The Ethiopian government has announced its plans to build a railway line connecting the cities of Berbera in the Republic of Somaliland and the city of Diridaba in Ethiopia.

According to the 30-year Ethiopian Transport Plan 2022-2052, the construction of a railway connecting Somaliland and Ethiopia has been given priority.

Ethiopia has confirmed that its transport plan in 2035 is the first priority for the construction of the railway between the cities of Diridaba and Berbera in Somaliland.

This project, which is estimated to cost 1,305,000 dollars (one million, three hundred and five thousand dollars), will be used to transport 1,234,751 tons of goods per year.

This plan, which has not yet been released by the Republic of Somaliland, its implementation will contribute greatly to the commercial relations between the two countries and the growth of the economy of the two peoples of both nations.