abbayAn MP representing the Oromo Peoples Democratic Organization (OPDO) said the TPLF leader, Mr Abay Tsehaye, has given a warning to all OPDO MPs on the topic of the “Addis Ababa master plan.” According to the OPDO MP, who asked to remain anonymous for fear of his safety, the public intimidation made by Mr Tesfaye was reminiscent of the infamous taunts made by former Ethiopian dictator Mengistu.

During his chilling rants, Mr Tesfaye said he will get rid of all Oromo MPs inside the Oromia special zones surrounding Addis Ababa (Finfinne), unless they obey his Addis master plan on OSZSF.

Like the genocidal Mengistu, Abay Tsehaye is capable of keeping his promise, according to the MP. In the 1970s & 80s, the marxist Mengistu often killed his colleagues inside his own party, merely for disagreeing with him. Both TPLF and OPDO are branches of the same EPRDF ruling party.

Many local OPDO administrators fear for their lives and that of their families, revealed the MP. For most OPDO members, the case of Addis master plan was in fact the only time they disagreed with the TPLF, said the MP.

“When it comes to language and social matters, wayane is a champion of federalism, but when it comes to the economic interests of Tigray monopolies, Wayane is slowly killing ethnic federalism inside Oromia,” warned the MP.

“Wayane” is the nickname for TPLF widely used in Ethiopia.