Ethiopia housed over 80 Nations, Nationalities and Peoples (NNPs) with respective cultural, linguistic, religious and other peculiarities. Having such dynamics with immense cultural resources of NNPs of Ethiopia were treated as the second class citizens and denied of equal opportunity and their rights in their own nation.

The coexistence of diversity, the untold stories and concealed beauties are illuminating and beautify the strong federal system. No more mistreatment and inequalities. Over the last 25 years the overall development in all spheres has created demanding society. They are enjoying their rights in the new Ethiopia where their language, culture and history are freely exercised and developed. The historic day that heralds the rights and equality of the Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples is fully restored and guaranteed under the Constitution on the 8 th of 1995.

Since then the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia have entered into a new era of equality and consolidated unity. The tyrannical and undemocratic regimes have gone for good. Thanks to the struggle waged by the Nations, Nationalities and Peoples of Ethiopia, they are the conceiver of the new Ethiopia where no language, religion, belief, tradition or culture is inferior or superior to any other.

Within this spirit today nations, nationalities and peoples are celebrating the 11th Nations, Nationalities and Peoples Day in Harari State, Harar town under the theme Our Constitution for Democratic Unity and Renaissance. Today nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia rise in the East.

 The Day is the historic one that brings Nations, Nationalities and People’s freedom and victory and helps them enjoy peace, stability and development witnessed in the country. Obviously, the NNPs have been both active participants and beneficiaries of the ongoing Ethiopian development and economic growth.

Celebrating the NNPs Day has facilitated a platform to acknowledge the diverse culture and identity thereby cementing their strength that maintains the internal stability of the country. It is also an opportunity to reaffirm their commitment that they are the driving force for the new Ethiopia to write out its moving history of sustainable growth and deepening democracy.

Efforts are underway to furthering the best achievements gained during the implementation of the first GTP for the 2nd year old of the second GTP. NNPs need to intensify their efforts for the effective implementation of the plan.

The solemn promise the NNPs made in the Constitution they endorsed together is to create one common political and economic society. It is imminent for the nation as NNPs have been engaged passionately to realize this noble cause.

 With ever deepening federal system that guarantee NNPs enjoy equitable development and budding democracy, they need to be vigilant to protect the federal system, deter any conspiracy acts of destructive forces and fight rent seeking tendencies and practices that can hinder the move towards renaissance.

It is unthinkable that without the active participation of NNPs the ongoing deep renewal and reforms by the incumbent would be realized. The fight against chauvinists and narrow minds unwilling to accept the dynamic change witnessed in the country is a long time struggle the NNPs should do with commitment.

Therefore, the conviction of the NNPs of Ethiopia to ensure sustainable development and democracy must be synonym with the fight against hurdles of good governance and rent-seeking sentiment and the sworn enemies of Ethiopia.

As a fashion over the years, the day has been celebrated in various regions. Today’s host of the 11th NNPs day is the residents and state of Harari that are enjoying the fruits of sustainable development and inclusive growth for the last two plus decades.

 The celebration in Harar is so special as the city acclaimed by UNESCO blessed with tolerance and coexistence. It is a place that nurtures the value of togetherness. Most importantly, hosting this grand event would help ensure its right and display its role in consolidating the federal system.

Among the sideline events the resident and government of Harari displays various development projects including newly constructed stadium, cultural center, which is named after the late Prime Minister Meles Zenawi, and alleys, water and health facilities, investment projects and others.

After all, the 11th NNPs Day celebration with great enthusiasm and verve across the nation epitomize federalism and the rapid, successive and equitable development of the nation.

It is worth mentioning that the annual NNPs celebration is the fruit of the Constitution that is a foundation of nation’s renaissance. Therefore, NNPs need to stand unison to safeguard the Constitution. It is with this backdrop today’s NNPs Day celebration themed: Our Constitution for Democratic Unity and Renaissance.

Source:Ethiopia Herald