Never before had it been so clearly stated in an international forum, in the presence of the leading world governments, such as the UK, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey that the Somaliland claim for sovereignty is a legitimate argument in the eyes of the international community.  The communiqué released of the talks between the Government of Somaliland and the Government of Somalia in Istanbul, Turkey, is the latest victory for Somaliland since it started a diplomatic offensive to promote the Somaliland independence reclaimed in 1991 from the ruins of an ill-fated union with Somalia in 1960.

In at least FOUR prominently and strategically placed notations; the words Government of Somaliland stand out on the recently signed communiqué between Somaliland and Somalia in Istanbul, Turkey.

The Istanbul Communiqué begins with the words: Document for the process of political dialogue between the Government of Somaliland and the Federal Government of the Somalia on future relations establishing that the legitimacy of the document and its outcome rests on a dialogue between two equally delegated parties talking of mutual interests and future relations – the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland.


The second sentence in the preamble introducing the event states In accordance with framework agreement reached in Chevening, Dubai, Ankara, and Istanbul I, delegations from the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland met in Istanbul between 16-19 January, 2014 with the assistance of Turkish Government”. Here, it is made clear that the delegations meeting on equal footing in Istanbul are, respectively, from the Federal Government of Somalia and the Government of Somaliland.

Under Dialogue Process Design of the Communiqué, the first point, again, makes clear that the get-together in Istanbul hosted and presided over by the government of Turkey is a dialogue process between the Government of Somaliland and the Federal Government of Somalia to reach agreement on future relations.

Finally, the signature concluding the agreement reached was put as below:


In addition to above, the nine-point principles, the two parties agreed represent a second victory for Somaliland. Point 5, for example makes naught of Puntland claims on regions of Somaliland, as it is part of the Federal government of Somalia, which is bound by the words parties make a firm commitment to the resolution of differences through exclusively peaceful means and dialogue. In other words, if any of the parties infringe on the territories of the other in a military offensive, which will constitute a blatant violation of an agreement that can be considered by any international court. 

Secondly, that all previous agreements reached by the two parties, the principles state, as they have agreed to  fully approve the contents of previous agreements which are in the best interests of both parties.

Thirdly, the two governments agreed to resuscitate the afore-agreed terms on control and share of Somali air-traffic proceeds on equal terms.

That a Somali government seated in Mogadishu has admitted that ‘atrocities’ committed against Somaliland (… particularly Somaliland, Pt 9) is a clear ownership of culpability on all factors related to the genocide, the political oppression, the looting, the arbitrary detentions, the targeted assassinations, and all the resultant trauma following it. This paves the way for the Somaliland government to stand their ground and point out to all and sundry that they will never, ever expose their people to a similar experience which nobody can eliminate from probability.

In light of above, the  recent, unthought-of allegations of Somaliland opposition figures regarding  the status of Somaliland at the negotiating table, and how they constantly portrayed it in the past, is a slap on the face to them, an own goal, indeed. Of particular interest to Somalilanders is the opposition leader –turned-English-teacher dismissing the word ‘atrocity’ as a simple word that included everything but what it truly does. One of the word’s basic definitions is “a shockingly cruel act, especially an act of wanton violence against an enemy in wartime”. If what happened in Somaliland in the hands of Somalia-led forces, fulfilling the executive orders of a Somalia-born dictator, were not atrocities, then they tell us what it is in another unworldly language that they only can understand – again.


Dr. Ibrahim J Abdi

Hargeisa, Republic of Somaliland


  1. The international community already knew that the negotiation is between Somaliland and Somalia. This is not something new to Somalis and to the world as a whole. The two parties have not yet talked about the point of contention. A lot of work is still ahead of us. We are still far away from the stage of congratulating our selves for a breakthrough, Dr Ibrahim. A grudge against the opposition parties will not get anyone anywhere.

    And why do you hide contents of the agreed points? What do these two signature signify? Does this mean the contents of the agreed points are different from what the people heard or read from the websites? This needs looking into!

  2. I believe the talk is the best way to achieve what Somaliland people want, and eventually will bring fruits. The IC already know the difference, and history of these two countries.

    I foresee that the victory is at the door-steps for our country and not far away.

  3. I wish that was true, but it is far from the truth. Prolonged talks is not in favour of Somaliland cause of recognition. But that is what failed Somalia aiming at. Useless communiques after every conference that only produces multi joint commities whose sole purpose is to undermine the independence and national sovereignity of the land and nation. Talks must not open ended. The government of Somaliland must insist on limited time to end these fruitless talks so far. Parallel to the present talks with failed corrupt state of Somalia, the government of Solamlialnd must actively engage the AU, EU, USA congress and foreign office, Russia, Chaina, Canada, and AUsteralia in order to secure political re-congnition. Somalia is week corrupt country occupied by a number of nations so it can not decide anything on its own.

  4. Lets hope these talks are not like Israel and Palestine talks – middle east peace process, never ending dialogue.

  5. Dr. Ibrahim please post the whole enchilada and not just the signatures. After all what have you got to hide.

  6. The talks are waste of time for you guys since Somalia's position is very clear, Somalia wants a united country period, we can have a confidence building but nothing else is on the table. No to succession not today no tomorrow. Someone asked the Somali president in national TV whether he recognizes Khaatumo and the answer was yes if they all agree to form a local government. In the end Somalia will recognize Khaatomo and awdal and then force the stooges in Hargeisa to surrender.

    • Yes it is true the position of Somalia wants a United Somalia but that can not force and deny the people's choice as they have already decided their fate by democratically voted to have their country back and the Somali president of Somalia recognizing khatumo can not change anything and talking about awdal that is totally fake as there is no anything called awdal state this is a game played by Somalia trying to confuse people any way is a childish game as we are matured people with good sound and a knowledgeable of understanding what is going around. and we are not stooges as you have commented you should understand that we are Nationalist and we have claimed our beloved country The republic of Somaliland back l do not understand what is bothering you People.

  7. I can not believe, what are they talking about .The talking only start three years. Can we waiting, and see.It is not as you thought this is very difficulty situation.