By Staff

An Ethiopian muslim man has been identified as one of the two dozen Ethiopians killed by the Islamic State also known as ISIS.  An al shabab source said a man named Jemaal Rahman is a muslim migrant from Ethiopia who “converted” to Christianity during the hostage process by ISIS.

Another source identified the Ethiopian as “Jemal R.” According to jihadi web communique, Mr. Jemal was a muslim who said from eastern Ethiopia and “foolishly volunteered” to be taken hostage together with the Christians in the hope of changing the mind of the executioners. He was a friend of one of the Ethiopian christians beheaded by ISIS.

The Ethiopian government has declared three days of mourning starting Tuesday.  Some protestors in Addis Ababa today have blamed their own government, saying lack of democracy and job opportunity has forced citizens to leave their country. Others say Ethiopia’s weak foreign standing has led to its migrant nationals being disrespected and targeted in Arab countries, with no diplomatic consequences.

This has been a deadly month for Ethiopian migrants and other east African migrants and refugees who have been targeted in several countries. Somalis, Eritreans and Ethiopians were among hundreds dead when a boat capsized in the Mediterranean sea. Smugglers often take money from refugees and promise them a road to Europe via hazardous overloaded boats that usually sink midway across the sea.

ISIS_ethiopia_protestersIn South Africa, videos of Ethiopian men being burned alive have went viral.  The South African government has condemned the killings but anger against Ethiopians runs deep among South African unemployed youth.  Also in the middle east, many Ethiopian maids have suffered in Lebanon, with one Ethiopian housekeeper found hanged in Beirut earlier this month.