The Patriotic Youth of Kenya strongly condemned Hon. Farah Maalim’s divisive remarks during the inauguration of the Puntland President on January 25, 2024, expressing their embarrassment and anger.

They reject the characterization of them as manipulative pawns for chaos and call for peaceful conflict resolution. They demanded a public apology from Maalim.

Below is full statement of their press;

we express our gratitude to the members of the media for showing up to this very important press statement by the Patriotic youth of the Republic of Kenya. Your presence underscores the importance we place on delivering this message to the public and ensuring that it reaches every corner of our nation and to our good neighbouring countries herein mentioned.

We, the patriotic youth of this great Nation (Kenya) , who value our good relationships with neighboring countries like Somalia, Ethiopia, Somaliland others, stand before you today. pressing our concern and strongest disapproval of the imprudent statements made by Hon. Farah Maalim, Member of Parliament for Dadaab Constituency during the inauguration of the Puntland president on 25th January 2024.

The Honorable Farah Maalim, a public of Kenya, stated that he is ready and willing to mobilize youth from Garissa to go to Somalia and fight Ethiopians. As patriotic youth of this nation, we are embarrassed and angered by Hon. Farah Maalim’s statements. Such remarks make us feel insecure and, to a greater extent, we view him not as a responsible statesman but as an agent provocateur agent, who is wielding incitement as a tool and appearing to function as a recruitment agent for militia groups. This act diminishes the principles of diplomacy, decorum, and responsible governance that Kenya is known for all over.

While the youth, are vulnerable and considered manipulable pawns for chaos and serving certain people’s personal Interests, we, categorically reject such characterizations, as portrayed by Hon. Farah, we, the youth believe in peaceful conflict resolution in case of disagreements, whether between individuals or states. We expect all our leaders to protect and provide meaningful solutions to ensure youth are more socio-economically empowered.

We remind Hon. Farah to stick to his constitutional role as the Member of the Parliament of Kenya and ensure adequate and efficient service delivery. The era of mobilizing youth to cause chaos within or outside Kenya is no longer existing within us. We believe in Unity, Love and peaceful coexistence within and outside Kenya.

In light of the above, we demand the following:

  1. Farah Maalim to publicly apologize to the Youth of Kenya, especially those from Garissa, Kenya as a nation, Ethiopia, Somaliland and Somalia for making such inciteful and undiplomatic statements.
  2. Explanation from Hon. Farah Maalim to the Republic of Kenya if such a statement were made on behalf of the Kenyan Government or on whose behalf or authority.
  3. We believe that adherence to these demands will help restore trust in the leadership and prevent the escalation of tensions that may arise from such irresponsible statements