Ethiopia seemingly treating publication of the map that shows Somalia as part of Ethiopia as suspicious and has started an investigation into it.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia has apologized on Monday for a map of Africa that is not showing Somalia. In a press conference, the spokesperson, Nebiyat Getachew, said: “We sincerely regret any confusion and misunderstanding this incident might have caused.”

Nebiyat added that the ministry has already launched an investigation into the matter and an appropriate measure will be taken when the cause of it is established.

The map was published on the ministry’s website on May 24 in connection with the celebration of African Day.

The Map that Ethiopia is investigating how it got published on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website. Source : Social Media

It showed Somalia as part of Ethiopia while showing Somaliland separately. The mistake is not just in connection with Somalia per se.

It did not also show the map of South Sudan while it showed the Republic of Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo as one country which is not the case in the real world at this point in time.

The Ministry removed the map immediately as soon as it learned about it, Nebiyat said during the Press Conference. As well, a correction statement was published right away, the spokesperson added.

The situation has angered many Somalis on social media and many have been sharing an image of the map on Twitter.

Although Ethiopia and Somalia fought a bloody war in the late 1970s following the latter’s invasion of Ethiopian territories, they have currently a cordial relation and have been having regional and bilateral cooperation talks.

As well, the government of Abiy Ahmed has been offering to mediate between Somaliland and Federal Government of Somalia