Kabsan Real Estate and Telesom Group Refutes False Accusations Levelled against their Companies

By:Guled Abdi Mahir

The deputy General Manager of Kabsan Real Estate Mr.Abdiwahab Haji Ali Ahmed has distanced his firm and Telesom Group from a court case brought against the two companies pertaining a land they are constructing modern mansions in Hargeisa.

Kabsan Real Estate had already started construction; and most of the mansions and bungalows were nearing completion; however a court order has stopped operations at the site.

Speaking to journalists in his office Mr.Abdiwahab defended both firms and vehemently denied the allegations reported by some media outlets.

The deputy General Manager stated that he was going to talk about two important points, the former concerns a press conference held by the plaintiffs and the later about a land we purchased that some people claim ownership.

He said “Eight years ago we decided after a consultation meeting and planning to venture into real estates development. We bought a land from the proprietor of Grand Hadi Hotel Mr.Abdillahi Gaheyr. The land was fenced with bricks. If you look at google maps the land was fenced since 1997. We always verify for proof of ownership whenever purchase land hence all dur process was followed in this land acquisition. The eight years we owned the land nobody has come forward to claim ownership.”

The Kabsan deputy GM revealed that a group people came to their office with a court order to stop the construction of the houses.

Deputy GM stated “We immediately went to court and the magistrate came to the construction site and realised it was a mistake and the land land the plaintiffs claimed ownership was a different one. They printed another court order cancelling the former order.”

The man claiming ownership of the land said that he will only accept the ruling of  an islamic court hence the defendant approached a famous cleric known as Sheikh Dirir however their court revealed that they never mitigate land cases.

The case was arbitrated by the  former minister of religious affairs Sheikh Suufi. His verdict was outright the land belongs to the defendants.

However the plaintiffs went on to slander and abuse Kabsan Real Estate and Telesom Group through the media calling them thieves.

KABSAN REAL ESTATE Deputy GM stated that this insults and insunuations goes against the islamic code of conduct.

He said “It is shameful for people to abuse and insult companies owned by many Somaliland citizens, trying to tarnish their good reputation through malice and smear campaign.”

Kabsan Real Estate and Telesom Group confirmed that all their business transactions are done in a transparent legit way.

Both companies have vowed to pursue the case in a court of law. They confirmed a suit of defamation will be instituted against the plaintiffs.