By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye

Shakespeare’s play was acted in Somaliland? President Silanyo along with his playwrights spared no effort to bring the actors to Hargeisa, thanks to Hirsi too. The play“sans teeth sans eyes, sans bread, sans water,” Somaliland sans water, simple basic need, claimed to build Bur-Eri 350 KLM Road is the perfect reflection and spectacular manifestation venue of the tragic concert despite the play beingcomposed a century ago or more. Somaliland automatically turned a theatre and a place of tragic plays. The next play Juliet will be hold, it’s melodramatic theatre.In span of four years alone, stand-up comedians like *oran Plus *awan who’re nonexistent before president Silanyo, mushroomed. Let’s call the country Playland or PlayStation. In contrast, Somaliland has been moving from political turmoil, double-digit inflation, aqua-graves of Buroawis at Med Sea surpassed the watery tombs of Cubans at the Pigs Bay near Florida,airspace crisis, and to more recently worst maritime scandal therefore Shakespeare plays in Hargeisa wasn’t just ill-timed but beyond repulsive when hundreds of youth perished at Med Sea.

All these crises and tragic deaths became insignificant at arrival of foreign actors. They’ve to apologize if their conscience still alive. We’re in state of national mourning for our 9/11 occurs in the sea on daily basis. Everyday I wake up I heard a friend or a relative of mine brutally perished at the Sea. Mourners go to Hargiesa, but partygoers go to Amsterdam. Our beloved dead turned over in graves for the insults we’ve done to them. Partying is the business of Beirut or Dubai not ours.

Despite the president’s indifference to the suffering, Somaliland is a nation of ‘crisis’ concerning crisis, Kalshale was a minor bond conflict but withered president unable to solve it, it turned into military confrontations between Daarood and Isaaq because the immense casualties of one side returned the 80s hostilities which only benefited Ali Khalifi’s personal agenda.

In return, all these unresolved dilemmas and farces hurt Somaliland’s search for international legitimacy as credible state of which its people are equal before the law. President Silanyo indifferent to the serious damages he has done to a country he claims to lead, his tribal representatives including Buur Madaw shamelessly declared that their tribe wants an extension for President Silanyo as his term ends on next July if not earlier.

Things have changed under president’s rule for the worse. Foreigners travel to Somaliland without any restriction. Why Sheikh Hassan of Somalia not allowed to come to Somaliland or the land of Somali? I don’t see the logic that bars entry to the “Muslims” Somalis and gives ” infidels” free access to anywhere in Somaliland, maybe I am stupid or you guys… or maybe Sheikh Hirsi, the ‘left hand’ found out novel ‘Hadith’ of Muqbil of Salafiya Jadedah that denies entry to Shiekh Hassan but ushers in Italians, good for them. Early 70s Swedish lady multiply applied entry visa to Somalia/Somaliland but met rejection “now I fly in and out like Gothenburg” she uttered, but is good for her.

Opposition parties fighting for check and balance to keep Somaliland on the right track and any critical voice were threatened: the fourth estate was finally gagged. Somaliland president’s focus on Turkish cash pouring over Mogadishu overrode the nation’s top priority: Recognition, the rest of us readjusted to the indifference. Sometimes Edna Adan of Maternity Hospital in Hargiesa is asked to lecture a group of Europeans on Somaliland’s merits of recognition for election campaign though she wasn’t allowed to be a minister of foreign affairs.

Money, money, and only money is wanted regardless of the donor, be an Arab dictator, or others, it’s the top priorityfor today’s administration, recognition is sideshow and unnecessary distraction. “You Wadani Party shut up, be flexible like UCID sans speakership or we’ll screw you” “you’re so (unrealistically) pessimistic but we’re (blindly) optimistic. “ Recognition will come by itself” “unemployment will disappear when we ignore it or Sheikh Samale doubles taxes on basic supplies to fight inflation!” a threadbare financial policies.

Turkey Republic dazzled Somaliland president and co-presidents—in-law— with monies. Very recently, speaking to the press, president Silanyo showered Turkish role in expanding Madrasaswith underserved praise like never before! Turkish government proxy for the Western World supposedly told to use carrots even if President, his cohorts, and coteries need millions of carrots and use other inducement to dilute their secession position to reunify Somalia. This mechanism seems successful now. However, if not, pressure will follow.

Italian ambassador union backer flew in to Hargeisa yesterday from Mogadishu without asking any entry visa for the first time as Somalia still a part of Somalia. Yet president Silanyo welcomed him warmly looking at aid! Carrots are better than sticks. Ambassador flies in and out while our youth are denied to be buried in the land.

Also Bihi of Somaliland foreign affairs said ‘Turkish consulate in Hargeisa, advised us to be two countries!’ despite his complaint about lack of bona fide or his wary of Turkish attentions in the talks! Despite his contradictory remarks, he’s the ‘only’ good guy in the town.

Unlike PresidentRiyale Kahin’s reign, managerial staff at Berbera seaport begun to hijack ships on transit and rob goods inside. The last maritime fiasco was ship carrying goods or arms on transit then the manager who’s ex-guerrilla warrior saw the shipments in the ship and begun to claim it!, next port Djibouti all goods be ammunition or others pass through it safely and they verify only the origin and the destination. But the port ex-staff massive dismissal can be blamed.

Wishing not to be the port of toxic food, and serving for only countablewar profiteering; greedy businesspersons, Somalilanders apologized for mishandle of the ship, and called international oil tankers, and container merchant vessel to anchor and pass to their final destinations without armed robbery. It’ll never happen again.

Seen his disastrous past and present, people have disappointed with the myopic President and have no qualms that he’ll fail them again if he secures unconstitutional extension or return through rigged elections.

Now the president faces dilemma again to get an extension from his cousin Saleban, or rig the election of which most surveys show that Wadani is the most popular party in the country or ultimately quit the job for health.

In addition, in his next talks with Somalia in Turkeyhis values are going to be tested : whether he turns to aid money very strong temptation disregarding Somaliland altogether and continuing his Juliet plays or standing up for his political convictions and his people’s ambition unequivocally.

Mr Dirye is Somaliland Activist and Political Commentator, dirye@democracychronicles.com