The country’s Ambassador to France Amb. Abdirahman Yasin Mohamed, who had a meeting with the French Senate Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, explained the importance of the US-Somaliland cooperation agreement whose Act, the Somaliland Partnership Law is now in effect.

The Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the French Senate Md. Olivier Cadic said that he had a meeting with the Somaliland Ambassador about the law approved by the US Parliament.

A brief statement that Deputy Governor Cadic posted on his FB page yesterday and talked about the meeting between Somaliland Ambassador Md. Abdirahman and his purpose are as follows;

“In meeting I had in my office with Abdirahman Yassin Mohamed, Somaliland’s Ambassador to France, we discussed the approval of the US Congress law that shows the importance of supporting democracy in the Horn of Africa.

Vice-Chairman Cadic also said on his Twitter account that he discussed bilateral relations with countries in Somaliland.

Ambassador Abdirahman who replaced the former Ambassador Ali Hassan is expected to further develop the cooperative relationship between Somaliland and France.