By Hassan Ali Mahdi

The former Somali Prime Minister Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh the founder of the Khatumo militias, and now serving as an MP in the Somali government is said to be secretly engaged in talks with the government of Somaliland in Jig Jiga , capital of Somali region of Ethiopia.

Reliable sources leaked the information to Geeska Afrika about ongoing secret talks between Dr. Ali Khalif Galaydh flanked by Garaad Jama Garaad Ali and pro Somaliland elders were meeting secretly although details of the talks are still unknown.

Ali Khalif Galaydh and Garad Jama Garad Ali have in the past being advocating for violence in Somaliland

On the 28th of November, 2013, the two warlords Osman Karaash  and Indhosheel  were embroiled in violent skirmishes for the control of Taleeh and the ensuring violence resulted to the deaths of at least ten civilians and forcing 27, 000 people to flee the area.

Puntland Authorities then sided with Mr. Osman Karaash, forcing Indhosheel to flee to Buhoodle.

The people of Taleeh continue to languish in absolute poverty , as aid agencies remain reluctant to assist them due to “insecurity” in the area and also sidelined by Somaliland government despite claiming Taleh as part of its territory.


  1. They isolate themselves and then wonder why their area isnt being built. The logic on these people.

    • “By they” I assume you mean the people of Taleeh or Sool in general, so let me tell you the logic of these ppl. The administration of Somaliland for 22yrs have been claiming those regions and getting money and other aids from the NGO’s and International community; And to date these regions have not seen any developments as all the money was used to built Hargeysa,Buroa, and Berbera. The only money spent on those areas are used for founding the military of Somaliland to hold people of Sool hostage against their will and to forcefully accept the secessionist agenda of Somaliland.

      • Khaatumocitizen…….Sit back for a moment, and think…”why have Sol being ignored. Why nothing of important is being done there. Why people and
        government are looking at you guys with suspicion and no one wants to trust
        the khatumo gang and those who follow them and Buhoodle in general, but
        things are different in Las Anod. Think. But gain I know your hate which
        comes from years of poison from Siad Bare, Ina Sueiman Daffle (who by
        the way was married to Barre’s daughter), and Morgan who destroyed Hargiesa (also married to Barre’s daughter).
        But let me give y you some light on this matter.
        Since the whole diaspora of those who come from Buhoodle and other
        villages of the Duhulbahante tribe (because Sol does not belong to the
        Duhulbahante. They live there, and yet have Habar Younis and Habar
        Jeclo living there too, as well as Warsengeli (so it is a multi tribal region),
        But the Duhulbahante is consumed with the hate of the yester years.
        Not one single Duhulbahante wants to invest in Sol, but they invest
        in Nariobi and other countries. Whereas the people in Burco are investing
        in Burco and those from Berbera are investing in Berbera and everyone is investing in Hargiesa. THAT IS THE DIFFERENCE. Because you people
        are bent on ill actions and lies fed to you by people like Galayd that one day you will have your own country, with flag and all and receive all the aid coming from the international community (but the truth behind this is these greedy people want to take all the money and pocket them. They do not think of the man on the street. There kids are in Europe or America or Britain, and wont get killed, have good life, while Buhoodle remains a small dusty village).
        You people know very well that you have blood relationship with those you hate. You people know that in the end Somaliland is your best choice. You people know very well that if you people end up under Puntland you have no chance of survival (but that will never happen. NEVER!!!) SOMALILAND AND ALL SOMALILANDERS WILL DEFEND EVERY SINGLE INCH OF THEIR COUNTRY TO THE LAST MAN STANDING.

        • Talk about “poisoning minds” what about the poising of the minds of the youth in Somaliland to hate and secede from rest of Somalis which comprise of 70-80% of the population by the ilks of Siilanyo and ina Waraabe. Blaming a few men’s actions on a whole tribe is unfair, but about the rest of Somali tribes like Hawiye or Gadabiirsi or Rahanwayn what did they do to Isaaq that make you want to secede. You mentioned that some not all Dhulbahante diaspora or community don’t invest in Lasanod, and the main reason is the military occupation of Lasanod by Somaliland and harassing jailing the population daily. Now tell me something if the ppl of Lasanod were willing or wanted to join and secede with Somaliland why is there military occupation and by the way no other city in the north is militarily occupied, and as far as getting international aid there both Puntland and Somaliland convinced the NGO’s that it’s a disputed and dangerous areas in the eastern parts to do any development there which is far from the truth. You also mentioned Lasanod being developed and not Buhoodle actually Lasanod lacks behind in development in every category compared to other major cities according to Somaliland’s own assessment, and Buhoodle is actually booming since Khaatumo took over opening the border with Ethiopia and Puntland and doing business. As far as blood relations actually I have none but I understand that there are others with relation and don’t understand your premise.

      • Walalo, when there is no peace, there is development . People of taleex and sool need to think about their future and how to build their country. They campaign and waste their money to destroy somaliland. Hargeisa, burco and Berbers we’re build by their citizens mainly. I wouldn’t deny the governments support in many things but the country is build by its honest citizens who love Somaliland. When There is a total peace in those regions there will be foreign investments and also Somaliland business men and women will join in the building of these regions.

      • Just to remind you Borama is one of the most beautiful cities in Somaliland , why? Because awdal somalilanders love their country and they invest and support their country. Unity is what we need walal.

  2. Here is a video that shows the true colour of AntiSomaliland leaders. Somaliland is not violating their rights but are keeping the Horn peaceful.

    • A famous newsman called Stewart Alsop, was dying of Lukemia, and in his final days, he wrote: “A DYING MAN NEEDS TO DIE, AS A SLEEPY MAN NEEDS TO SLEEP, AND THERE COMES A TIME WHEN ITS BOTH USLESS AND FUTILE TO RESIST”
      Puntlanland leaders poisoned the minds of the Duhulbahante and Warsengeli tribes into joining them for a greater Daroodland. The truth behind this was the devious minds of those who conjured such an idea, who had one interest only, and that was to take these regions and gulp it up like a piece of a candy, and enslaving these tribes.
      But in the early days of Egal and Riyale Presidency, Somaliland was militarily weak, and they temporarily occupied Las Anod and Boohodle. Today the story is different, and Somaliland Forces are the best and well equipped in the what was former Somalia.
      After being discgruntled by the Puntland treatment of those who joined them and given some few ministerial posts and few dollars, it all became obvious that the only purpose of these yellings and hate was just to make a few dollars. So gangs like Galayed rushed to Mogadishu to join Somalia in the hope of making a few more dollars while their kids languished in comfort in Europe and the US.
      And others thew their weight behind Puntland’s Abdillahi Yusuf and Faroole.
      In the end the SSC Militia and its leadership realized that all these was cheating and they joined Somaliland.
      But the question I have is, how in a sane persons mind can one try to slice about 40% of Somaliland and go give it on a plate to Puntland, knowing this could ignite a war of destruction for them and those who sent them, and finally they would loose everything? But the idea behind this is to pull in the International Community for a dialogue which they think would eventually give them their dream.
      Instead of investing in their region, they invest in other countries in East Africa as well as South Africa. But those from other Somaliland Region are heavily investing in Somaliland, and enjoying peace and tranquility and advancement.
      Now Galeyd having seen the others, is ready to come in from the cold, which is going to completely crush the Khatumo dream and those in Mogadishu and Puntland will rush to join them. What a waste of time and energy.

  3. Again Khatumo Awdal takes its place in Somaliland and receives its aid, what is stopping you from doing so other than your constant claims of being not apart of Somaliland even though you make up a small percentage in those regions? You cant expect help when you have bandits attacking the general population let along the military or government officials that go there. Then turn around and say no one reached out to you. You dont want peace, bc siyad had you convinced that you had the upper hand but that is not the case. If you want to live in peace with your neighbors you can, you dont have a population that is significant to claim whole regions. If you want your place then take your place in Somaliland but dont complain when you have not supported Somaliland.

  4. Khatumo is like New Jersey saying that it doesnt get federal aid when they were campaigning for a break away nation of New Jersey. Laughable

  5. Whats this I hear about withdrawing? If its true than whats the point of claiming Somaliland if you cant secure your borders?

    I understand that people want peace, but you have to secure your borders to be taken seriously. They (majeerteenia, and dhulbahante) are doing this specifically to undermine Somaliland and our officials have let them do it. This might as well be on par with when our officials decided to join Somalia.

    They claim lands they have no significant population in. Why are you leaving your land Somaliland army? If you dont take yourself seriously who will take you seriously.

    Somaliland officials made a horrible mistake in leaving the region, they have undermined their own nation.

    You dont comply with bullies you have to stand up for yourself.

    Islamists in a vice and religion ministry now this shyt. Starting to wonder if Somaliland is worth supporting anymore.

  6. Often it is the incompetent who most need to feel self-important. They somehow have the notion that they are the centre of the universe and that the whole world revolves around them, even if reality keeps reminding them otherwise. And so, they have to push, shove and force others, because they want their will to prevail over all else.

    This is not a new phenomenon in history. Many dictators all over the world have suffered from the same self-delusion. Of course, this phenomenon is not limited to those who have and exercise political and military power. It is true even in the ordinary context of daily life where small minds exercise a stranglehold on others in jobs, offices, organisations, including even religious ones.

    Ali Khalif is incompetent, arrogant and even ignorant at that

  7. Mr Galaydh is a traitor. He was one of the founding fathers of Somaliland’s reclamation of its independence in Burao in 1991. In fact he was one of the more vociferous advocates for reclaiming our independence more so than Silanyo and others who were more cautious. And then he joined the other side and turned himself into an enemy. He lost that war. However one of the few good qualities we possess as Somalilanders is our unparalleled ability to forgive. We must do so with professor Galaydh despite his hurtful treachery. We need all the talents of every Somalilander. He is talented. He is a Somalilander. So we should welcome him back to the fold. Ministerial position should not be out of the question following a run for the top job later

    • I agree, somalilanders are very forgiving people especially when it comes to our own. It’s unfair to compare him with a leader like siilanyo but we will definitely we will welcome him with open hands and hearts . Long live somaliland