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A new Ethiopian raw video is being circulated nationwide depicting the aftermath of the Oromo student protests in Ambo town of Oromia. The independently made video reveals a radically different side of the Oromo protests, showing widespread destruction of private and public property as well as a climate of fear for non-Oromos in Ambo.

Video link:http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=13oskDi_Ru8

The Oromo protests started two weeks ago demanding the suspension of the “Addis Ababa master plan.” While most news reports claimed the protests were peaceful, the raw video shows signs of a violent uprising. The video interviewed Ambo university officials who praised the Oromo students for being peaceful but condemned people outside campus for hijacking the protest.

Several banks, hotels and shops were burned down and looted by non-student protesters. The video revealed a city devastated by the Oromo protests.

The raw documentary film is taped by independent videojournalist Benyam Kebede, who local sources said is the most respected journalist in Ethiopia. He is famous for balanced reporting, covering both government corruption as well as positive developments in the country.

Some Oromo students interviewed by the journalist said their protest was hijacked by non-student outsiders. They also said no student was killed by the police, suggesting that the violent clash occurred only between non-students and security forces.

Other sources said a bank security officer and police were reportedly killed by the Oromo protestors.

The Ambo University president said some non-Oromo students from other ethnic group regions felt unsafe in Ambo so they hid inside churches for refugee. Witnesses said both Christians and Muslims united to prepare food and feed the non-Oromo refugees hiding in churches.

Some of the burned down businesses were reportedly owned by Oromo diaspora investors while others belong to the locals. Many of the businessmen victims said they decided to invest inside Ambo instead of Addis ababa because Ambo was their hometown. But now, many people have lost all their savings and lost everything they worked for their whole life, they revealed.


  1. What a sad day! Where was the police when these oromo savages destroyed the city??? It is a shame! Most of the “protesters” were unemployed losers who have nothing better to do

        • You ignorant piece of shit, no Ambo Univ. student was killed doesn’t mean no students were killed.

          The children-killing heroes didn’t spare even the life an 8 year old student.

          • the same oromo gangs who killed the security officers are probably the same people who killed 8 year old kids. oromo gangs do whatever to loot and rob

          • There is nothing you can do about it. Good job to the Ethiopian govt for taking a stand against these lawless thugs who are taking directions from low life losers who are working minimum wage jobs in the western world. What are you going to do about it? your leaders are being enslaved by the Ruthless leader Isayas Afeworki,,, You signed a deal with the devil now you ve become victims of racially motivated movement that has taken the lives of clueless young students,,,OLF is responsible for their lives!

          • One day,all the Oromo people will regardless of their faith vote and run the whole country.Then,we will establish the real democracy by the majority rules!!!Then we will introduce compound interest.

          • Hate is the common factor of your life, what a life you chose to live? Hate is a symptom of fear. Overcome your fears and become a real person. Hate is the reason you hate and feel strongly Attached to a situation you resent, you fell from grace and can’t find a way Back, and you re looking for answers in the wrong places,,,it’s the reason of your accumulated failures, and eventually the reason why you re unhappy. Bad luck will follow your every step and destroy your blessings, and finally you re surrounded by dark forces that love to hate your future,,,,, Good luck

  2. Galla is only good for savagery. What a cursed country. Galla should be thrown out to Madagascar from where they came.
    May Habeshite Ethiopia Live Forever.

    • Re: stop galla

      We know you are eritrean. Why do you eritreans always comment on ethiopian news articles?
      Please mind your own business.
      We ethiopians love our oromo brothers and sisters.
      Using the word galla to divide us will not work šŸ™‚
      Focus on your eritrean dictatorship…mind your own business!

    • What you saw or heard is just the tip of the iceberg. We will soon start eating Abyssinians alive. We will drink your blood like zombies.
      We will burn you alive. Leave our or wait for your fate.

    • “ignorant people should be ignored. you are just stupid beggar Tigre. The Oromo fed you, and your bare mom; while you were crying for food. ye deha liji. Please wash your stinky mouth now!

  3. For those of you with subhuman intelligence and attitude, whether you call us Galla or Oromo, we will never ever allow Abyssinians on our land and no killing will bend the wave of Oromo struggle.

    Secondly, before you open your mouth did you notice that the so called journalist was asking if Ambo University students died??
    He didn’t bother to care about the high-school, the elementary, the middle school and the KG students. For your info, your mercenaries killed as young as an 8 yr old student.

    Think, Think, Think! Oromo fighters are not just university students. Our farmers, our children, our every day citizens are our soldiers. The wave is bigger than you think. Wake up and find a hiding place for yourself. Hint, hint…Your Orthodox gedams in the north are good places to start.

    No hate, no killing, no destruction shall slowdown much less stop the Oromos. We are just too many, too strong for the Abyssinians.

    • Tibebu Ayana,
      Who are you speaking for? You don’t represent oromo people bro.
      i am proud oromo born and raised in waliso…i don’t share any of your views..by the way, which land are you talking about “our land”?? all of ethiopia belongs to oromos, amaras, tigres etc. we are immigrants to every piece of land….do you really think our oromo ancestors were in oromia a thousand years ago? we all came here in recent years, including amaras and tigres who immigrates south. so there is no historical land
      just because woyane divide our people based on tribe and boundaries, it means nothing….sooner or later woyane will collapse and the old ethiopian map will return.
      don’t insult others as “subhuman” while you yourself practice backward tribal thinking from the stone age. even other africans like ghana have stopped tribal thinking. the same thing will happen in ethiopia soon….while you live comfortably in europe or america, you want racism against for africa. shame on you!!!
      you and your TPLF puppet masters will disappear from the face of this earth.
      it is just a matter of time

      • You sound fake. I suggest you go back to your barren mountains up north. Just leave the Oromia people alone.

        • Amar,

          What are you doing here? Arabs don’t belong in ethiopian affairs…leave us alone

      • Mr.Gutama,
        You come across as if you are missing the old Amhara domination.Never again will the people of Ethiopia accept, the 1000years old failed Amhara rule.The nations and nationalities of Ethiopia will live equally and let’s pray when one man/woman vote will rule and the majority voices come out of it. In this case the voices of the Oromo people who are the majority of Ethiopia then and now.

  4. Whoever wrote this article is exactly the same with Ethiopian
    television. It is sad that they call themselves ā€œindependent journalistā€.

    Did you already forgot what the Ethiopian government did to Somalia?
    They will never want peaceful and prosperous Somalia.

  5. It is very sad that my hometown Ambo has become like hell because these fake oromo protesters.

    my cousin who studies in ambo university was harassed by the oromo students just become she was speaking amharic. this is pure racism and hate!!! it is ironic because she is half oromo but just because she speak amharic, the oromo boys want to attack her! this is the work of evil, nothing else!! many ethiopians in the town don’t feel safe. how can someone be a refugee in their own country?? shame on you!

  6. @Tesema, What is “fake Oromo protesters”? Aren’t the protesters are human or you think they are robots? Maybe try to tell that to the mother who lost her son or daughter. Or you saying those Oromos farmers forced out of their land are not real? What is fake about all this issue? You know, you guys problem is that, you only see other ethnics group in Ethiopia will only being in the terms of Amahars. If it doesn’t fit your agenda it is fake. You are the racist one who just live in denial. There are real issues out there and denying is not a solution. We Oromos are real people and there is nothing fake about us!!!

  7. I cried watching this video, how sad! even the oromos in the video feel ashamed. it is ironic that we find out the “peaceful” protestors were holding rifles but the websites in diaspora say the protestors are peaceful…what a lie!!

    especially please watch the video at 6:55 minute in the video, that guy almost cried šŸ™

    i went to ambo high school many years ago when i was younger and i never saw such ethnic problems. we have to blame meles zenawi and his tigreyan henchman for creating this idea of ethnic countries (like oromo country, amara country etc)… we never had amara country or oromo country in history, but now we do so it is no surprise that both amaras and oromos are being attacked. it is better when all of us think every part of ethiopia belongs to every ethnic group. otherwise, rwanda style genocide will happen in our country sooner or later

  8. The ethnic politics need to be watered down. Look how the people of Ambo acting. Just a dog infected with rabies. Oromo youngsters are infected with ethnic politics. It needs to be stopped now. Even opdo is getting out of line. Tplf needs to rethink its initiation. They unleashed hell on Ethiopia. It will only get worse. Very sad.

    • No! You are the one with rabies.you blood sucking animal. Don’t even mention my oromo.cancers

  9. Democracy is the vehicle of truth and justice to all people even if the truth offends us,,,,,,,, if you don’t treat each other fairness, if you claim you re better than the next person because of your race, if you don’t practice basic human rights, in your house hold in your society then you do not deserve democracy,,,,,,,, you can only conclude if democracy is being practiced according to todays’ situations! today’s democracy is different from 100 years ago, it’s more accurate and has improved a great deal. Who is to be held accountable for the injustices committed 200 years ago? ‘these too shall pass’ life is on going wheel that doesn’t stop evolving,,,, this whole process is called time,,, Don’t torture yourselves by thinking about genocides or unfair treatment of man kind that was committed 200 years ago, those individuals have passed on they don’t feel the tortures or pains anymore time has taken their lives, now it’s up to you to treat one another with fairness and do what is right, even if your cultures, your politicians , your vengeful hearts tell you to do different and only then can you bee deserving of democracy. Don’t inherit HATE, from your parents or from your elders it will bee the beginning of your DESTRUCTION,,, HATE will block your blessings, (your God given rights). Ghandi said poverty is the wariest form of violence,,,, Look around you , Poverty is everywhere,,, Isnt that what we re fighting,,, Look back into time and realize where we have come as a society form the 80 s 90 s oo, 2010 2014, there are more people preaching HATE in the name of democracy,, unfortunately there are more evil lovers than truth tellers. Most of you are children of poor parents who have nothing to pass on , why don’t you brake this motion, and pass on real values of hard work, pass on fairness, pass on the results of your hard work,,,,pass on your happy times instead of your empty stomachs.