It was 20 years before by the time the US army was deployed back to their homeland from Somalia,since that time the South of Somalia has experienced a different and unprecedented conflicts which severely damaged the social cohesion and deeply saw  a mistrust between the Somalis.How Kerry visited Somalia is showing how despair and naive  the international community are for the case Somalia which any attempt  of peacebuilding made by the international community  evolves the Somalia problems  into a new face which is difficult and more complex then the one before it.

In his speech Kerry mentioned that the Somalia government is making new regional administrations to enhance stability and saw the seed of prosperity in every part of Somalia,which is far from the reality on the ground and  what the Somalia government is engaging and doing among administrations.Its is sawing the seed of the tribalism,corruption,bad governance and injustices which nurtures the terrorist does not make the new regional admintration but works how to disentegrate and destroy  any working adiminstaration in Somalia by using the little money which the international donners aimed to build the government institutions by initiating an inclusive politics.

More water has flown under the bridge, ”a society that puts equality before freedom ends up with neither and society that puts freedom before equality would end up with great measure of both. Milton Friedman” and here is Somaliland which has reclaimed its independence in 1990s, everything was destroyed and they started their governance from the ashes by returning back their tradition they succeeded to build a custom made government with the absence of the international community.Its government structure is very similar to that of the  US,Executive,legislative (Bi-camera) and judiciary.There are three political parties,civil societies , an independent press and written constitution.several election were held which the last one is due to be held ,Somaliland become the  good example not only for the rest of region but also Africa in general.

According to the  ”declaratory ” theory of recognition which is supported by the international practice,the act of recognition signifies no more than the acceptance of an already-existing factual situation, i.e.,conformity with the criteria of statehood.The  ”constitutive”  theory,in contrast,contends that the act of recognition itself actually creates the state.Somaliland left no stone unturned to achieve its international recognition by conforming all the international standards of statehood recognition and still it lacks it,which is unfair and inhumane for Somaliland women and children which their only hope they have is to be one day a recognized nation so as to avoid social despair which would eventually might encourage terrorism.its unfair to invest ones who are the bone of conflicts and turn blind eye to a whole nation who are not asking for no more than a recognition in order to achieve liberty and pursue their happiness within their dream.

All in all, Politics is the art of possibility this approach of building the Somalia army and investing the corrupted Mogadishu government is like fueling the fire instead of watering it and  will start a new wars to the rest stable regions.what we are recommending to US and the international community is to change their old policies  and think beyond the box to start a new  pluralistic  policy, specially for the Obama administration Somalia needs not to be looked with dewy-eyes but needs the change that  you were breaching  be practiced into Somalia for the taste of your justice.

Barkhad Omar Ali

Lawyer and Development Consultant