

After more than 22 months of political crisis and multifaceted repression with multiple human rights violations constantly denounce the ODDH (illegal arrest and detention, kidnapping and torture, convictions and nationality withdrawals, travel bans and confiscation of passports opponents, human rights defenders, private citizens, …) and the rise of a state of lawlessness and trivializing be accentuated over time, to the detriment of the rules of justice and the constitution of our country that the power and the opposition coalition (USN) signed a framework agreement on December 30, 2014.


As we have already expressed the ODDH hope that this agreement will usher in a republic where the fundamental values ​​of human rights will be respected and will build the foundations of a true democracy and especially the strengthening of institutions. But unfortunately again u beyond a good-Home and enthusiasm eager to two (2) sides, the people and the Djiboutian civil society remain dumbfounded over this framework agreement, the content nor the content have not been published to date nor the opposition website or on that of the government.


The people who should be privileged to witness this process of dialogue to endorse the recommendations ensuring a better vision of national policy leading to a national pact and an institutional framework for reform of the constitution to serve democracy in Djibouti seems ruled out.


  •   Why the silence around this framework agreement?
  •   What guarantees the success of such an agreement?
  •   Why implement immediate issues to be initiated within one week (8 days) is still not relevant?


Moreover, the urgent call to “a peaceful democracy” advocated by the international community and the major powers by encouraging the opposition to accept an agreement should not lead us to the same results for over 37 years ie forcing the people one way or another to keep the same regime in power, even if it wants to change.


Besides almost two (2) weeks after the signing of the agreement among the immediate issues except the one concerning the integration of eight (8) members of the opposition in the National Assembly all other issues remain unresolved.


  •   No “restoration of the rights of those suspended, dismissed and those who suffered harm”;
  •   Harassment continues. Indeed, Areita, member of the party and Model exercising teacher education consultant based in Djibouti City constituency has been transferred to Mouddo in the Region of Obock in full school year;
  •   Those who were deprived of their rights movement after the power has confiscated their passports, still remain prisoners in their own country. Among them Farah Abdillahi Miguil, president of the ODDH – Adan Mohamed Abdou, vice president of ARD and one of eight members who have just joined the National Assembly – Master Djama Amareh Meidal, a lawyer practicing in Djibouti – Guirreh Meidal Guelleh, one of three leaders and sheiks USN (Union for National Hi), released August 25, 2014 after serving 18 months in prison. He is also a founding member of the MODEL, one of the parties affiliated to the opposition coalition USN – Hassan Igueh Ofleh,   a trader without political labeled them


In any case, everyone will see the door at noon but in all cases clogging and / or any consent precast policy that does not serve the interests of the people will not stand the test of time. And besides, the desire for freedom and justice remains strong wherever the rule of law is lacking.


The ODDH called power respecting the agreed Framework Agreement:


ü   By restoring their rights and duties to all victims of this political crisis that lasted more than 22 months,

ü   By stopping the harassment that can lead to situations of tension against members and supporters of the opposition,

ü   By implementing democratic reforms to lay the foundations for a genuine rule of law.


The ODDH recommended to power and opposition:


ü   A sincere dialogue to serve the cause of the nation and not the interests of each other,

ü   A transparent process where the stages will be regular press briefings,

ü   Negotiations in which there would be no winners or losers if not the people and democracy,



Acting for democracy, dignity and justice.

The President of the ODDH

Farah Abdillahi Miguil