The Somaliland government has deported three foreign officers working for the European Union Maritime Security Mission (EUCAP) based in Hargeisa, the capital of Somaliland.

Sources obtained by local media confirm that the government has taken this step after EUCAP Hargeisa office staffers committed a rare crime in Somaliland; which was by using car plate numbers belonging to BGP Company an oil exploration company, by doing to carry out suspicious activities.

The source says that the EUCAP officials in Hargeisa had illegally confiscated three license plates from vehicles belonging to an oil exploration company based in Somaliland. The source didn’t confirm the kind of relationship between EUCAP officers and the company.

“In February, 2021, two of the three plates were owned and operated by BGP, while the other plate was owned by a civilian who is still stuck with his illegally-borrowed license plate number,” says by Somaliland security officer speaking anonymously to the local media.

“The Somaliland government responded by deporting three of the six people involved in the scandalous crime”.

Meanwhile, EUCAP Deputy Head of Mission Keith Murray visited Somaliland on 21 June 2021 for meeting senior Somaliland security officials. The source says that Mr. Murry has apologized the government for the crime committed by his staff since the government has deported three of the six foreign officers involved in the crime. Reportedly, the Deputy Head Mission has request the government to pardon the three other officials, as they turned the two plate numbers.

It is clear whether the government has accepted the request, but after an investigation by Somaliland Media, three of the six people involved in the crime are still in the country and their names are Erik Kallman, Athanasios Seretis, and Andrew Carbino.

Security sources have expressed concern about the activities of those three criminal officers currently under the control of the EUCAP mission in Somaliland.