By M.A. Egge

The President of the Republic of Somaliland H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi, has said that the Somaliland elections are going on as per the National Elections Commission (NEC) schedule and as the President decree issued.

He also spoke about the tangible achievements of the governments borne from the Kulmiye Party which have been successful and the clear progress they have brought to the country during their tenure and that they are ready to continue and serve the people of Somaliland in their duties.

He reaffirmed that the elections would be held as scheduled hence reiterated the need for the adherence of the due process of constitutional procedures especially as concerns the sticking to the forthcoming elections’ timelines.

The Head of State gave the remarks in a speech to the delegates of the 8th KULMIYE party central committee delegate congress which was held in Burao on 20th and 21st August 2023.

He explained in details the different stages that the KULMIYE party went through and the progress he made in the country during his leadership, pointing out that the long-term vision of the party is to build the country and make the party a formidable one for future generations.

He spoke on various aspects of the democratic prowess within the party since its inception of changing the buttons of leadership, saying that this is the third time a new leader is being elected.

He said. “The Kulmiye party is a democratic party that is very mature and is the only party that has ruled the country twice after being elected in free and fair elections with two successive party chairmen becoming presidents. It is a party where there is democracy, and its leadership is elected in a democratic way. We are now choosing the third chairman and the first deputy chairman of the Kulmiye party through elections”.

The President said that the government formed by the KULMIYE party has invested a lot of time in the development of the country’s economic infrastructure.

He pointed out that the country is governed by the laws and regulations established by the society, and there is no room for miscreants and thuggish tendencies to undermine the status quo.

“We are holding the elections according to the law, and if the law is deviated from, the country will be in a mayhem”, he warned.

He said that when it comes to democracy and electioneering it was not child’s play that can be hijacked by anyone through arm-twisting or by forceful demands.

He said that such innuendoes lack wisdom and always hits a snag.

He said, “The elections are to go on as scheduled by the Election Commission, and as per the Presidential decree that assented it, since it is the only way to achieve security, democracy and stability.”