The Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU has been met with optimism and belief in its potential for closer cooperation and mutual prosperity, according to residents of Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland, who attended the Second-Generation Ethiopians welcoming ceremony at Friendship Park yesterday.
Recall that residents of both Somaliland and Ethiopia have been expressing their delights over the signing of the MoU by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and President Muse Bihi Abdi on January 1, 2024 in different ways.
A former university student in Ethiopia, Mustefa Ali Ese, told ENA that he returned to the country with a renewed joy after witnessing the historic agreement.
“I am from Hargessa and I am participating in this event (the second-generation Ethiopians welcoming ceremony) after the signing of the Ethiopia-Somaliland MoU; and I hope we will continue to visit each other,” he said.
Mustefa emphasized the importance of people-to-people relationship and creation of networks between Ethiopians and Somalilanders.

Underscoring the long-standing historical and commercial connections between Ethiopia and Somaliland, he pointed out that strengthening people-to-people and economic ties is crucial.
Muhamed Askar Ibrahim echoed the sentiments of his compatriot praising the MoU as a positive development for both economies.
“This is very important because the two people are brothers and the relationship between them can be strengthened through trade.”
His comments highlighted the shared cultural and familial bonds between Ethiopians and Somalilanders.
According to him, the MoU has been met with optimism and a belief in its potential for closer cooperation and mutual prosperity.
“We are glad, all Somalilanders are glad. And both sides need to cooperate to realize the Memorandum of Understanding,” Muhamed noted.
There is of course some negativity from some corners, he said, adding that this is expected and surmountable.
Source: ENA