JIGJIGA, 15 November 2009 (Somalilandpress) — Armed forces of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) launched a broad multiple front military operation against military positions of the Ethiopian occupation army liberating seven towns in Ogaden on Tuesday,10 November, 2009. The operation involved thousands of O.N.L.F troops and resulted in two days of heavy fighting. A significant number of Ethiopian troops have been killed and their military hardware captured or destroyed during this operation.

ONLF forces entered the towns of Obolka located near Harar, Hamaro located to the East of Fik, Higlaaley near Degah Bur, Yucub located 40km from Wardheer, Galadiid located 35km from Kabri Dahar, Boodhaano near the city of Godey, Gunogabo located near Degah Bur,

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Ethiopian occupation forces had deployed troops and positioned large amounts of military hardware in all of these towns due to their strategic military value. ONLF forces were warmly welcomed by the population in these areas and are administering medical care to those civilians killed by retreating Ethiopian occupation forces.

The ONLF will provide details of enemy casualties and further information on this large scale military operation as soon possible.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)
Military Command Center (MCC)


  1. Jay,

    Had the report indicated that Ethiopians scored success you would have been happy but, of couse, that was not the case.

    Keep leading your depressed, and miserable life as more of ONLF battlefield successes will follow.

    People like you who sold their soul to others (Ethiopia)and have no dignity of their own are the ones who fall sick whenever Somalis win against their enemy.

    Not even the Ethiopians who you are subservient to and you are enslaving yourself for them for free would appreciate you, as feeble minded souls are known to have no identity of theirs and their allegiance have no use.

    What a disgusting and poor being you are.

  2. Another cheap propaganda by the few thugs hiding in the bushes, they properly killed two of their fellow ogadens.

  3. I am Isaias Afeworki

    The reason I ordered my private army called ONLF to announce that they captured seven towns was to ruin Meles Zenawis great accomplishment at Tekeze dam. It really upsets me that he is so good at leading and I really stink. How can he fight aginst me and grow his country at the same time. That is not fair.

    Thanks Isayas

  4. It’s a time that Ethopia realize it can’t keep other people’s land in peace. Oganden Lebration Front is ready to talk to them in neutral place so that this may solve the peroblems without guns. However, it kept saying ONLf is terrorris and the world know the truth and the history of the conflict.

    The world know this region wasn’t part of Ethopia in 1950s. The world also know these men are freedom fights and all they want is to free their people who are continue to kill because they are ethnicly different.

  5. Waryaa Xaasidnimada daaf hadaa damiirleeday. Malaha magaca ay wataanbaad ku eryaneysaa. Hadeyka dhiidhiyaan in hooyooyin iyo gabdho Somaliya lagu hor faraxumiiyo oo ay ka dhiidhiyaan madeykii macey gubeen.

  6. Warfaa,

    It is always worthwhile to be yourself, have your own identity and most of all be proud of yourself!.

    Ethiopa does not differentiate between you and the ones you are insulting.

    And it certainly does not need the defence of unwarranted slaves like you both in the battlefield or in the confort of cyberspace. It has a population of about 80,000,000 enough to do away your uninvited and unappreciated support.

    As for ONLF, they proved themselves in the battlefield and couldn’t careless the barking of hundreds of dogs like you.

    • To Ali

      Identity is what the ONLF are fighting for, your delusional! Ogaden is a Somali tribe! People in the horn have a sophisticated tribal system and trust me we don't like to be oppressed. If you acknowledge them in the battlefield, acknowledge them for what they are and give them their rightful demands.

      you say we bark, I say we roar, 80,000,000 and not one person with the heart to speak out and complain Meles?

  7. Gobaad,

    Where did you get your bizarre idea of ever feeding someone else!. You must be high on something to even come with such idea. Make sure to feed yourself first before you utter such words.

    ONLF and others who fight for their own rights do not need Ethiopian puppets who sold their souls to lesser being.

    Those who have an identity of their own and are proud of it; and most importantly think independently for themselves can talk about others.

    Of course, you don’t fit that description.

  8. What kind of identity are you talking about Ali. You are an immigrant in Ethiopia. You don't have any identity to be proud of. You are dreaming to have one.

    Oh, so you have forgetton when the Ogadens were refuges in Somaliand. We opened our homes to them and fed them, but they stabbed us at back and sided with Habaar Qabe Dictator Siyaad for the seek of Hartism. They set up check points in our own Land to loot Somalilanders from their possessions.

    If you didn't know, now know. Keep that in mind. We didn't forget.

  9. Death for ONLF you are cowards of Shabia, you are the rubbish party in the world.
    You are illiterate and dull. THe ethiopian military force will be wipe out from the face of earth.

  10. ''You are illiterate and dull. THe ethiopian military force will be wipe out from the face of earth.''


    ONLF have realized the Ethiopian government just wants to kill Somalis for their natural resources so they have taken the initiative and they have put up a last stand, commemorations to them because the world can see their bravery.