Ethiopian Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Tekeda Alemu held talks here Thursday with the visiting Foreign Minister of Somaliland, Abdulahi Mohamed Duale, on elections to be held in that autonomous region of Somalia.

A Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement issued after the meeting quoted Dr. Tekeda as saying that Ethiopia had given prime attention to maintaining peace and stability in the surrounding Horn of Africa region.

He said in particular the effort to maintain peace and stability in Somaliland should further be strengthened as it was significant to bring about peace and development in the Horn of Africa.

Duale said all parties in Somaliland had agreed to make the upcoming elections free, fair and peaceful. He said preparations were underway to hold the elections.

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Meanwhile, commissioners of the newly established Electoral Board of Somaliland have shared experiences with officials of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia, according to the ministry.

Somaliland is an autonomous region regarded by all countries as being part of the Somali republic while those which call the area the “Republic of Somaliland” consider it to be the successor state of the former British Somaliland protectorate. Despite establishing its own local government within Somalia in 1991, the region’s self-declared independence remains unrecognized by any country or international organization.

Source: NNN-ENA


    • Have you heard a friend in need is a friend in deed?

      That is what Somaliland and Ethiopia are to each other.

  1. Why are we sharing election experience with Ethiopia? Does Ethiopia hold free and fair elections or we are sharing the experience of how to rig an election?

  2. Ethiopians election system is not riging the vote, but representing the entire localities by representing each and every one to be represented in the parlament to speak on their behalf and as you seen Ogaden region which was used to be managed by Amhara tribe, but not taday. They lead themselves and they represent themselves as you have seen. We Ethiopians have true election system, the oppisitions in North Ameriaca are the once who are opporesing the majority including the Somali region of Ethiopia. You don’t have to believe what they lie to you on media but the truth is things on ground.We have to get rid of our old stone age mentality and establishing civlized one?