By Ahmed Abdi

A joint-meeting between Ogadenia and oromia communities in the United States took place in Minnesota on Sunday.

Huge numbers of Ogadenia and Oromio diaspora communities in Minnesota came together for the first time in a bid to discuss about the new crisis and atrocities being committed against these two ethnics of Oromia and Ogadenia by the Tigray-ruled regime of Ethiopia.

For the last several days, the bloodstained regime of Addis Ababa massacred dozens of oromia students in Ambo and many other places in Oromia, following huge protests amid to stop Addis Ababa’s proposed master plan.

Finally, a joint press release was condemned by the TPLF’s brutal offensive and heinous crimes against the peoples of Oromia and Ogadenia.

The press release was mentioned that from now on, the two will collaborate supporting the civilians in part of weakening Tigray-People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) politically and militarily.

Meanwhile, the two of the Ogadenia and Oromia communities agreed on to hold a huge demonstration in front of the Minnesota governor’s compound against U.S foreign aid to Ethiopia in the next Friday.


  1. We wish you come together to fight poverty and engage to develop your country. Ethnic mentality is a viral disease. Please don’t make Egyptian happy.

  2. The Ethiopian gov’t will soon learn that it can’t get away with old brutal tactics. The 21 Century has no place for state terrorists like the irresponsible Ethiopian forces, and as we have seen from Tahrir Square to the Maidan….history is on the side of peaceful protesters. My Advice for Ethiopian leaders…learn to sit down and settle differences peacefullly…take positive steps toward social inclustion by for example making Afan Oromo additional federal language…and most important..NEVER OPEN FIRE ON STUDENTS! The world is Watching..The People are fed up!

  3. Will smiths, why don’t you ask the Egyptian people if they re happier now than they were during mubaraks regime,,,,,Muslim brothers reps are in jail, morsi is in jail, the head of military is about to take power, inflation is rising on a daily bases, economy is lowest ever, in 15 years, rebel groups. Are rising al queda is now in Egypt, every extremist Islam group, is in Egypt and is armed,,,, after all this Moubarak is still, free,,,,,,no democracy if military leader takes over, an authoritarian regime will take over and that will bee the end of Egypt , ,,,, just like irak,,,,, let us ask irakis ,let us ask Egyptians, let us ask’ lybians,,,,, ,,,,,

  4. Hahahahaha,,,,,this meeting is as meaningless as the eriterean soccer team,,,,, what a joke,,,,,, In the first place why protest in a country that your voice doesn’t matter, we all knew there is no democracy therefore why protest? It’s meaningless,,,, remember Egypts military has always been neutral , they have no political sidings,, therefore they asked MoubarAk to step down,,,,our military has always been loyal to it’s regime, whatever the govt wants it goes because it has the militaries’ backing,,,, and this is not old news , don’t get surprised if you get attacked especially after destroying a govt building,,, oromia and Ogaden what the heck are you going to do about it? What can possibly bee the subject in your meeting that is going to bring change? Or are you going to involve ethnical issues and determined that these was another genocide of the great Oromia by TPLF….. Whenever you play the race game it’s like eating a dish that you ve never tasted (AT YOUR OWN RISK),,,, it’s part of the game that you started,unfortunately lives were lost,,, deal with it.

  5. This sounds like a premature Islamist uprising,,,,trying to blame Christians for there shortcomings,,,,