unnamedDjibouti, 11 June 2015


Despite the signing of a peace agreement in December 2014 ending a political crisis between the government and the opposition following the post-election crisis of 22 February 2013, a state of lawlessness continues to the detriment of rules Justice and Fundamental Freedoms, the constitution, the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights ….


  1. Arbitrary and unfair dismissal of a teacher from the University of Djibouti


Mr Ismail Hassan Djilal, professor of computer science at the University of Djibouti, arrested by the gendarmerie 18 May 2015 in the morning at his place of work and released the next day at 8 am after spending the night in custody in the premises of North of the gendarmerie brigade in Section Research and Documentation (SRD) has been revoked as an official of his employment in a decision dated June 3, 2015.


The decision to revoke a state official was taken in disregard of all administrative rules and procedures and in violation of the status of civil servant.


  1. Arrest of a dozen people including 2 minors


Following the return and on the sidelines of events to welcome the popular singer Nima Djama Miguil, exiled in Canada and committed to democracy in his home country on June 6 about ten women and two young men with two minor 12 years and 16 years, were arrested and imprisoned in the 3rd Police District. After spending a night in custody they were presented to Djibouti parquet Sunday, June 7, 2015 before being placed in custody at the Central Prison Gabode.


Some have suffered physical violence and torture according to the testimony of one of them, Ms. Kadra Abdillahi activist USN (Union for National Hi), the opposition coalition.


All were released Tuesday, June 9, 2015 after being sentenced between six to eight months suspended except Asama Mohamed Djama, a minor aged 16 who has not been brought before a judge following an administrative and judicial dysfunction.


Hard to imagine the consequences, trauma and psychological shock which is and will be the small Asma victim in the central prison Gabode. A prison we previously denounced repeatedly the inhuman and degrading conditions of detention.

ODDH naturally protested against these draconian reflexes of the authorities of this country and strongly condemns the trivialization of a state of lawlessness where the abuses and practices of another age are common currencies.

The ODDH challenges the National and International Community on the need to enforce the framework agreement for a definitive resolution of a political crisis that could be detrimental to the entire nation.  

The ODDH called the ruling respect for the framework agreement signed e n implementing democratic reforms to pave the way for a genuine rule of law.

The ODDH recommended to power and opposition:  

  • A sincere dialogue to serve the cause of the nation and not the interests of each other,
  • A transparent process where the stages will be regular press briefings,
  • A negotiation in which there would be neither victors nor vanquished if not the people and democracy,


Acting for democracy, dignity and justice  

Farah Abdillahi Miguil

President ODDH