vtim_sibhat_negaBy Tedla Asfaw
I read Professor Tesfatsion Medhane piece in Amharic posted here.  http://www.ethiomedia.com/10parts/eritrea_tinsae.pdf. The main characters in his piece are the late Meles Zenawi,Sibhat Nega andIsayas Afeworki. The main theme of this piece is evolving around the right of nations and nationalities and the creation of GreaterTigray, “TigrayTigrenete”, after the destruction of Ethiopia and Eritrea.
As Medhane said the question of Eritrea seems settled when Woyane rushed a referendum  23 years ago which he characterized it  as “inappropriate” though the outcome was never in doubt, Free Eritrea.
” Free Eritrea ” Boss on last month interview on Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) claimed he regretted  not to use his influence to stop Woyane put Article 39 on its constitution, the right for nations and nationalities to secede. We all remember Isayas saying he gave a one hundred year homework for Ethiopia. Isayas, Meles and Sibaht when it comes to Ethiopia they are one and the same. Ethnically Divided and Weak Ethiopia !!!
Sibhat Nega on his speech made it clear many times without them in power Eritrean independence is not guaranteed. He accuses Isayas for incompetency. He is playing Ethiopians VS Eritreans game.
However, I have a problem with “Tigray Tigrena” vision validity the main theme on Medhane’s  piece. Can “Greater Tigray” survive economically ? The attempt to take fertile land from Gonder and Wello is to be self sufficient in food. Other than that leaving Ethiopia into protracted conflict thanks to Woyane and Isaias homework for 100 years  using ethnic groups like Oromo and Somali  to continue their struggle to legitimize Woyane given “Kilil” will make it impossible for Tigrai Tigraenget to be viable. War in the rest of Ethiopia is incompatible with prosperous “Tigrai Tigrenet” even if this entity get recognition from USA and UK ond other  Western powers. Why is the West have not yet accepted Somaliland which got its “Freedom” the same time with Eritrea ?
Woyane surely has destroyed Eritrea like it destroyed Ethiopia. The opposition that are supported by both Woyane and Isayas can only function on the order of their  “hosts”. The real struggle as you suggested and I do  agree is the one inside. The struggle for freedom and justice. Many are paying a high price for it both in Ethiopia and Eritrea.
Both Woyane and Isayas are hated by their people. The only way they can stay in power is by playing a fake war game. As you clearly stated war is not to their interest. The outcome of any war might be the end of these regimes.
The last 23 years of our history both for Ethiopians and Eritreans is death and exile. The world knows us for being the victims of unending conflict. The West is financing these tragedy by taking the Woyane side.
Blaming only Isayas as a man responsible for the problem of Ethiopia, Eritrea and the rest of Horn of Africa is shameful to say the least. The problem we have in both countries and the the Horn is mainly foreigners interest, the West and rich Arabs, the Gulf Nations, to exploit our land and people.
The West needs Woyane to fight its unending war on terror. For that they do not need accountable, democratically elected government both in Ethiopia and Eritrea. USA and UK main interest is to keep these Arab rulers in power happy and comfortable for years to come until the oil field dried out..
The young generations of Ethiopians and Eritreans  have to wake up before it is too late. Those of us who are now aging should apologize for our people for putting them down. I see bright light after our generation is gone if we leave the field now for our young people.