[they called me] you are a prostitute and you Somalis are all Al-Shabaab and terrorists, we don’t respect your religion or culture. This is Kenya. We can rape you if we want to.’ A Somalis refugee female told human right watch

In October 2011, Kenya deployed military troops in Somalia against the army group al-shabaab, they got massive retaliations from the al-shabaab combatants, vowed that they will bomb the high buildings in Nairobi and killing their citizens.

Since then, Kenya has faced over 30 attacks involving grenades and other explosives, which resulted in at least 76 deaths and hundreds of injuries Kenyan government officials have blamed Al-Shabaab and its sympathizers in Kenya for these attacks, although the Group has only claimed responsibility in a small number of cases.

Meanwhile, series deliberate attacks were happened in Kenya including improvised explosive device and grenades, In September, at least 67 people were killed after al-Shabaab militants took control of the Westgate shopping mall in the capital Nairobi for four days.

After that attack, Over the past two weeks Kenya had launched a sweeping security operations that targets the Somalis refugee and Somali Kenyans, the victims were among women’s and children’s, the last operation at least 4,000 people have been arrested in raids over the past week in the capital Nairobi, but police say only 447 people are still being detained.

Thus, the operation has been condemned by some leading Kenyan MPs and religious clerics who have accused the security forces of unfairly targeting Somalis. The question is why the federal government hadn’t given action response to this brutal action on Somalis refugees living in Nairobi?

‘For the last few months we’ve had heightened insecurity. Time has come for a mop up to restore order,” said Kenya’s Interior Minister Joseph Ole Lenku



What does it means mop up?

Refugees told Human Rights Watch that police who abused them in Eastleigh used the threat of arrest and prosecution on terror charges—calling them “terrorists”—as an excuse to abuse and extort money from them. Is this mop up?

The police kept saying you were Al-Shabaab terrorists and said ‘Somalis are like donkeys: they have no rights in Kenya. Is this mop up?

Kenyan High Court ordered the authorities to halt a proposed plan to relocate all urban refugees to refugee camps. Is this mop up?

Kenya has sent back 82 Somalis to Somalia after launching a massive security force operation to  repatriation mixed legal and illegal immigrants, and many victims still detained were among children’s and women’s in sports stadium and various police stations more than 48 hour without charge. Is this mop up?

However, Kenyan police abuses against Somali refugees and Somali Kenyans are not new. In 2009, 2010 and 2012, Human Rights Watch reported on Kenyan security force abuses, including torture, rape, and other serious forms of violence, against Somali Kenyans and Somali

refugees throughout Kenya’s predominantly Somali inhabited North Eastern region, including in and around the Dadaab refugee camps sheltering almost half a million mostly Somali refugees.

‘Wolf in a room with a sheep’

On December 2012, Kenya’s Department of Refugee Affairs (DRA) announced that Kenya’s 55,000 registered urban refugees and asylum seekers were required to move to refugee camps in Kenya’s northeast and northwest and that all assistance to and registration of urban refugees and asylum seekers should end.

Kenya had abused or violation the Geneva Convention for human rights, they ignored for international refugee and human rights law; whether abuse or violation on human rights law our Somalis community living in Kenya must decide their future and do something forward.

This abuses on Somalis refugee’s rights is not new, it’s like ‘if you put a wolf in a room with a sheep and tell the wolf don’t eat this sheep of course the wolf will eat the sheep.’

The interior minister federal government of Somalia said ‘I told to the Kenya interior minister to save our Somalis refugees and send back illegal immigrants their country with save and dignity.’ Just like same Kenya is a wolf.

Thus, over the past two year Somalia had steadily progress in peace particular in the capital Mogadishu, recently, around many Somali Diaspora was immensely returned the country and made small business investments, including supermarkets, restaurants, and hotels.

So, these is good step for development and signal sent to Somalis community living in Nairobi isli, come here and make investment for this country in order to live dignity, proud and freedom from fear.

My own hunch, when these cruel operations had happened, thousands of Somalis are made demonstrations against this brutal actions and were gathered in the front of the Kenyan embassy in United state, United Kingdom, Sweden, they carry out slogans ‘no genocide in 2014, Kenya shame on you.’ This is really makes it Somalis people unity and brotherhood.

Byline: Hassan mudane, further more info. contact him via this email: mudaneo5@gmail.com


  1. What Kenya does not understand is that it has the NFD, an exclusively Somali region which is part of Kenya. That means they can not mop up Somalis from Kenya. Somalis are part of Kenya and history is bound to repeat itself. By that I mean Kenya will reap the seeds it is sawing now. When? Only time will tell. Just remember an elephant never forgets. The intimidation and humiliation it is subjecting the Somalis to can easily drive its youth to the extremist camps which neither the Somalis nor any thinking human being wants. Where are the Kenyan thinkers? They need to speak up against the cruel and inhuman treatment their government is subjecting its citizens of Somali origin.

  2. This kind of calamity and misfortune can befall only to landless people and tribal societies that are easy victims of abuse and anarchy. Somalis cannot unite to liberate their country from the clutches of Al-shabab extremists and terrorists. Thus, they ended up in the far corners of the world as refugees and scores of thousands of them perish every year in high seas as they desperately try to reach a safe haven.
    The irony is, as Somali refugees are being abused by Kenya, its sons are in Mogadishu and Kismayo earning 1000s of American dollars as members of AMISOM forces. Kenyan Defence Forces (KDF) are dividing Somali people further and are sowing discord among the squabbling tribes siding with one group against another. Am I the only one who can see this ugly picture? Somali people can only get their dignity back when they unite to restore their country as one and shun meaningless clan politics and stop proclaiming fake repulics.
    By the way, many of those Somalis who are being abused in Kenya as refugees, most of those who perish in the seas every year fleeing their country and a large number of those who are seeking refuge in every country are from so-called Somaliland. The perplexing question is why the writers of these reports and their like-minded separatists somehow make it as though this problem belongs to another country called “Somalia”? As the Somali proverb goes, “Does all evil belongs to Eva?”. Only clan diseased mind can conjure up or contemplate such a distinction. We are in this all together, whether you like it or not!

  3. I hate fuckin kenya, one day we will kick them, we all over world, come on soma peaple,