MOGADISHU-(Somalilandpress)—In a new drive to oust Islamists officials of the Transitional Federal Government of Somalia [TFG] and those of Ethiopian troops last night held lengthy talks in Beled Weyne, Hiran Region [central Somalia].

The meeting discussed plans to attack Bulo Barde and Jala Laqsi which are also in Hiran Region.
Officials from both sides agreed that they would launch joint attacks on these towns as government forces are reported to have suggested that Ethiopian troops take the role of disarming the groups that are currently in the town and also arrest their remnants.

Ethiopian officials are planning to deploy their troops all the way to areas that are near Middle Shabelle in order to assist the TFG forces as agreed with senior officials of the TFG.

Sources close to the meeting told Somalilandpress that the army general leading the Ethiopian forces in Hiran Region asked traditional elders to work towards the attainment of peace in the region, adding that there are many people who are currently subjecting the residents to a lot of suffering.
By this, the Ethiopian officials were referring to groups that are opposed to their politics in Somalia.

Rivals of the TFG and Ethiopian troops are also planning to launch a counter attack in Jowhar, Middle Shabelle [southern Somalia] according to military sources.

These attacks are being planned by the top strategists of Hisb Al-Islam and Al-Shabab who are want to defend themselves against the attacks from Ethiopian troops who have crossed the border into Somalia and are currently in control of Beled Weyne.




  1. god save us from these al shabab and the so called hisbul islam(clanists) they are giving the habasha the the reason to attack Somalia, and the TFG needs to understand that the Ethiopians are not friends of Somalis, they only come to Somalia to undermine the new government of TFG