Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu discusses Taiwan-Somaliland ties during a videoconference with Essa Kayd Mohamud Raagsale, his new Horn of Africa counterpart, Oct. 13 in Taipei City. (MOFA)
Foreign Minister Jaushieh Joseph Wu held a videoconference on Taiwan-Somaliland relations with Essa Kayd Mohamud Raagsale, his new counterpart in the Horn of Africa, Oct. 13 from Taipei City.

Taiwan is willing and able to share its experience in deepening democracy and managing the COVID-19 pandemic with Somaliland, Wu said. This is part and parcel of the country’s ongoing commitment to cooperative projects spanning agriculture, energy, health care, and information and communications technology, he added.

Wu, who took the opportunity to convey the government and people of Taiwan’s congratulations to Somaliland on successful parliamentary elections earlier this year and Raagsale’s appointment, said two-way ties are going from strength to strength.

Since the Taiwan and Somaliland established respective representative offices in 2020, Wu said, friendship has deepened and exchanges expanded. The medical cooperation agreement concluded in June paving the way for Taiwan teams to provide medical services in Somaliland is one such example, he added.

In response, Raagsale thanked Taiwan for enhancing Somaliland’s coronavirus-combating efforts. Both sides share universal values of democracy, freedom, and respect for human rights, he said, adding that Somaliland will continue strengthening relations with Taiwan and will not succumb to external pressure.

In a tweet on its official Twitter account, the MOFA said “Excellent videoconference between Minister Wu & new @SomalilandMFA Minister Essa Kayd Mohamud Raagsale. The pair discussed robust #Taiwan-#Somaliland relations & ways of expanding exchanges in core sectors. We’ll keep making real progress together for the benefit of the people!” (YCH-E)