BORAMA (Somalilandpress) — Despite enjoying some relative peace the breakaway republic of Somaliland remains unrecognized by the international community. But Kenya which has a significant number of expatriates in the region is reassessing its position.
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Yassin Juma was in Somaliland to find out why Kenya which has been backing the Transitional Federal government of Somalia is now warming up to Somaliland.

Source: NTV Kenya, January 01, 2010


  1. Mr Farah Ma'alim is down to earth guy, Kenya if you don't want him, we happy to take him as our deputy speaker 🙂 he is cool. They tried to brain wash him playing the qabil card but he seen it for himself.

  2. "Pleasantly surprised"..the words of Mr.Ma'allin..All the lies and falsehood about Somaliland have no base, There is a Somali proverb "beeni raad ma leh"..They told Mr. Ma'allin a thousand lies in Niarobi, he came, he saw, he now knows the truth. I recall Dr. Frazier saying the same time when she visited Somaliland in February 2008.."I am pleasantly surprised"..

  3. At the end of the day he is daarood and I am surprised that you think he is in favor of clan based Somali-land which is trying to take revenge on his family

    • This guy has a phamistical company in kenya that is why he visited somaliland he want to sell drugs from his company to somaliland ppl andmake profit.. Dont be fooled ( Mr Maalim) is not pro-somaliland and will neverbe apro somaliland. be warned

  4. Mr Maallin is a wise politician and he gave the best possible advice to his
    darod relatives in Sanag and Sool regions of Somaliland. But they misunderstood his advice and they will regret in the future, Bye Mr Osman