Fear of an impending war between Kenya and it’s neighboring country Somalia, has caused Kenya to recall its ambassador in Mogadishu and ordered Somali envoy out of the country over alleged auctioning of oil blocs belonging to Kenya.

In a statement seen by Kahawa Tungu, the auction took place in London, United Kingdom, last week.

In fact, there were demos on February 7 against the deal which protesters said was illegal.

Yusuf Hussein Mohamed who chairs the Somalia Parliamentary Resource Committee on his part said that those selling the oil blocks in London had no legal ground to do so.

This he explained was because there was no petroleum bill passed and a resource sharing law.

Speaking on the abrupt turn of events, Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau stated that Lieutenant-General (Rtd) Lucas Tumbo was summoned back to Nairobi for urgent consultations.

In part, the statement read: “This unparalleled affront and illegal grab at the resources of Kenya will not go unanswered and is tantamount to an act of aggression against the people of Kenya and its resources.

“This outrageous and provocative auction deserves and will be met with a unanimous and resounding rejection by all Kenyans as well as all people off goodwill who believe in the maintenance of international law and order and the peaceful legal resolution of disputes,” PS Kamau declared.

The PS also harshly condemned the actions of Somalia affirming, that the Government of the Federal Republic of Somalia has demonstrated that it is yet to attain and embrace the political maturity and diplomatic stance of a, “normal, well adjusted, and properly functioning modern government.”

He was also quick to express his disappointment over the Somali government’s actions, while mentioning how the Kenyan government and its people have stood by them during their humanitarian and political hardships.

“Kenya regrets that the action of the Government of Somalia has undermined and severely damaged the existing cordial and brotherly relations between the Government of Kenyan and Somalia,“ PS Kamau mentioned.

Adding that the Somali government officials have compromised what the Kenyan government terms as “half a century’s worth of dedication and cooperation.”

Source: Kahawa Tungu