TEL-AVIV (Somalilandpress) — Israel is increasing its partnership in Africa, united with factions which are battling fundamentalist Islam.

Following February talks between Israel and the Kenyan government in which the African country requested Israeli assistance in fighting terror, Israel and Kenya may form a joint force to guard against the entry of terrorists through the northern Kenyan border with Somalia.

In addition, Israel has reportedly expressed an interest in being the first country to recognize the autonomous province of Somaliland as a country, according to a report in Somaliland’s Golis News. Somaliland broke away from Somalia – Kenya’s eastern neighbor – in 1991, rebelling against Somalian military dictator Siad Barre.

A positive relationship with Somaliland could have important geo-military significance for Israel, due to the province’s position at the northeastern tip of Africa, on the southern bank of the Gulf of Aden. Somaliland’s northern coast is located just south of the strategic Bab al-Mandab strait at the southern end of the Red Sea.

A deputy leader of al-Qaeda recently announced the terror group’s aim to re-enforce Somali militants in order to turn Somaliland into a bastion of Islamic fundamentalism and hamper the ability of Israeli vessels to sail south out of the Red Sea. He said al-Qaeda wants to put Bab al-Mandab “under the protection of Islam,” according to a report by the al-Malahim Establishment for Media Production.

The Somali press has also reported that Israel may establish an outpost at the port of Berbera in Somaliland, to guard the entrance to the Red Sea.

Up until now, Somaliland – which is overwhelmingly populated by Sunni Muslims – has been unable to receive any kind of foreign aid, development assistance, or military equipment because of a lack of international recognition.

by Malkah Fleisher

Source: Israel Nation News, 10 March 2010


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  1. People in Somaliland are seeking justice and wellbeing, the END. Secessionism is a means some believe is to the end but it seems becoming the end itself. It is not guarantee secessionism will bring peace and prosperity; it might create more problems and given the clan make up of the area, that might be true.

    The so called Somaliland leadership seem begging Israel for recognition and use Berbera Port as it wishes in return, without considering the strategic consequence of such deal. Are these guys thinking or serving their emotions?

    It is time for pragmatism and refocusing our attention to the real end, the wellbeing of our people. I do not see better option than seeking common solution for all Somalis in Somalia.

  2. Macalin,

    I agree with you 100%. Israel is looking after its own interest and countering Iran and other Muslim countries in the Red Sea. Our interest is with Somalis, whether we like it or not. That is our reality. We need to look that direction and its about time.

    • Oh gosh, look who is here again talking. "our interest is with Somalis, whether we like it or not". Do you realise you talking as though you are a slave and you can't disobey your master? Strange, but I believe that is your reality.
      Somaliland people, unlike you, have a choice and they chose to move on without Somalia.
      Fortunately, people like you are minority and their gibberish is irrelevant. So, sleep on it, Somaliland's interest does not concern you any more.

  3. Macalin, while your entitled to your opinion, I find it funny when people from Somalia try to offer an advice to people from Somaliland because see Somalia is the most failed state in the world, for 20 years you could not solve your own issues nor unit – so what can you offer to me?

    I am in better situation than you are, we have better solutions than the problems you face and we understand Somalia no place for us it will never work out – so why you still running after us?

    I understand you have nothing working for you and you got nothing to do but cry after Somaliland but don't get confused we are not the same. As far as I am concerned Somalia is history just like the Soviet Unions and Yogaslavia.

    I guess some people dont know how to move forward.

    We welcome you as good neighbors like Ethiopia and Djibouti.

    As for Israel and Somaliland, Somaliland needs education and technology and Israel needs Muslim friends and access to the red sea – its fair deal.

  4. To Keyse,
    What do you mean when you say WE? Assume I am from Sool and I don’t want to be dominated by SNM clan, as SNM clan refuses to be dominated by the southern clans, do you think I have the right to remain part of Somalia? This is the first of many tough obstacles facing the so called Somaliland.

    Somalia is not a failed state but is progressing; it is the first country in Africa to start the inevitable transition from post colonial instability to stability. You can easily lay blame on the people you call Somalia for not getting along but you cannot ignore the fact that the dispute in the South is international. That is why America and Al-Qaeda, Ethiopia and Eritrea, among others, are evolved. It is also a war of Ideologies, like the one in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and others. If that conflict ends, Somalia becomes stable and everything will change in a minute, including Somaliland. Strategically, I believe it’s better for the Somaliland people to be part of that change to have a say in the outcome and that is why I think it should seek common solution for all Somalis as oppose to secession.

    • I dont need to assume your from Sool I know your from Somalia regardless where about its. Your most welcome to be part of us (discussion) but as far as country we plan to build a Berlin style wall between Somaliland and Somalia, keep the rabbits out.

      Somalia has been in transition for 50 years huh woow its very slow place dont you think?

      Anyways I'm not gonna let you steal the spot-light, this is about Somaliland and Israel, Somalia has no say nor space in here.

      Go to some where else.

      • Kayse speaking in this tone won't do you any good. Young somalis from north and south want the unity of SOmalia. IF SNM warlords wnat to partition somalia than they stick to where tribe inhibits and not interfere with the wishes of the HARTI or Samaroon clans.

        • It is people like who are more than anything else harming the so called unity you are crying after. You dont have any logical ideas to support your arguement other than harti, samaron, snm, lasanood, this clan that clan, ssc, darwish and so on, this kind of thinking will not in anyway, form or shape deter the resoluteness of somalilnd people to move on. Somaliland has moved beyond clan thinking, we are now a democratic nation in which free and fair election are conducted, people are peaceful law abiding and they are working hard improving their life economically and socially. On the other hand, you people are still traped and caged in clan mentality. This is twenty first century, the world is ever becoming more competitive and is changing in unprecedent fast speed. If you people are still holding on to archaic and highly destructive clan mentality then you will find the caravan is long gone and nowhere to seen.

  5. I am from sanaag region and walaahi I can't even think of deviding Somalia this whole agenda is driven by SNM tribal warlords.

        • It is already a done deal. May be you need to get out of the juggle and see the real world.
          By the way, if you are this jealous of Somaliland and its progress, why are you even here? Do you enjoy getting stomach crunching news? Because Somaliland is only getting better and stronger, and Somalilandpress is committed to report that good news here.
          In other words, this is for people with 🙂 🙂 🙂 on their face 🙂

  6. Who cares what few disgruntled souls in Sanaag and Sool think? The overwhelming majority of Somalilanders are for independence and majority rules.

  7. Stop depressing over Somaliland! I am sick of reer somalia come here crying about us, we don’t want you get over its for love of Allah, we move on Somaliland pull its interest first before anything else its what best for our country, just like any other nations simple.

  8. I hate when one country called Somalia cries after Somaliland just because they feel directionless and hopeless without Somaliland, sorry we dont have magic ingridients to fix your issues. Perhaps if you stopped wasting your time and energy barking after us and sat together, you would solve something.

    Israel and Somaliland can do whatever they like. There is reason why Somaliland doesnt have Islamic militants its just not in our blood, we respect and love our religious orders or leaders they never claim to be some mad mullah who is getting direct orders from God they just go to the mosque and mind their business.

    Our religious leaders are very much like a celebrities and they love their people and country and would never side with crazy Arabs who want to turn a foreign land into their jihad experiment ground while leaving their children in mansions built by oil money.

    We like Arabs as brothers but we do not want to be part of their so called jihad which is nothing but a hidden war to destroy Muslims by Muslims. Cool Arabs are welcome so are Israelis – there are fanatic Israelis out there too crazy ones who think they also getting orders from God.

    We just gonna work with the right people.

  9. Yibir is old somali tongue for Hebrew.

    Yibir people live in somaliland and we might be a minority but we support any assistance we can get to become part of the international community. The Rich arabs have done everything in their power to destroy or subvert or supress the development of the somali people ethically, economically and practically deported most somalis out of their countries.

    If a somali can feel safer living in isreal then any of the arab muslim countries then let us put aside faith differences…

    To me i shall not make a emotional decision based on the conflicts between the children on Abraham specifically semitic people(isrealis and arabs). We have long sought assistance from the wrong side of this family let us give the Isrealise a chance for mutual benefit.

  10. I do not understand the need to suppress the views of someone who you do not agree with. Having differing views is healthy for a debate. What affects someone from Afmadow to Zeila will affect all Somalis. Gaining recognition from Israel will not solve the ensuing issuing regarding the opposition from the people of Sool, Sanaag and Cayn. Nor will it improve the low relations the Somaliland government has with the people from Awdal State. Surely the leadership in Hergeisa need to to be more pragmatic in their approach to gaining recogniton from the enemies of Islam, the Jewish state of Israel. This will backfire on people who support such a notion.

    • what is wrong with recognition from Israel? So your logic is telling you that Somalilnd getting recognition from Israel is wrong because we are muslims. At the same time many muslim countries including some Arab countries are having a thriving relationship with Israel, why is not backfiring on these countries. Shekh Shariff the mayor of vila somali and the so called TFG is crown and is being supported by mostly christian nation like Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi why is it for shekh sharif to be supported by non muslim while is bad for somaliland. This is illogical way of reasoning which will not take anywhere while it shows that your desperate to write whatever comes in your mind for the seek of attention