vlcsnap-2015-03-01-00h34m51s153By Goth Mohamed Goth

Somaliland’s First lady Amina Weris Saturday inaugurated the “Gollis European School of Hospitality”, the country’s first catering school aimed at improving local hospitality industry.

Speaking at the opening ceremony Amina said, “It was a high time such a school was introduced to the country because understanding how to prepare and present food is a knowledge in itself. How to pair the food with various beverages and how to combine disparate elements to create a unified and pleasing menu are all important subjects.”

Madam Amina Weris wished the founding couple the catering school the best in their business endeavor.

The newly-appointed Minister of Finance Hon Zamzam Abdi Aden lauded the founders of the catering school for investing their know-how and wealth in the venture.

Ms. Farhiya, the founder of the school speaking during the ceremony said, “The catering school which will provide Internships in catering, getting some hands-on experience is the best way to understand the fast-paced, demanding environment of an important function or event.”

Potential students will participate in internships over the course of an entire semester or year in order to get a real feel for the ongoing pace of catering. Classes that focus on how to prepare food, how to market it to clients and how to sell clients on nicer products will prepare students to have the best shot at creating a small and successful business.