Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Republic of Somaliland Dr. Issa Kayd said that it is the duty of every citizen to take his/her role in furthering the cause of the country anywhere and everywhere.

The minister who is on a business trip to France, urged the Somaliland community living in the country to participate in the implementation of the Somaliland cause and on how the country would get the recognition it deserves.

The minister also said that he is very happy to meet the Somaliland community in France and said that they are doing a great job on how to promote Somaliland issues.

Minister Isse Kayd stressed that it is important to bring the issue of Somaliland to every part of the world, whether it is in Europe or the United States, or anywhere such that the country achieves its aspirations that it has been struggling for.

He said he was elated to be welcomed by the Somaliland rep office in France and happy to concertedly work together for the national cause “in advancing our lobbying in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas”.

His visit coincides with a time that Somaliland Diaspora in Europe and elsewhere in the world have stepped up demos to rally support for the nation’s sovereignty and also for the MoU signed with Ethiopia which guarantees the country its international status.