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Djibouti, May 3, 2014


Article 10: All persons deprived of their liberty shall be treated with humanity and with respect for the inherent dignity of the human person. (1966 Covenant on Civil and Political Rights)


Article 6: Everyone has the right to liberty and security of person. No one shall be deprived of his freedom except for reasons and conditions previously laid down by law; in particular, no one may be arbitrarily arrested or detained. (African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights)

Article 10   : The human person is sacred. The State has an obligation to respect and protect. All human beings are equal before the law. Everyone has the right to life, liberty, security and integrity of the person (…). (Djibouti Constitution)

1.       Multiple arrests were processed through the police on May 1

Thursday 1 May 2014 margin Labor Day police made ​​arrests at the scene of protests in the city center and elsewhere in the capital. Immediately, all were detained at the transit center Nagad. However, if all women were relaxed early evening this May 1. The men remained in custody Nagad until Saturday, May 3, 2014 around 16:30. Among the men arrested this May 1 were:

    Kadar Abdi Ibrahim, a professor at the University, a candidate on deputation USN list and leading member of the USN,

    Maydan Okieh journalist Voice of Djibouti,

    Farah Ofleh, college professor and part of the USN,

    Yacin Moussa Ahmed says Garaudy, Abdi Doubad Darar Idriss Barreh Abdillahi and Mohamed Farah says Boo sahal all activists USN


2. Numerous arrests Friday, May 2, 2014

The police had parked trucks leaving some mosques. Thus, at the Rahma mosque Gachamaleh women, men and young people without distinction were shipped. Approximately more than 70 people were arrested who were immediately detained in Nagad, transit center for illegal aliens. Among those arrested Friday, May 2 were:

    Saada Ahmed Hussein, physics teacher, headmaster at the Lycée de-ajointe Djibouti shelved since fevrier2013, part of the USN and candidate for deputy of the USN list

    Saada Abdi, wife of Sheikh Abdurahman Barkat God who has been detained for more than 14 months at the Central Jail Gabode

3.       Transit center Nagad


We learned that all were released this Saturday at 16:30. Activists, citizens, mothers, students without political commitment were arrested Friday, May 2 Lawyer, or doctor, or families have not been in contact with them. They were held in inhumane and humiliating conditions in cells with heat at the beginning of the hot season puts a strain on the human body. Moreover, to denounce these awful conditions of detention and unlawful arrests all men had begun a hunger strike since Friday night.


What is the legal status of the Transit Center Nagad which is neither a police nor a gendarmerie? Moreover, the detention of Djiboutian citizens in this center became a “weir” is a real legal problem. As a reminder, the purpose of this center was a transit center for illegal aliens.

As stated in the preamble of the Declaration of Human Rights, it is essential that human rights are protected by the rule of law for man is not compelled, as a last resort, to rebellion against tyranny and oppression.

The ODDH called once again to the public:


    To comply with the constitutional provisions on the protection of citizens, respect for fundamental freedoms, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the Universal Declaration of rights.


    At the unconditional release of all political prisoners, cessation of prosecutions and harassment sympathizers, activists of the opposition but also associations and citizens   wrongly or rightly as close to the opposition,


    At the opening of a respectful and fair political dialogue to overcome the unprecedented crisis.


    In the implementation of democratic reforms to pave the way for a genuine rule of law.


    Act for democracy, dignity and justice.

    The President of the ODDH

    Farah Abdillahi Miguil