A local firm has joined forces with new innovative European technology startup to launch a digital business environment platform that will allow businesses, governmental offices, and professionals to distribute & share their Digital profile via digital business cards (http://ecards.Zone) online.

Golden Technology which is Somaliland company which was established in 2017 by group of entrepreneurs, is distributing and marketing the platform of L4 (eCards, afriHuB and soon coming, eCards.yellowpages). The company came to a licensing agreement with L4 at the end of 2020 to implement the project in Somaliland.

The vision L4 technology is to have ONE ZONE, that all businesses, private people, governmental offices and professional can get to know each other by using the online, Realtime, digital business cards, and share opportunities, sales in an immediate, online L4 technology.

If to generate an immediate business an eCard web-based platform, E-card application and afriHuB library comprise the components.

  • eCards
  • afriHuB
  • eCards.Yellowpages (soon to be released)
  • Online Scheduler (under testing)

The web-based app eCard (http://ecard.zone) is already available, open to registration and the browsing of others’ business cards. afriHuB (on google play, afriHuB ZONE ) is a digital repository for business cards and busines and messaging offerings. afriHuB is used as a messaging advertising platform as well.

Detailed information, pictures, articles and any description and other pieces of information are displayed in a somewhat unsophisticated user interface design on a user’s digital business card page to insure a very intuitive way to describe you. One of the features that stands out is a counter that allows users to see how many times their business card has been viewed. Besides, viewers can schedule an appointment (by using eCard.Scheduler) with the person or business they are interested in and browse through pictures and contact information.

“We believe we’re living in an era where wealth is generated through technology,” said a representative. “We knew L4 has wanted to invest in east Africa, so we reached out to them.”

“We’re big believers in the coming power and business positioning of Africa in general and have decided to focus on Ethiopia first,” said the founders of L4, which was established two years ago by Manny and Ron, who have more than 20 years of experience in finance, organizational and business IT applications. As part of its East Africa expansion, it moved to Ethiopia & Somaliland. L4 is also operating in Djibouti, Somaliland and South Sudan & Ethiopia.

An expert in digital entrepreneurship with decades of experience who wishes to remain anonymous believes that digitizing business cards and digitize real time sales opportunities is something customers would care about and adopt.

“I have no doubt it would help in the digitization and extend business opportunities and growth.

“With the recent government change, they have shown an interest in coming to create a new market or to expand their market,” he said. “This phenomenon can be good.

You can find the service within Somaliland.

Golden Technology office

SAGAL JET the printing company