By Goth M Goth
As part of the continuous efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland towards the decisive quest for international recognition within the AU, Africa and in the international community, after a series of diplomatic communications for some time, a delegation headed by Hon. Prof. Yasin H. Mohamoud Hiir (Faraton) paid an official visit to the Republic of Gambia in December 2019. Somaliland delegation were highly received at Banjul International Airport and welcomed to this friendly African country
The Minister and his delegation had the opportunity to have important meetings with the Speaker and all the Parliament House Members, and the President of the Republic of Gambia His Excellency Adama Barrow. Several Parliamentarian members and who most of them are friends of Somaliland and who some of them had official visits to Somaliland attending National Anniversaries and other high-level occasions in Somaliland, as well as the Political Advisor of the Gambian President Mr. Dembo Dembo Foday, had played important roles in this diplomatic move of Somaliland between the two countries. In December, the Gambian Parliament had debated on the recognition case of Somaliland and called for the Gambian Government to recognize this deserving African nation, lobby, and support their self-determination through the African Union.
The esteemed Gambian Parliament continued their debating on the cause of Somaliland and so on Friday, July 3rd, held a special session about Somaliland Recognition Motion Debate at the National Assembly new building and  tabled by Majority members of the Parliament at the presence of the Vice President of the Gambia and all the Gambian Government Cabinet Ministers
This most recent debate of the Gambian Legislative House discussion on Somaliland recognition coincides with the last week’s highlight of the Somaliland MoFA Minister Hon. Faratoon said there were a number of countries that are willing to push recognition of Somaliland.  “We are confident that sooner or later we have no doubt we will be recognized. We are in contact with a good number of African countries who are aware of our situation and who we hope will take a lead in helping us push recognition,” said Minister Faratoon during speaking at a webinar event commemorating Somaliland’s 60 years Anniversary on receiving independence from Great Britain. It also comes amid the newly adopted bilateral relationship of Somaliland and Taiwan Governments in which the two states are now exchanging representative missions.
At the Gambian Parliament discussion, the Foreign Minister of Gambia who was answering numerous questions the MPs asked him in supporting Somaliland recognition said the Gambia will not be championing for Somaliland’s international recognition.
However, hopeful that it will conclude successfully at the Gambia, this and the other visible achievements show us the uphill struggle, the high commitment and the vigorous diplomatic endeavors of Somaliland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs & International Cooperation, the progressively flourishing foreign policy of the Somaliland Government and at the same time the awareness and coming close to the reality comprehension of not only the African Countries but also the World States at this time.
The people of Somaliland are so grateful to the respected MPs, the Gambian President, and the Gambian politicians who courageously showed up their willingness and wishes for the Recognition of Somaliland.
It is truly reflecting the well known Somali proverb that says “Libaax Nin Ganay iyo Nin Galaday, Kala Ogsoon” which means in English “A lion can differentiate between one who threw the spear at him and the one who supported him.” Somalilanders will ever owe a lot to not only the Africans but all those who ever have interest presently in joining them for the journey of the self-determination of the four million-plus citizens of the Republic of Somaliland internationally denied of recognition and thus hindering them from access to opportunities, development and prosperity that would not only be essential for Somalilanders but the region, Africa and beyond.