8769_south-sudan-violence_1_460x230Bodies of women and children piled in the road, hate propaganda filling the airwaves, militias raping, mutilating, murdering – Rwanda 20 years ago? Think again. This is happening right now in South Sudan and we have the power to stop it.

Two men are to blame: President Salva Kiir and his former deputy Riek Machar. Locked in a bitter power struggle, both are cynically stoking tensions between their two previously peacefully co-existing tribes. Both men have assets abroad that can be frozen.  If we hit Kiir and Machar where it hurts — their wallets — we can still stop this nightmare becoming a genocide.

With peace talks about to resume, the US and France are calling on the UN Security Council to impose sanctions. Even China doesn’t want to see this oil-rich nation slide into chaos either. Soit’s winnable — but we have to act fast. Let’s give key global leaders the mandate they need to impose tough sanctions now. Sign here to flood them with 1 million voices urging them to save the people of South Sudan:


It’s heartbreaking – and outrageous. More than one million of South Sudan’s six million people have fled their homes, tens of thousands have died, the country is facing widespread famine. Yet for months large delegations from both sides have been staying in plush hotels in neighbouring Ethiopia, supposedly negotiating for peace.

Now, finally, we have a chance to stop this insanity. The UN Security Council is meeting this week and for once the US, China and leading nations could all be convinced to be on the same side. They’re eager to see an end to conflict and also protect the billions they’ve invested in the country’s oil reserves and infrastructure. Together, let’s push them to agree the toughest sanctions possible on Kiir and Machar, including asset freezes and travel bans. It’s the only way to force these men to rein in their armies.

With the spiral of violence spinning out of control, the people of South Sudan cannot afford to wait a second longer. The world failed Rwanda 20 years ago, it’s up to us not to fail this time again. Sign now and share with everyone:


After Rwanda, the world said never again: now we can harness the power of this amazing community to live up to that promise. Together, let’s seize this moment of unique global consensus and speak with one voice to stop the suffering in South Sudan.

In hope,

Jeremy, Mary, Mathias, Jooyea, Sayeeda, Patri, Luis and the rest of the Avaaz team.

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