HARGEISA, 30 October 2009 (Somalilandpress) – The Ethiopian government appointed a new representative to Somaliland on Thursday to replace its former one who has been changed last week.

In a press conference, the Somaliland’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in his office said the office of the Ethiopian government in Somaliland which was known as a trade office has been upgraded to be counselor. The Minister welcomed the new representative in his office and said Somaliland is ready to collaborate with the new representative.

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“We welcome the new representative and the fact that the government of Ethiopia upgraded its office, this is a step forward of the two countries bilateral relationship” Said the Minister.

Mr. Berhe Tesfey, the new representative thanked the Somaliland government and its people. He said he is happy to take the new office and work closely with the Somaliland government.

This comes when Somaliland marks the first anniversary of the terrorist attacks in Somaliland where 24 people died and more than 30 wounded. One of the targets was the Ethiopian Trade Office in Hargeisa.

(Photos from Hadhwanaag news)



  1. Step by step, every single day of peace and progress is a step towards de-jure recognition..step by step..

  2. Im not too keen of developing relationship with Ethiopia, its a nation depending on aid and Western donations, the only thing that could be beneficial for us is getting the UN and donor nations to send aid for Ethiopia via Berbera port.

    All these little offices are useless.

  3. Yonis, the West says Somaliland's de-jure recognition is in the hands of Africans, if Ethiopia is the first nation to step up, then all these little offices add up the a lot of big offices..have some faith brother, every little step is a step towards de-jure recognition.

  4. Somaliland needs as many friends as it can make.

    Remember Ethiopia who opened their borders to our civillian population in the late 80s when the Somali gov't was bombing our ppl and even Djibouti was reluctant to help us.

    I don't give a **** what ppl say. Ethiopia helped me in my time of need I will forget that.

  5. What a miserable and hopeless lot you all are!.

    Diplomatic recognition by Ethiopia!. Has anyone of you ever occurred what weight starving Ethiopia has in the diplomatic circles of Africa and in the world for that matter.

    If after 19 years of pimping for Ethiopia – a country synonimous with famine, starvation, and begging bowl addiction – all you can cheer for is a tigrean counsellor, then you must be suffering from horrific desperation and depression.

    Besides, you have no dignity and your shamelessness has no boundary.

    • Mr. Adam, the hatred you have for Somaliland and it’s people comes across clearily through your words. Like it or not Somaliland is here to stay.

      Now you are crying false for Ethiopia government upgrading it’s Embassy. I can’t wait to read how you will react when full recognition of Somaliland becomes of a reality and bythe way, it’s coming very soon.

      Long live Somaliland and death to enemies of Somaliland.

  6. Ethiopia is the stand of Africa…the capital of Africa. So it good to be friend with the ethiopians.The Ethiopians fight and die from their rights and democracy of their Nation.In fact Ethiopia is the only African Nation not colonized by the western World. And Ethiopia have fought alot to free other African countries who were colonized. God Bless Ethiopians FOR WHAT they have done for Us ALL

    • I am an Ethiopian and appreciate what you are doing. I think you are a micrlae worker for helping any kid in a destitute. But at least once, you sounded a little bitter there. I just want to say they might be nostalgic about Ethiopia or they might even make you feel like you snatched them from heaven. You shouldn’t feel that way though. They might be in cultural shock and besides it is common for their age. And hopefully they will adjust very soon. With a little patience things will be fine.

  7. excuse me, once they were saved by the Portuguese from ahmed guray, then ethiopia was colonized by Italy, until the might English man showed up…then again they were saved by russia and its soviet block…so that independence u talking about tell that someone els

  8. Ethiopia has nothing but diseases to offer, I am hoping that puntland takes full advantage of the coming meeting with Egypt..and to stop all formal bulshit with Ethiopia and get hooked with the Egyptians …then we talking..we will be another Eritrea to Ethiopia……that will be soo goood

  9. Adam, people like you are so filled with hatred that you deserve pity. Somaliland is here to stay, and every peaceful and progressive day is a step toward de-jure recognition and away from the anarchy that people like Adam revel in..Whether it is Ethiopia, Djibouti, UK, USA or even Samoa is the first to recognize Somaliland, it doesn't matter..Somaliland is here to stay, 19 years or till Qiyaamaha, Somaliland is here to stay..

  10. Mind you Somalinaders: today our main enemy is the state of Eritrea led by its homosexual leader, afwarki.And the one above calling himself adam , is neither a muslim nor a somali, but an anseban trying to sow disccord in the whole region.

  11. Hopeless and miseriable are you and the people represent. Ilaa aad naga ducaysataanna khayr iyo nabadtoona heli maysaa. Min Shar Acmaalahum Yilquun, ayaa laydhi! Sidiinna marba cid isku qaadimayno. Wadanna aannu jaarka nahay way naga nabad galeen.

    Recognition or not Somaliland is here to stay and will develop and progress into a compromising future Inshaa Allaah, while you are still killing each other.

  12. Messrs. Obsiye & Kariye,

    I sense from both of you a general malaise in Somaliland which is insecurity. Why be so sensitive?. And why the existence of Somaliland is so fragile to the degree not to accommodate the slightest criticism?. Also why give yourselves more belonging to the country than others and position yourselves in defending it from us?. Are we not supposed to be equal citizens?
    Mind you my above comment and hundreds like mine should not really matter so long we are on a solid foundation and headed to the right direction.

    It has become a common place in Somaliland that whoever voices a different and legitimate concern as where the country is headed is swormed by angery and self-righteous souls. It doesn’t have to be that way and it doesn’t help either.

    There is nothing hateful in having a different view point and my above comment did not in any way endanger Somaliland.

    My comment was mainly about those who unashamedly praise Ethiopia at every opportunity they can find as if Somaliland’s future and well-being is exclusively tied to Ethiopia.

    I will repeat it again, Ethiopia is synonimous to all the ills one wouldn’t want to associate with: worst kind of governance, never-ending cycle of preventable famine and starvation; poor hygiene and health service (just visit Addis Abab); and poor education system. All as a result of inadequately formulated and implemented social policy, among many others.

    To better understand what Ethiopia is all about, all you have to do is look how their citizens are roaming around in all of the Horn of Africa and beyond. See how they are drowning in their hundreds in the high seas of the red and Mediterrean seas.
    More importantly, it is rare to visit any Somali mid-size town and not be confronted by an Ethiopian beggar or one doing menial job for a Somali family who didn’t even have a fucntioning government for the past twenty or so years. Although Somalis are experiencing difficult times, they still enjoy superior standard of living than that of Ethiopians to the extent that they can afford to hire an Ethiopian house maid or give a change or charity to an Ethiopian begger.

    Look also who is looking for better life and opportunity in tiny Djibouti or Nairobi (the reverse is unthinkable) and yet, unlike the Somalis, they have a central government and supposedly a fuctioning country!.

    I refuse to accept that any thing good would come from Ethiopia and I wouldn’t want to associate myself with them, and above all, I would never look up any thing that has to do with Ethiopia!.

    Like millions of other Somalis, I am and contnue to be a proud Somali even when we are going through some of our worst times.

  13. @Adam, the saying goes: people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Adiga oon waxba ahayn, ha aflagaadayn dadka kale. Ishabeeya marka hore, ka dib dad kale wax ka sheega. dawladda aad afka ku jaqayso, waynnu ka sii liidannaa waliba.

  14. Gobaad,

    I am happy to debate with an Ethiopian national about Ethiopian issues.

    However, there is no point in arguing with someone who does not belong there but naively wanting to heap praise where there isn’t any.

    Furthermore, instead of rebutting the relevant points I raised you just posted a hodgepodge.

  15. I supported honestly the Ethiopian way of life before the Somalians, why?, liked i been told b4 "your` enemy`s enemy is yo best friend",, RasTefari & Somaliland ha noolato

  16. I supported honestly the Ethiopian way of life before the Somalians, why?, liked i been told b4 "your` enemy`s enemy is yo best friend",, RasTefari & Somaliland ha noolato