According to a Gambian Freedom Newspaper, some Gambian parliamentarians have been actively lobbying the government to adopt Somaliland’s case for its int’l re-recognition.

The paper said on Wednesday those MP’s have butted heads with the Foreign Minister of the West African country, Mamadou Tangara.

The MP’s have pressed the FM to champion Somaliland’s case for recognition.

However, the paper said that the minister Tangara rejected the proposal citing it will oppose against the international community stand.

He called on MP’s to back off from this ideology, calling it a dangerous move.

Tangara said Gambia cannot afford to meddle into Somaliland’s issue, insisting on that his government fully recognizes only the Federal Govt of Somalia which is installed in Mogadishu.

Somaliland’s push for diplomatic leverage continues as president Bihi paid an official visit to Guinea Conakry of the West African nation to further push for Somaliland’s recognition case.

Somaliland & Taiwan have reached to establish bilateral ties as the two unrecognized nations have agreed on setting up diplomatic missions in Taipei and Hargeisa.