MOGADISHU, (Somalilanpress) — With his brinkmanship diplomacy facing a dead-end, Eritrea’s strong man, Isaias Afwerki, is approaching members of the League of Arab States (“Arab League”), which is scheduled to hold its summit on March 27th,  to come to his rescue and facilitate mediation with Djibouti. This would be a face-saving gesture that would result in his withdrawal from the disputed territories bordering Djibouti, without seeming to do so under the duress of UN.

Ironically, the Arab League, which had, at the request of Djibouti, held an emergency meeting in May 2008 regarding the Eritrea-Djibouti conflict, had offered to mediate when the issue first arose.  It had offered fact-finding delegation to both nations in June 2008. The delegation was welcomed in Djibouti, but rejected by Isaias  Afwerki, who dismissed the conflict as a “fabrication.”

Djibouti, which is a member of the Arab League, had earlier indicated that it would boycott the upcoming summit to protest Libya’s negative vote on UN Resolution 1907, which called on sanctions on Eritrea, partly for its refusal to comply with Resolution 1862, which had called on Eritrea to withdraw from the disputed territories within five weeks of its adoption (January 2009.) Libya was the only country that voiced a negative vote on Resolution 1907, when the security council voted to pass the resolution (China abstained.)
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But the Libyan foreign minister, whose country is hosting the summit, met with Djibouti officials to explain Libya’s position: that it is against all sanctions, as a matter of principle, and its vote was not directed at Djibouti. He was persuasive, and Djibouti is attending.

For the past month and half, the Eritrean Foreign Ministry has been busy  carrying letters of appeal to Arab leaders. The Eritrean regime’s ambassadors to Egypt, Fassil Gebreslasie, and its ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Omer Mahmoud, have been busy lobbying for support from their host countries as well as the neighboring Arab countries.

Fassil Gebresselasie handed a letter to Amr Mousa, the Secretary General of the Arab League, outlining the Eritrean proposal for resolving its problems with Djibouti and Somalia and pleading to him to take initiative to resolve Eritrea’s problems.

Djibouti and Somalia, also a member of the Arab League, consider any alternative mechanism as circumventing UN resolution 1907 and are likely to reject any mediation without preconditions. And since the Arab League uses “consensus” to reach binding decisions, Djibouti and Somalia can torpedo any decision that the Arab League may want to undertake.

Egypt’s position is expected to be decisive on the matter. Yemen, which had offered its offices to mediate the conflict and was rejected by Isaias Afwerki when the conflict first arose, and which has been smarting over allegations that Isaias Afwerki is supporting Houthi fighters, is not likely to be receptive. Saudi Arabia is unimpressed by Isaias’s increasingly warm relations with Iran (refer to Saudi paper Al-Wattan). Sudan’s role is more circumspect. Shortly after the adoption of UN Resolution 1907, Amr Moussa had dispatched a delegation, led by a senior Sudanese general and intelligence official, to notify Isaias Afwerki that the Arab League would not take any measures in contravention of UN Resolution 1907. Characteristically, Isaias Afwerki heaped abuse on the Sudanese official.

Subsequently, Sudan assured Eritrea that though it would not openly support the idea of an Arab League initiative (for fear of antagonizing Djibouti and Somalia, as well as Ethiopia), it will also not oppose such a move. In his last visit to Asmara, Mustafa Osman, special advisor to Sudan’s President Omar Albeshir, had suggested to Isaias to seek the help of either Qatar or Libya to sponsor a proposal to pressure the Arab League to get involved. Libya’s Muammer Ghaddafi and Qatar’s Sheikh Hamad are the only two close allies of Isaias.

Following up on the suggestion, Isaias Afwerki has attempted to get regional groups to sponsor the proposal. To this end, he sought the help of the Gulf Cooperation Council (Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, and UAE) by approaching Qatar and the Arab-Maghrib Union (Libya, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco, and Tunisia) by approaching Libya.

While using Qatar to influence the Gulf Cooperation Council, Isaias has also tried to appeal to the United States by using Saudi Arabia as an intermidary.  Prior to Secretary Hillary Clinton’s visit to Saudi Arabia on February 15, 2010, Isaias attempted to secure a visit with the Saudi king or his foreign minister, but was not successful.

‘Jerusalem’ summit and Arab Unity

The Arab leaders are also expected to unit against Israel and condemn their recent “Judaisation” of Jerusalem and are expected to ratify an agreement drafted by their foreign ministers to raise $500-million as aid to Palestinians in east Jerusalem.

Arab leaders such as Syria’s Bashar al-Assad said they were ready for war with Israel unless they stopped their “violations” in Jerusalem.

King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia, King Mohammed VI of Morocco, The Sultan of Oman, Qaboos Bin Said Al-Said and the presidents of Egypt, Yemen and Lebanon will not be attending this year’s summit for health related issues and because of differences with the host, Khadafi. + Somalilandpress, 27th March 2010


  1. This is a hate propoganda against the one and only hero of Africa and not jornalism. So keep shushhhh Mr, you have no idea about the sprit of Eritreans and their leaders.

  2. The lion of east Africa will teach you what dignity means. This lie reports hold no water but only shows your fear of justice. Eritrea will never ask for help because simpley there is no problems with anybody. Djibouti got problem so they are seeking help but one has to ask his self for what? For USA made problems! Just throw your garbage writtings somewhere in Ethiopia,"Somaliland" and Djibouti, as far as Eritrea concerns, we heading to teach you to behave like human being and to hear on your peoples voice. We want to rescue from being slave. That´s all about.
    Viva Eritrea, the only one country in east Africa with dignity!

    • If Eritrea was listening to it's people there wouldnt be so many starving people serving the Shabia. Somaliland, Djibouti, Yemen and Ethiopia will liberate you from that dictator.

      • hahaha bad wish. There is no one starving people in Eritrea as you guys have in Ethiopia, Somalia and Djibouti. Before dreaming to liberate us, feed your starving people first .

        • you have eritrean intelligence written all over you, I wonder why do Ethiopians and Eritreans waste their money on internet propaganda rather on development.

          its a shame really.

    • kkk The lions of east Africa, why are you in Djibouti when ethiopia is controlling half of you country ? most people will never know eritrea exist before you die of hunger and poverty, look in Wikipedia 75% below poverty level and you pretend you are not hungry!

  3. "Saudi Arabia is unimpressed by Isayas’s increasingly warm relations with Iran"
    Wish thinking of haters lol I have never read some bullsh*t like this but however, Eritrea is a sovereign country that has warm relations with both countries and with others on the same stage.
    P.Isaias said ones, Eritrea is not to sell, not for America,not for Iran and nor for anybody! Isn´t this clear enough for you wanna be journalist kkkk

    • no one will buy eritrea karim, ethiopia is controlling half of eritrea. don't talk like a person with a country comparing relationships with S.Arabia or Iran. poor people

  4. Eritrea keep funding the war in Somalia so you can keep the Ethiopians on their toes while your busy with your own internal war. So many Eritreans flee Eritrea because Eritrean regime is starving them. It is also true Eritrea tried to develop its own sustainable economy and I admire them for that.

    However funding illegal wars in neighbouring countries will only bite you back and that's what just happened.

    Eritrea is Arab wannabe nation even all over their cities you see Arab letters and signs, something you dont even see hardline Islamist Mogadishu.

    How do you explain that 50% of Eritreans abadoned their languages (Tigre, Balen, Saho or Jaberti) for Arabic?

    • You must be crazy. Who told you that Eritrea is funding the illegal war? You think the so called Somali gov't is legal? What about the oppositions, are they illegal? Who told you this USA or Woyane? PLZ try to think and search for truth first before comment. The other thing you do not know about ERITREA is her history. You have to search for the truth why Eritreans (at least 50%) use Arab language. It does not mean abandoning their language. And we do not want to be Arab couse simply we are not Arabs. Any one who speaks Arab language couldnot be Arab.

      • kkk eritrian history lol: what are you talking about? eritrea is only 20 or 30 years old man and some people may know you as a terrorist group to all neighboring countries but most of the world don't know you exist . all of you looks to praise for your dictator as a hero when half of eritrea is under ethiopia as we speak. how do you people get the gut to open your dirty mouth to say you are sth you are not?

        • Your comment shows your ignorance. Any one can understand you know nothing about ERITREA. Why do not you shut your stinky mouth. You think Ethiopia control half of Eritrea???? Keep dreaming. We are not like you guys who controlled by woyane regime. Go and search for 1998/2000 border war. We have paid 19000 heros where us Ethiopia lost 170000 lives. We Eritreans will show you how we are strong regardless of we are very few. I think you are not nabadon instead you are NOBODY.

  5. Frankly speaking I personally think that Eritrea could be a better friend to Somali's than Djabouti, who in my opinion are real enemy but act as if they are the only friends somali's have and unless Somali tell these bunch of french a**s lickers to stick it where the sun don't shine they will forever be conned to believing that they are friends.

    As far as Eritrean government goes I believe that yes they are governed by a dictator but isn't that the same case for every nation in that region, except sheikh shariif who is just a terrorist in a black suit and governs a sigle surburb. Remember him with an AK47 on his side and denouncing the Americans and the Ethiopians and so on and so forth, have you listen to him lately, what a coward.

  6. Eritrea is one country that really care about Somalian people and the fact that Eritrea don´t recognize Somaliland and the fake government is an evidence that you can´t deny. Somalian problem can only be solved by somali people and so is Eritrean stance.
    To the writer, you are really weak and hateful. Eritrea and Djibouti may have problems but Eritrea will never beg any country to intervene. If you know Eritrea well, Eritrea is against any intervention, if the Djibouti president the slave of the west like Meles Zenawi got problems, he better take the phone and talk to the president of Eritrea instead of running like a rat to UN and Arabs. This is how you Somalilands do too. Running to the west lol. We Eritreans stay there and wait and solve our problems by our selves, period.
    Freedom to Somali people.
    Eritreans and Somalis are brothers to the bone, get it!
    All slaves, from Ethiopian beggar Meles to Djiboutis rat, they all will learn the stick of Eritrean president time and time again.

  7. How disappointing many 'know all' Eritreans talk about Eritrea with full authority as if they are advisers of president dictator Issaias Afeworki. I wish these individuals could take Pol-101 taught by the dictator himself. Of course that is what the dictator is doing these days: lick arab ass in order to get some face saving way out. The good news is that these arabs will never do anything that antagonizes USA so whatever ass he licks, he will only stink arab ass and get some STD on his lips. Simply said, he is stupid. Yes he had dedicated his life for Eritrea's independence and he will always be credited for that; however his true self has come to bite him back the last 20 years (i.e. after independence). He thinks he can lie to everyone to make enmity among people he comes across and then eliminate or blackmail them. But such approach is dangerous once you are in a government position. It worked for him when he eliminated those who questioned his wisdom during the liberation struggle as in when he eliminated those intellectuals calling them FALUL, MENKAE,… it worked then. We were all blinded! But not anymore. Fool people once shame on you, fool them again shame on them. Never again! Never Falul never menkae never shooting disabled patriots (1994) and call them ignorant who don't know Mai Habar has better weather than Asmara when in actual fact the motive is way different. Enough is enough with such a dictator.

    • So why do not you go and fight with Issayas. Why do not you go and suck woyanes ass to bring you in power in Asmara Palas. kikikikikikiki

  8. Tsk tsk Its so amazing that you could figure out where every one sides. Thank the lord we Eritrean are too proud to ask any hand out as our close neighbors lol. I heard some one talking about"Ethiopian econmy" LMAOF. I guess begging like there is no tomorrow and having the hand out as "per capita income" on cook book is considered legit lol. It makes me wonder if the so called reporters are too lazy to find out what is the truth or they rather run along side the stream like the 2001 presidentalcompaign's blundder that happen and every one brought "CBS's election results" tsk tsk they had instilled an idiot in chief for 4 years lol.
    This is an honest truth to all our neighbor who wanted to peace and harmony. Eritrea isn't in the league of Arab or the west's allay. Eritrea is in league of its own. We mind our business but when we see some one in trouble we will voice our concern. Any one who is the seeker of truth is always a friend of Eritrea and is welcome. Yall remember when Eritrea was a member of IGAD the group was doing so well. Lol but now IGAD is a the main conspirtor of the west. Somalis, Ethiopian, Sudanis…. We are brothers for better or worst. Consider Eritrea like a big bro who look out against bullies. Eritrea is yet to teach yall what it feels to have dignity and pride upon your selves. Somali please listen to Eritreans plea don't let any outsiders among your selves. We have nothing we would want from somalis except for yall to co-exist in peace and harmony. We Eritreans earned our freedom with our own blood and sweat.
    As far is Djubuti is concerned they might think its ok to "cry wolf". Shame on the gov of Djubuti's America's slave in the region. Yall might be getting your 30 pieces of silver now but yall meet your end just like judas @ the end. I guess yall trying to out do Ethiopia. trying to get more aid or face time lol. Yall have as much dignity asa street cheap whore.
    Long live the lion of Africa(Isayas Afewrki & Libya's Ghedafi) they will show the rest of useless and solictor(AU) nation what some one could accomplish if they work hard without any ones help. May our brothern in Somali find peace with out the assistant of so called "moderators". Find a peaceful solution or somali will be a distopia as much as Iraq.
    God bless Eritrea and somali and hopefully get Djubiti from making up stories in order to be liked by the west LMAOF. Your usefulness will come to cease real soon and we will see where yall be rolling.
    Peace be with yall who like to see peace in Africa if yall don't then yall could go to hell lol
    I didn't ask to be born Eritrean I was just lucky.

  9. I heard another “we are the world” in making as we speak lol. There is no shame to ask for assistant after nature disastor but not annually attending the G-20 summit when you abviously have no business attending LMAOF. I read a news paper article being scolded @ the summit I will let yall find out for yourselves. Its perfectly acceptable to try some thing and fail but its morally unacceptable to ask for the usual hand out. Any yall good @ “googling” find out the debt of ethiopia from the last half centry til the current situation. It hasn’t made a payment to the world bank ever lol but they have always forgiven any amount of debt they racked up lol. I wounder why …….

  10. Eritreans cant talk about etiopia or somalia or other countries let solve our problem what we have in eritrea there is nothing in eritrea lots eritreans r flee from eritrea to sudan and etiopia let do something about the shabia and the dictator Iseyas to kik from his power why we lie to our selves always talking about the other we know eritreans how suffering in side eritrea plz plz let talk open to world to solve our problem

    • Pure Eritrea, you think we could solve our problems by telling the world? PLZ do not be fool yourself. if you r Eritrean, you know that the world did no say any thing in the 30 yrs war. So, what i am trying to tell you is that our homework is ours. Lets do it back home. Let alone Eritrea, there is problems in western world also. Everywhere, there are political, social, economical,…. problems. But when you come to national interest, you have to teach all the Ethiopians, and the rest what is your stand.

  11. I agree with the point that we have solve our problems not by USA the ass-whole UN, but we should also remove devil isayas and free our people. We didn’t let this dictator control every thing to torture, kill and suffer his own people. Where are our singers? We lost generations of true heroes who shed their blood to protect their country, we should ask where are they right now?

  12. It is Your country not USA or UN, why do you people keep barking toothless trying to compare this poor country with USA? No body brought a dictator for you, you elect him by your self. You call your self a hero when you can’t even your coutry anymore, don’t you feel ashamed when you write this? of coarse, we know you love wars, with all your neibouring countries b/c you are so hungry searching for food. But the fact of the matter is you were always the losers which make you poorer and poorer.

    Yes, Ethiopia controls half of your country, that is why your president accusing them, but you start another war in Djibouti before you finish with them. very backward and poor people with 75% population under poverty level. I always wonder when you will start acting like human beings rather than some one who has no value for his life. all u dream is war!

  13. Isaias…Last minute effort to save his ass…good luck with that but Eritreans are hopefully smarter than the stupid dictatror. Old tactics only applicable in the guerrila warfare ca never be applied in an international arena that requires diplomatic skills….It's just a different language which Isaias failed to speak…

  14. well this is short answer my point is keep your fack weak somali land there and deal with your master meles zenawi. do you really think your frustration work . you can bark as much as you can to make happy meles