Its high time International Community acknowledge facts of reality and not be catalysts

With a bang has all of a sudden the bitter and naive rivalry, enemity and jealously that borders evil that Somalia has always had in store for Somaliland before, and now, has just beared its naked underworld claws and cannines.

The way it has popped up may as well be put in a few words; The devil has been ashamed.

This scenario has been brought to fore by the likewisediplomatic political naivety taken by the so called Mogadishu leadership which “declared” over the week that it had “severed all ties” with the former French colony of Guinea.

It is a laughable mater that most of the Somali speaking world of Mogadishu do not even know the difference between the former Portoguese colony of Guinea and that of which Somaliland Head of State visited, (thus Conakry and Bissau).

The Farmajo state which has just been brought back to the International Community fold had never had before, nor now, any inkling of Guinea asfar as their foregoins or ongoings are concerned, let alone bilateral relations that it has puportedly severed.

The shocking thing is for Farmajo to assuage that ‘Somaliland is an insurgency, a movement that is out to secede’, in its declaration of ties severing with Guinea.

It would be quite amusing to know if he indeed wrote a letter to President Alpha Conde on the nonsensical undiplomatic action!

All of a sudden when Mogadishu was brought out from the cold to seat amongst the nations of the world, it assumed a self-appointed superpower airy, only to mock and ridicule itself.

This is indeed not a wake-up call for only Somaliland, but to the Horn of Africa, East Africa, Africa as a whole and the world at large.

When the President H.E. Musaa Bihi Abdi took a staunch stance over meeting Somalia in Talks that has international community observing it (as witnesses or so) this paper, the THT, was perhaps the only media that understood the crux of the matter’s impact hence hailed it.  We limelighted and highlighted it even more with each reiteration of the Presidency on the precondition.

Such a scenario is one which Somalia not only fears but loathes it with bitterness that emanates from its gut. Why? Simply because Somaliland was an entity before, just as it is now, an essence to be reckoned with.

Our independence was never gained or achieved from Somalia. In fact, we did BUILD Mogadishu to give it the credit it once busked in which, in retrorespect, it never really deserved.

We don’t need nor want its blessings in our cue, but they only should expect  the respect accorded any neighbor, anywhere or at any time.Nothing more nothing less .

Respectable people as Lady Edna Adan and Ali Mohammed Waran’adde minced no words in their rebuff to the Farmajo gaffe.

Lady Edna wondered that since Somaliland has so far visited and warmly welcomed in around 90 countries world-wide would Farmajo sever ties with all of them starting with Ethiopia and Djibouti?

Similarly, Waran’adde wondered aloud of the bitterness in Somalia’s gut to work towards the breaking of Somaliland’s back and the swords they have drawn to pierce this country in the heart at every opportunity, having now ashamed itself with a major political and diplomatic gaffe.

Both leaders have likewise brought ashore two important issues and made it plain to the whole world.

Lady Edna told the International Community to come to terms with reality and reckon with Somaliland’s essence as an independent country before, just as it is now, which can not be said to have infringed upon the boundaries upon independence.

On his part, Waran’adde has made plain of Mogadishu naivety and its political terrorism which it blends with a military one aimed at Somaliland.

He cautioned the UN and International Community to be wary of Mogadishu’s ill-innuendoes which are tailored to destabilize Somaliland hence the countries which are arming them should know as to what and where the weapons are earmarked to be used for.

He rightly called for the country to be more cohesive, united and rally behind its nationhood.

This column hails all the leaders, be they ministers, traditional leaders, political parties or contemporary leaders who have so far decried Somalia’s successive reckless leadership which has so far only wrecked their own country.