The Assistant Minister of commerce Hon. Musa Ibrahim Yusuf (Selef) has promised to work closely with youths who have decided to help the mentally impaired people. He urged the people of Somaliland to aid the mentally ill people during the holy month of Ramadan.

The minister was speaking during a meeting organized by a youth organization whose agenda was how to assist the mentally handicapped members in society. He praised the youths for thinking outside the box to initiate such an important project. He stated the importance of helping the vulnerable members of the community as per humane expectations.

Minister Selef said that every household in the country is in preparation for the month of Ramadan but the mental handicap people have no one to come to their aid because they do not have the cognitive ability to fend for themselves.

He went on to praise the minister of finance Hon. Saad Ali Shire to implementing taxation of Khat to help the mentally ill people. He added that this was done when he was deputy minister of finance.

He also revealed that after the idea of taxation of khat the ministry of health also allocated a budget for people suffering mental problems.

He said there are many people in towns and villages suffering from mental Illness.

He thanked the youths for their ardent support of people with mental problems. The minister requested members of the public to support such members in society during this Holy Month of Ramadan.