HARGEISA (Somalilandpress) — A Kenyan delegation comprising of seven members visited Somaliland’s capital on Tuesday morning for talks on wide range of issues of common concern.

The delegation headed by Kenya’s Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr Farah Maalim, visited Hargeisa after receiving an official invitation from Somaliland’s parliament speaker, Mr Abdirahman Irro.

Upon arrival, the Kenyan delegation were received at Egal International airport by Somaliland’s parliament speaker, Mr Abdirahman Irro, Finance minister, Mr Awil Ali Duale, Interior minister, Mr Abdullahi Ismael Ali, mayor of Hargeisa, Mr Hussein Mohamoud, and members of parliament.
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At the airport’s VIP room, Mr Maalim told local reporters that their main objective was to gain first-hand experience of Somaliland and also find more about the living conditions of the displaced people from neighbouring Somalia.

Later in the evening, Mr Maalim met with the Somaliland president where the two discussed ways to further cement and develop bilateral relations between the two democratic states.

Rayale receives Kenyan delegation

President Rayale briefly discussed the situation in Somaliland and it’s past history before thanking the Kenyan officials for their visit. Rayale also said it was unfortunate that African states, in particular East African nations were not acknowledging Somaliland’s democratic success and its ability to establish functioning institutions without outside help.

Mr Maalim, on behalf of the Kenyan delegation, thanked the president, government and the people of Somaliland for their warm welcome and host.

The delegation will spend few days in Somaliland and are scheduled to meet with various political leaders, civil society and other officials before they return to Nairobi.

This is the first such visit by high level delegation from Kenya since Somaliland reclaimed it’s statehood from Somalia, after a brief never-ratified union between the two states failed.

The visit, though brief, is seen rich in content and a step forward in Somaliland’s regional policy.

By Somalilandpress


  1. Well they were properly bored besides Kenya has nothing to offer but safari – I wonder if Rayale is planning on a safari trip or is it Mr Irro? Africa is powerless and they don't care about doing what's right they do whatever a crazy white man wrote 100s of years ago during the colonialism.

    What can Kenya do? They still get their orders from London.

  2. Thanks to Somaliland Press for the wonderful article; this visit is important to Somaliland, and both government and opposition should unite their statements over the nationhood, and we should forget our minor internal differences, for better cause.

  3. Riyale on a bargain hunt again,that guy and wife never eat enough of the pie and his so called henchmans? what is selling to the kenyans maybe berbera prt maybe some of sea we just dont know i think it time we started another SNM movment and this time around wipe all the greedy and selfish lilttle Bstard out once and for all.

  4. Your sick Al Shabab fanatic, Egal (rest his soul) never said he was a Jew nor an Israeli, basically all he advocated was ties with Israel rather than the Arab world, the difference between us and you is that we are politicians and we play the political card while you play emotions, ethnicity, religion and fake Arab roots that your grand parents lied to you about.

    Everyone in Somaliland has different views, some call for close relations with Israel, while others are opposed, others call for ties with Egypt, while some are opposed, this is the beauty of Somaliland – we share different views and don’t blow each others up like you guys do in the south, its my way or no way. That’s why your war never ends.

    We gone, don’t come here and cry go put your house in order first, your people have not had functioning government for 18 years. What gives you the right to advice others?

  5. No, this is not the first visit. I recall that a delegation of Kenyan parliamentarians visited Somaliland a few years ago. Check the facts please..

  6. Ok, I do thank and praise every individual regardless of his(er) background for his role of the supporting and development of the nation of the somali………., I do not oppose somaliland to be indepedent…….but idepedent from who to who………from somalia to somalis………., let the political leaders misuse their presidency……..think in 50 years……….., nations are coming together….., and believe me or not…..if you purse for self-dermination….it ends with fighting and killing all the somalis will be against you………….

  7. the visiting of dupity speaker of kenya in somaliland it doesn’t make meaning for recognition of somaliland
    and i’m calling for murder riyale to step-down from the chair …..

    riyale was an intellegence of somalia and right now he is an intelegence of ethopia

  8. thanks somaliland parliament speaker Mr ciro for his encourage to visited the Deputy speaker of Kenya in somaliland to see his eyes what is going on somaliand with progress and strong development of the country

  9. viva somaliland viva the people of somaliland inshalaah we will be independent anyway we are free no one can come close to somaliland u will be crashed