In a ceremony attended by members of the Somaliland media, the various political organization’s officials, cabinet ministers, and other guests were privy to the roles Abdiweli Farah Jambir had in the country’s media.


The Minister of Information Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore who made a speech said that Abdiweli had a history in the rise of Somaliland media, and the media has grown and developed as the country has developed in the past thirty years.

The Minister of Water, Ali Mohamed Hassan (Ali-Marehan), who spoke said that, “Abdiweli left behind a legacy, and left a book he had written on events that he had gone through in an artistic way, I suggest that it should be read widely”.

The Deputy Minister of Finance, Amb Rooda Jama, who made a statement, said that they are witnessing the history left by Abdiwel.

Somaliland’s Deputy Ambassador to Ethiopia Barkhad M. Kaariye said that Abdiweli’s history is known to many. He said that everyone got to know each other very well, including his students and colleagues.

Barkhad said that Abdiweli was a teacher, journalist, and veteran struggle writer when he came to the country; he used to present the history of the SNM struggle in detail to the country’s media.

Muse Farah Jambir who spoke at the event said that he is happy as he has fulfilled tonight the testate his brother left, and launched his book posthumously, intended for the youth, scholars, and the community of Somaliland.

The guests and government ministers who attended the book launching purchased the book of the late Abdiweli Farah Jambir “Hayaankii Hilowga Arwaaxda” which has been published posthumously.