London,12 October 2009 (Somalilandpress)-Although I greatly enjoyed reading your article entitled, “Christianity must become more like Islam to prosper “published on Monday, October 12, 2009, I was equally saddened and offended that that article continued spreading deliberate disinformation about Islam. And the ironic thing is: it is this shameful and deliberate disinformation—a condoned racism—towards Islam and Muslims that in fact brought Islam to your door steps, in the first place. See the article:

A case in point: your article states, “We consider that the treatment of the Magdalenes — regarded as “fallen women” in Irish institutions — was horribly punitive: Islam can be a lot crueler to women who are deemed to “dishonor” their families or communities by behaving in any way improperly. “Honor killings”…”

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Ignorance is blissful, isn’t it? I double challenge you to show me a verse from the Quran—the Muslim holly book—or a statement form Hadith—Prophet Muhammad’s (peace be upon him) sayings or narrations—that states that the “honour killing” is based on Islam. Of course you won’t find them.

You could have simply researched the truth by asking a local Muslim scholar whether honour killing is based on Islam. But you didn’t. And sadly, the truth is rarely the objective. In fact, any Muslim scholar would tell you that honour killing is based on some Middle Eastern culture and has NOTHING to do with Islam. Also, Islam resolutely opposes honour killing.

You owe an apology to the Muslim communities for deliberately dragging their faith through the mud.

What happened to the pillars of good journalism: thoroughness, accuracy, fairness and transparency?

Thank you,

Dalmar Kaahin


  1. The western World is widely known for spreading misinformation, propaganda as a means of Islam-phobia.

    They have attacked our religion time and again under the umbrella of "Free Speech" to influence others. It is not the first time or will be the last time that westerns drag our religion … through the mud. We, on the other hand, consider all religions sacred and respect them regardless.

    We will not stoop to their level to insult a religion. We consider Essa, Musa, and Mohammed all Prophets. They have a problem, we don't.

    Thank you Dalmar, for being a defender of our Faith. Good job, brother.

  2. I understand what your saying but compared to some things that I have read this article is not that offensive. Granted it is not 100% accurate in its depiction of Islam but its general massage and point it wishes to bring accross is not one of which I would describe as Islam-phobia.

    I see it a a man with limited knoweldge of Islam writting a simple comparison of the worlds two major regions, and trying the understand the success of Islam

  3. This is a hard one I'm not sure what were his intentions maybe it was a deliberate mistake, nevertheless what the author (Irish) needs to understand is that the so called "honour killing" is not Islam culture its tribal culture practiced by some Arabs and gradually adopted by few others in places such as Turkey, Iran, etc.

    Please learn the difference between Arab culture and Islam, a lot of this cultures existed before Islam and it was when Islam was introduced they got rid off a lot of inhuman practices while some kept their cultures. Islam does not call for the change of cultures and this is the reason it's been successful, Somalis continue to practice their nomadic values just as other Muslims have kept their cultures.

  4. I am Irish, and I suspect I know the unnamed author of this article in the Irish Independent – his work frequently tends to be conservative, Christian and somewhat controversial. Needless to say, not all of us Irish believe that what an individual Muslim does is necessarily a product of Islam!

    I don't think his intention is to slander Islam, but rather to try to galvanise the Christian faith and cultural values that he believes are necessary to maintain 'our' way of life. It is a typical conservative opinion, don't you think? A plea for defence against difference that may alter 'the way things are'. I for one want all peoples to confront their prejudices and find a way to co-exist in peace, even if it changes the way we do things quite drastically!

  5. Why do they lie about the Deen of Islam and the Prophet of Allah, Muhammad (SAWS)? Honor killing has nothing to do with Islam and even if people who call themselves “muslims” do it does not make it Islamic. Does murdering of millions of people around the world in the name of christ make it the way of so called Jesus (PBUH)? See how the tricks of the wicked never make sense!! Do fall into the trap.