The Indian government will actively support Somalia’s capacity to rebuild its defense forces in order to enhance the overall security in the region. It was announced by the Indian High Commissioner in neighboring Kenya, Sibabrata Tripathi, during an official visit to the Somali ministry of defense in Mogadishu on Monday.

The High Commissioner was warmly received and briefed by the Somali Defense Minister Abdihakim Haji Mohamud Fiqi in his office. He discussed with Mr. Tripathi a wide range of ongoing issues of mutual interest including security. Mr. Fiqi said that they were also facing terrorism and that it was the biggest threat to Somalia. He noted positive gains against al Shabab in recent times with the help of African Union troops including Kenya’s.

He further highlighted ongoing security commitments against terrorism, piracy and other security challenges in an effort to stabilise the war-ravaged country.

The visiting High Commissioner praised Somalia for the recent positive developments in the country and assured India’s support. He said his government shared the Somali government’s stance on several issues and was eager to cooperate on these problems. He promised military aid from his country to help bolster Somalia’s long neglected security forces.

Since last year security has been improving in southern Somalia, particularly the capital, and a number of countries have reinstated their diplomatic presences in Mogadishu. Although the number of major attacks on Mogadishu have declined, insurgent networks have been able to reinforce their gains in provinces and districts close to the city, launching smaller attacks on soft targets. Security remains a major headache for the Somali government.

This is the first visit by an Indian official since the collapse of the Somali central government in 1991. They are also the second country after Turkey to promise direct military assistance. Turkey has already began training Somali police units and is in the process of delivering a number of coastguard boats and other military hardware.



    • I miss you so bad Kaboon. I’ve found your darood
      father by the way ! He’s now married to buuxiye’s mum !

  1. For a whole century our historical Asian partners left us to deal with the West who in return unleashed his savage Abyssinian and + now the Bantus-Kenyans on us.

    See i don't mind the Ugandans and the Burundi's for the simplest reason is that they came for the salary whereas those other two are to make sure Somalia never again gets back on it feet to challenge them on their occupation of the Somali regions.

    But things are changing their days of impunity is finished and once the former mighty superpower army of Africa the SNA is revitalized back to its full health they will pay for the harm its done.

    Right now the Ethiopians and Kenyans know they're losing big time and Somalia is gaining so are using their last weapon IGAD which even in Jubbaland people are starting to resist and will also lead to its collapse.

    Ladies and gentlemen the wounded superpower of Africa is slowly healing its wounds and soon will take back its rightful place.

  2. India is a rising global power. I applaud them in assisting the Somali military. With a strong military, Somalia will be able to secure its borders from Ras Kiamboni to Zeila. The writing is on the wall: Somalia will be consolidated under 1 central government. Don't believe me ? Why are Silaanyo and Mogadishu talking after so many years ? This change of attitude is not voluntary but due to pressure from powerful forces whom Silaanyo and Mogadishu depend on.

  3. 🙂 And all the World's horses and men could not but Humpty Dumpty back together again!

    As soon as Amisom troops leave Moqadishu.

    1. Habar Digir and Abgaal will show off their NEW weapons.
    2. All non-Hawiye will be chased out of Moqadishu just like in 1991 barefoot!
    3. Those who do not control port cities will begin to starve to death just like in 1992.
    4. Piracy will resume in Puntland
    5. Shabab will return with a NEW banner.

    Let us hope non of the NEW weapons and trained personal ever join ONLF or SHABAB!!! Kenya and Ethiopia will be faced with dire consequences.


    • dumb moron the Head of the Army are two generals, one is Dir and the other is Daarood, the president is Hawiye, all the clans are being armed as Somaliyeed NOT as clan that era is gone

  4. Why on earth is this so called zoomalia defense minister wearing military fatigues? This reminds me of the Arab dictators who wear military uniforms with so many medals on them simply because kingship is not enough. Mr minister you are a civilian minister therefore be what you are and stop acting foolishly.

  5. The once great superpower of Africa SNA is getting rebuilt (thousands of SNA soldiers are getting trained by the Europeans each month in Uganda) the arms embargo will be lifted (Turkey is lobbying for us right now) and for that Ethiopia and Kenya are shaking inside their boots.

    Also the 20+ years war veterans have almost all been reintegrated in the SNA ASWJ has also joined (the only thing that's now missing form the puzzle is the North ie Puntland/Sland) Shabaab is on its knees and hopefully in 2/3 years AMISOM will leave or at least stay in the barracks.

    By AMISOM i mean Uganda/Burundi and Djibouti because the Kenyans will be kicked out soon + its starting to have its own Doomsday just like the separatist in North Somalia and the biggest aggressor of them all Ethiopia is already slowly being replaced by AMSIOM.

    PS to all the die hard Sland separatist no matter what you say i'll always have love for you for you are my brother and my sister and hopefully one day you'll see the bigger picture of a united we stand divided we fall because blood is thicker than water

  6. They say a losing GROUPS last defends is to swear well it ain't working.
    Oh how i cant wait for that inevitable day to fave the blue flag all in your face

    • Is your Blue flag a weapon?

      You are psychologically inferior to make such a comment and assume it represents a political statement with a higher moral purpose!

      If your shitty UN-copy blue flag means anything to you then wave it where you like, you don't see me stopping you doing it today nor yesterday.

      Politics 101:

      Somalia's political future much the same as any AID dependent nation's will SOON be based on a system of 1-MAN 1-VOTE. A future system which will be electronic in nature one where Hawiye will never see the Inside of the President's office ever again considering their ignoble inferior cranium capacity.

      I have made this basic stipulation to you and your relatives many times to no avail and here it is once again. Dissolving the 1960 UNION between Somaliland and Somalia is a blessing in disguise for the Hawiye and the reasons are as follows:

      1. Dir in Somalia become negligible
      2. Darood population will be halved
      3. Hawiye will forever be the Majority

      NOW any reasonable mind will see the blessing in this prospect and choose self interest instead of self destruction. Hawiye did not pay attention in 1991 and once again they are faced with a apex turning point that is giving them the opportunity to choose between SUPERIORITY or SERVITUDE???

      – Independent Somaliland leads to Hawiye Domination of Somalia!
      – Unrecognized Somaliland leads to an undermined Somalia that will forever be a failed state.

      IF you are Irir then understand this "My brother and i against others".

      Somaliland, Djibouti and Somalia as 3-IRIR countries in the Horn of Africa 🙂


      Caydiid Vs Mahdi for another 22years? IRIR vs IRIR?

      • What you wrote here in any way shape or form not making any sense what so ever, it's out of touch minaginary theory not practical.

        > Somaliland region will always be part of somalia it's very clear now. twenty years of wondering in the bushes it's coming to END soooooon.

        > Somalia will not only rule one clan ,one tribe domination is END OF THE ROAD in somali politics. because somalis will have in the future four to six semi-autonomous states.

        > It's very simple and square to understand how world politics works, changing a region within somalia into country most somalis and the IC will say LOUD and CLEAR BIG NO,because this could create more problem every region will ask own independence. i know 1960 stuff but those days every somali person live in nothern somalia decided to join the rest of somalia. now what ppl see is one clan wants to create own country it's not gone happen think better ideas constructive one.

        • Look you people suffer from a cerebral constipation and have done so from before colonialism.

          IN 1960 2-Sovereign STATES UNITED.

          – They both had the individual RIGHT to form a UNITY
          – They both have that same RIGHT to Dissolve the UNITY.

          🙂 Majority in Somaliland choose Independence and if the MAJORITY are Isaaq, Gadabirsi, Ciise, Gabooye, Yibir, Fiqishini and 75% of Harti then it is hardly a 1-CLAN choice…

          -You cannot force the Majority.
          -You cannot convince the Majority
          -You cannot buy the Majority
          -You cannot Kill the Majority

          90% of Somaliland is a great enough Majority to gain independence and even if you and your Faqash do not like it you do not have an ARMY to STOP FULL IC RECOGNITION.

          Recognition will END the ERROR made in 1960 to Unite 5-Somali Regions with totally different political realities.

          • The problem here is YOUR missing the whole point by mile. folks like you very hard for them to understand in this issues.

            > In 1960's when north gain independence they COLLECTIVILY decided to join the south, if now one clan wants to manufacture new country it's accept to them and IC. but, 80% none isaq live in nothern somalia keen to remain in somali republic and their wishes will be for fill.

            > No one is forcing convince buy the Majority in that region.but, also you should understand You can't force convince lie or buy 43% none isaqs in nothern somalia.

            > It's not even the Darood who's not buying this fail project of "recognition". but, also Hawiye not interest. IC will not recognize one tribe one region, they are not that crazzy.

            > Recognition of one region will bring more regions asking independence. that's why IC not want to discuss "Regional Recognition drama".

          • Faqash boy Djibouti is the only and real one clan project but u seem to accept it also please check clan of former president and speaker in Somaliland u would be surprised!Majority rule minority and under referundum unionist Will lose IC do not care which clan vote yes or not. Harti somalilander are free to move in zoomalia, Ethiopia or Kenya if it's to difficult for them to accept to live peacefuly in their former country.!

          • Im a proud dhulbahante harti and i dont want somaliland isaaq dictatorship
            The people of khaatumo state want to join somalia
            Like it or not we are not somalilanders

            We dont belive in fake borders made by white gaalo to divide the somali people
            If you want take burco hargeysa and berbera and make your isaaq land dictatorship but do not involve harti people in your somalidiid agenda
            I prefer to die instead of being part of somaliland



            Diidnaye ogow Dalka yaga ninkii doonaayayow Inuu duudsiyo rabow Annagu diidnaye ogow Maan duuli waayin Mana diriri waayin Mana dagaali waayiin Afrikooy daya

          • 1. If you believe Isaaq are the Minority in Somaliland then good luck in a referendum held within the borders of Somaliland! Because most Dhulbahantge are too wild to even bother to register for an Electronic election system. No dhulos on the ground will waste their time voting to wave the Somalia flag. Unfortunately for you the diaspora will not be there to vote.

            2. If there is no peace in Somaliland there sure will never be peace in Somalia. Where there is a war between Somaliland and Somalia the conflict zone will be on the outskirts of Gerowe.

            3. Any Somalilanders who wish to migrate to Somalia post independence are more then welcome to leave the land stays where it is. It is akin to Dir in Somalia wanting to join with Somaliland as part of the dissolution of the 1960 2-state union.

            There are More Biyomaal in Somalia then the Few angry dhulo who wish to live in Somalia.

            Ethiopia has more dhulos then Somaliland however we never hear them dance and sing to join the ethiopians-degaans to Somalia why? because LIYU police will shove a LONG foot in their backsides.

            It is all laughs now let us simply wait for these 2-state dialogue to conclude then we can discuss the future.

  7. So do the Ethiopians ? the reason why i don't like the Ethiopians and Kenyans is because they occupy Somali regions so naturally its in their interest to keep the STATUS QUO whereas the rest came for the salary.

    Also if you're not up to speed there's tension brewing between the Marehaans and the OGs some say Gedo might even join Bay and Bakool instead

    • when i say occupy i mean as in NDF and Somaligalbeed + the 90's clan excuses is finished our president was elected fair and square its time you dealt with it

      • "i don't mind Ugandan and Burindi"

        let me tell you. the somali unity is not a given. somaliland people and jubbland and puntland have the right to to a referendum to decide whether they want be part of Uganda/Burundi dominated Mogadishu.
        you said you want somali unity yet you use a name that was invented to alliance against darood- a somali people. let me tell you something if you want somali unity come clean as a man and face the darood political machine. if you want alliance from Djibouti and somaliland we will alliance with Ethiopia and Kenya. Uganda can never stay in Somalia but Ethiopia and Kenya can cross any second.

        and why would we ditch kismaayo and join Bay and Bakool? do you know kismaayo has the best prospects in Somalia? my friend if we see honest somali brothers we will deal with them. but the way hassan ulosow is going we have one thousand cards to play agains him

        • Samaale is the ancestor of all Somalis only one or even maybe two subclans of the Isaaqs/Daroods are Arabs the rest are begs

  8. As believer of greater Somalia, i would not want you as Djiboutian to lose a single thing, in fact I would want you to be empowered by joining Greater Somalia, How well lets put it this way right now as a small nation, their are those who would bully you and threaten your government ( not publicly of course) to agree with them and their way of thinking, you see the problem with being a small nation is the same as it has always been, you must be inline with what ever regional power that is near you, in Djibouti's case it is Ethiopia.

    What am saying is be part of Somalia and have your say in the nation and live peace and prosper in your own region, if Somalia and all Somali's were united we could stand tall and never be manipulated or dictated to.

    The U.S, Germany, Russia are all Federal states that are powerful and their not even all ethnically the same people.

  9. As an Ex trained Soldier in Soviet Union in the early seventies , I am obligated to worn this inexperienced and unknown civilian War Lord (Mr. defense Minister).

    Somalia dosen´t need arms to kill each other and oppress the rights of it´s innocent citizens.
    Wake up Mr. NOBODY defense Minister ! Somalis need bread to fill up their stomach. Somalis need Education and know how. Somalis need Infrastructure. Somalis need progress in order to improve their standard of life .

    Somalis should have to level them selves with the rest of the world. Mr. defense Minister, Somalis are fed up of weapons in the last 21 years.
    Shame on you, You are asking the Indians and the Crazy Turkieys weapons to kill the hungry and this
    dying Nation.
    My advice to you if you need any: Please look bread for the hungry dying Somali

    • BIg joe

      I don't think india or any other country will give weapon to somalis. somalia is under arm embargo.

  10. jama

    Well said bro, Zoomalians know what about orderly protocols. Animals will always be animalls and will have no respect for anything.

    • Every will turn the guns on their neighbors as soon as they don't get their uncle on the Holly Kursi!!!

  11. There's no problem samale gang can have their own inhabite territory but can't cross nor come to Daroodland or digil mirifl land without sponsorship.

  12. You are stupid people…..why do you say : zoomaliland??? I can say zoomaliland then
    Its just selfhate
    Actually white people call us “zoomalis” and isaaq still use this word to offend other somalis
    You are a bunch of hous negros you are slaves of white gaalo and you worship gaal kafiruns

  13. Hey guys have you noticed how BUUXIYE is always talking craziness, wouldn't it be funny, if turned to be a Ethiopian Government Minster, trying hard to stir animosity and hate, because the fact that he cares about ONLF getting weapons. I think 99.9% of all Somalis would agree with that Buuxiye is Sick and he is probably somewhere out there with his galoo white chick sipping on alcohol beverage, wondering why the Darood, Faqash had to steal his one and only true love.

    Viva Somali republic

  14. What you talking about the MPs were selected by elders from every corner of Somalia even as far as Sland who then selected the president.

    Secondly in every election money is always at the forefront ? he who has the most money to campaign gets the seat simple

    • Sorry Somaliland was not involved in anyway in your LITTLE SELECTION process!

      Anything built of such a fraud will forever remain a fraud!

      Hassan Mahamoud cannot set foot in my country without being Shot in the head by Police officers in accordance with the LAW he is a criminal that is committing international Fraud.