HARGEISA, 2 March 2010 (Somalilandpress) – The Observer/Guardian newspaper is a quality Sunday broadsheet that is published in the UK, and had an article/interview with K’naan in its supplementary pages on its issue of 28th Feb 2010.

Among many other things, The artist has talked about pirates and politics, his life journey from Mogadishu, north America and the ups and downs with his music career as well as his recent trip to Somaliland.

He was asked if he had ever been back to Mogadishu since he fled there at the age of 14, and confessed that he never did, but instead went to the north part of the country namely Hargeisa…

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I was not surprised with the fact that he did not mention that Somaliland is an oasis of peace and tranquillity that is divorced from Somalia in every sense of the word, as I thought that he is not a supporter of Somaliland’s successes.

However, I was somewhat surprised and taken aback to his hostility to Somaliland and its people and even to the degree that he bluntly said that he did not feel save and was lucky to survive a planned car bombing. Furthermore, I couldn’t comprehend (neither will any Somaliland will do) why K’naan resorted in carrying a pistol around with him in Hargeisa?

In summary and in my understanding, he has been an ungrateful guest to a proud and honourable nation as well as failing to mention their unparallel success stories in an honest and more in depth ways.

Read the full interview here,

K’naan’s Interview

By: Yousif


  1. That's why we shouldn't welcome those people from Somalia to our Somaliland they will lie and back bite us in every opportunity they get. "There was bomb placed for us" what a BS!

    We can see his true color now but what has driven him to this level of animosity towards Somaliland? I think it's in their bloods to hate and kill. He never had a pistol he is lying again.

    • Walahi I couldn’t agree more. But let us take action against them enough being peaceful nation.

    • Were you by any chance part of the group that travelled with him to ascertain that what he is saying is BS…… Wake up to the truth Somaliland is part of SOMALIA and the insecurities although prevalent in the south are widespread throughout Somalia. You think it's in "his blood to hate and kill"… Lander!!!!! this guy has no idea what you ARE ON ABOUT and just to be clear "somalilanders" resorted to violence first although that does not justify the atrocities committed later on by both sides; Those atrocities should be archived to the past.

    • You should take a look at yourself in the mirror and see your true colors "HATER!".

  2. Folks don't get me wrong but what were you expecting from this guy to say OH GOD Bless Somaliland for hosting my people from Mogadishu. The only thing that Puntlanders and Southern Somalis have in common is their animosity towards Somalilanders.

    Lets boycott him and his music period.

    • Have you seen the camps in somaliland for somalis from the south and you want any logical person to Applaud you for hosting his people from Mogadishu…
      Wake up to the truth ALL SOMALIS HAVE UNDENIABLE RIGHTS TO GO ANY PART OF THEIR COUNTRY without entertaining tribal buffoons like you AND just to be Clear K'naan has no idea what you are on about..;)

    • Listen "Shyster", it doesn't matter if you're from somaliland or what-ever the matter of fact is "YOU'RE SOMALIAN" whether you like it or not.

      I suggest you'all stop hating on your own kind. Hate doesn't get you anywhere.

  3. You guys give this guy too much credit like he is the head of the UN – he is another Moryaan kid with mic, dont pay too much attention.

    No need to boycott his music, just know he isnt one of us and he can come again and carry that water pistol, he just saying these things to appear "thuggish" on the international eyes, he thinks boys from the hood will respect that. It's just marketing thats all it.

  4. here we go let out your anger and everything you have hiding that somaliland is based on.

    What the were you expecting to say SOmaliland is a nation lol!

    Stop trying to find and identity that you will never find you are Somali and god made you that way so stick to it be happy.

  5. fuk k'naan and fuk somalia. somaliland 4 life u idiots are killing yourself matter facts i hope al shabaab kill all you tribest qara's al shabaab are poeple who dont care about tribes there leader is ISAQ but you other haters can hate till u die nothing aint gona stop us and we will be recognised soon inshallah

  6. I thought he was out there for ALL Somalis; Somalilanders, Puntlanders and Somalians. Shame he has resorted to what is clearly ruining Somalia; tribalism and shallowness.
    He steals the poems and other materials of the Somaliland artists, and this is how he pays them back? What a twat and attention seeker. Somebody tell him to get real.

  7. He doesn't have to support Somaliland’s independence. But portraying Somaliland as a war torn country like his and saying that he wasn't sure if he would come is an insult to Somaliland people.

    But what you expect from a little Hutu from Mogadishu?


  8. Shame on you Kanaan for dissing the folks that welcomed you as a hero. For you to tell the world that you were carrying a GUN in Hargeisa is totally a lie because we all have been to Hargeisa. Secondly, for you to tell your mother OH i'm still alive mom is also a lie, your mother should know that we are hosting her cousins/sisters, aunts and brothers who are walking freely in Somaliland unlike Puntland and Mogadish.


  9. I don't see a good reason to fuss. The guy went to Hargeysa and he said so. After all, the people in Hargeysa knew they had a Canadian rapper in their midst.

  10. K'neef (ops! I meant K'nan) made fool out of himself. Hundreds of U.N employess from all over the world live in Hargeisa.

    Also, hundreds of high-level diplomats and business people visit Hargeisa every year, so portraying the city that welcomed him so much like his Mogadishu (Muuqdisho) shows that he is just an average Mooryaan.

    He met and dinned with a Somaliland icon and the greatest poet: Mr. Hadraawi.

    Besides, if K'nan was targeted with a roads-side bomb, attacker would be none other his own cuisines who went from blood-soaked militias to religious fanatics–Alshabab (or Alshaydaan).

  11. Can he even carry a pistol ? can he use it ?

    And who is he to survive a car bomb ? Obama ? or perhaps Blair ?

  12. Those people are a kind of sick.. hey somalis people are same… i am from north west of somali and l beleive that all somali people on the horn of africa equail. and same people.. the problem is not about the people… those who wrote or control media are using are always make antention.. or bad thing

    • Those from Somalia are full of hate, and always they are thirsty to kill, and believe me not seeing that make you no different. They are hypocrite who will pretend to be something they aren’t.

  13. Without your security people, he wouldn’t know about car bomb or pistol. Don’t you think your government gave him the pistol and told him the bomb?

    K’naan did not say anything wrong. Don’t get emotional. K’naan is true Somali. He said that what he saw in hargeysa was what he expected, people full of energy, music, poetry, and life, people who wait no handouts but get it done on their own. What is wrong with that and why not mention it? If you were expecting him to say Somaliland, forget it. Hargeysa is Somalia until you legally separate from Somalia and trust me, you will never secede because your safety depends on being with Somalis.

    To: jamaal

    you call him MOORYAAN!!! For what? He is famous and millionaire. Chicks of every race are screaming for him. How could he be! Unless you mean his tribe. And Shabaab are full of your causins and in hargeisa. Caadifadda qabiil miyesan xumeyn saaxib.

  14. It is about time, that we change the way we deal with Wanlaweyns in Somaliland. These people should not be allowed to come to Somaliland in the first place. We shall start with the business people of the Wahaabi affiliations who are "Dhuxul Dambas Huwan". I would like to see these people go back to were they belong. If this Government could not control the country, let as wait until they go and then start doing what we should do about this people.

  15. Please read the article for yourselves before you jump to conclusion and make racist remarks which I find them distasteful.
    Just carrying a gun in the streets of Hargaysa given his status as a world entertainer is not as strange as it may look and I would have done the same thing. The important points you have missed is how calls Hargaysa to give him a second life and how people are getting on with their lives and not waiting for anybody’s help.
    You are all pre-occupied with tribalism that has not got you anywhere!! So educate yourselves guys and move on!!

  16. Please read the article for yourselves before you jump to conclusion and make racist remarks which I find them distasteful.
    Just carrying a gun in the streets of Hargaysa given his status as a world entertainer is not as strange as it may look and I would have done the same thing. The important points you have missed is how calls Hargaysa to give him a second life and how people are getting on with their lives and not waiting for anybody’s help.
    You are all pre-occupied with tribalism that has not got you anywhere!! So educate yourselves guys and move on!!

  17. Thanks to Somaliland Government. He said "I am requesting FIFA to let the cup of the world cup pass Somaliland". They replied "thanks Mr. Knan. We don't listen people with vague personalities and we don't believe you have the power to do so. If you can do it, please give the opportunity to your failed country- Somalia. Unlike Himilo and Tanya, they did not even receive him in an informal meeting…what an experienced leaders..!

  18. i do love to help ppl but those from Somalia are so strange, you help them and in return they insult you or kill you, they don’t know how to be a natural human being. So way we will tolerate such kind of creatures, and for what because they are Somalis f….k let us through those Ethiopians beggar, and the ungrateful Somalis out of our country.

  19. Now we know he really is Hawiye because he just told a lie only a Hawiye can tell – 'they planted a bomb for me', hahahaha maybe he was in Las Anod at the time the Commander of the 12th division was killed.

    I didnt hear any other bombs ohh wait maybe he was praying at that mosque or perhaps rapping inside the mosque.

    What you expect from a Hawiye, all they know is lies thats what destroyed them.

    No fuss but that was funny, they planted a bomb for ME, maybe he should make a song about that.


    Im still listening to K'naan even though he lied, come on its in their blood. He didnt mean it just wanted attention from the media.

    • PS, maybe Dahir Rayale planted the bomb for him since he cant rap hahahaha this is big joke he made fool off him self.

      • Yohanes,

        You feel safe to publish on Somali forum and talk about our internal affairs! I am aware many Ethiopian intelligence officers with Somali names post on this forum to exploit our differences.

        But hey, whether hawiya, darod, Isaq, rahanweyn… we are all Somali. Do not be fooled. Get your Tigray ass out of here you cheap bastard.

    • I am aware many Ethiopian intelligence officers with Somali names post on this forum to exploit our differences.

  20. Its is really sad to see that some people blame poor people fleeing persecution and tyranny to the save heaven that is our land for what a guy far removed from the realities facing his people said in page 10001 of a newspaper. Whatever, this guy said about Hargaisa is not going to affect our interest for he is just a rapper whose audience is nothing more than those who live in the ghettoes of Toronto. So stop treating him like he is a royal. Anyway, has he paid the FULL cost of his security arrangement? If not, those who ordered for his escort should be made to pay from their own pocket. Our resources are precious little to waste on Mr Nobody. In the UK, Z list celebrities are met at the airport only by the paparazzi who sell images of drunkenness and drug taking for pennies to the magazines catering for the low life segments of British society. So why is my beloved Somaliland any different?

      • Hey They are not a threat to Security. Ibrahim You Have a bad attiude. You are look those people in Hargeisa. Giving Somaliland a bad name. always blaming,You come from a bad home and you poor. You need to see Anger Management. Stoping blaming those people. the rest of Somaliland are expecting, Expect for Hargeisa and that's the true. What I seen in Hargeisa When I visit there is discrimination and Prejuidce to other people. The other cities in Somaliland are not like that. So please do me a favour and grown up and for the rest of the people and stop showing me your Fake Tears and cheers, and know the true color

  21. Excuse Me, Yohanas, You are Typicall Somlilander who is rude to Hawiye and People from Abroad, Who Kiss the feet of foreginers and Darods, You Guys Love Darod, and it was Darod who did those events in Las Anod. Hawiyes are good People, and you Watch Your Mouth Man, They Are Facing Problems of their own for the last 2 Decedes. So Stop Blaming Hawiye, and Blame Your Selves Why are Guys a Bully, Yes You Somalilander, and Stop Bullying People, especially from Abroad and People from the South.The Ungrateful people Are U Somalilanders, Who Helped You Guys During the War of Siad Barre in Somaliland During the Late 1980's In Somaliland. Us Somali's Hawiyes and the People from the Outside, and Who Finiaced you Guys. So Please Change Your Attiudes. and how do feel i say that Issaqs where for the events in Las Anod.__Why Do People Hate Southners and the People From Abroad?__ You do not make them Feel Welcome.

    • All I said is that Hawiye have habit of lying which is in their bloods and it's true and no we do not love Darod, we prefer Hawiye but we are Somaliland and Somalia so tough luck guys.

      Do you think Somaliland welcomes Ogadens fleeing from Meles the way we welcome Hawiyes running from their own Moryaan bosses?

      • Omar Yaman,

        Somaliland do not hate Hawiya. We actually care for Hawiya more than any other group in Somalia. It is just that Hawiya seem to NOT understand who is their friend and who is not. Darod, particulaly Majeertaan, are the ones who don like you much, bully you, and manipulate you, but you seem to give in to them.
        Somaliland welcame the people from South Somalia with such warmth welcome and businessmen like Indho Deero spent fortune to provide shelter and water as long as they lived in their make shit camps. See, if those people were from any other group, we would have abstained from any handout and ask them to go back home…that shows we care for you.
        The problem is Hawiya does not appriciate this. They either spread lies about Somaliland or try to harm their progress. Why do you, guys do that for? When you act inconsiderate like that, we only tell you a peice of what we think of you. that is not out of hate.

    • Omar Yaman

      Somalilanders do not hate Hawiye and the people of the Southern Somalia. We wish them the best all the time. Trust me, in my hometown Burao, whenever we heard some bad news from the Somalia, we pray for Allah to have his mercy on those people. When floods of your people who were fleeing from the horrible situations in Mogadishu and around it came to Togdheer region, we helped them as NO foreign NGO or UN could. Indho Deero alone built them shelters and water storages. What did they do inreturn? They did some vodoo shit and cursed his family (rumour has it).
      Anyhow, it is not Somalilanders who hate you, bully you, and manipulate you. It is the Darood, particularly, the Majeerteen, who you suck up to so much.
      Until you guys know and trust your friends, and treat the same way they treat you, NOT like what K'naan is doing or your so called government and mad men Alshabaab (see, that almost all of you), we will tell you what we think of you.

    • Omar Yaman,

      Somaliland do not hate Hawiye. We actually care for Hawiye more than any other group in Somalia. It is just that Hawiye seem to NOT understand who is their friend and who is not. Darod, particulaly Majeerteen, are the ones who hate you, bully you, and manipulate you, but you seem to give in to them.
      Somaliland welcame the people from South Somalia with such warmth welcome and businessmen like Indho Deero spent fortune to provide shelter and water as long as they lived in their make shit camps. See, those people were from any other group, we would have abstained from any handout and ask them to go back home…that shows we care for you.
      The problem is Hawiye does not appriciate this. They either spread lies about Somaliland or try to harm their progress. Why do you, guys do that for? When you act inconsiderate like that, we only tell you a peice of what we think of you. that is not out of hate.

  22. the decision of somaliland people and government is clear. we do not need to give more attention to the guys like this alcoholist semi somali guys. go ahead and learn how to listen cz opportunity sometimes knocks very softly, my somalilanders.

  23. Runsheeg You are Bad Person and You Too Yohanes. Stop Criticizing, You are Not even Somali My Friend, So Get a life You Bum, you talk like an Alcholic Runsheeg, Is that even a Somali Names, So Look Who is Talking.

    • I am Somali from Somaliland, focus on the subject not our names, I am sure your not from the center for name registration, mr self proclaimed name licenser the subject is about K'naan's interview and his lies.

      focus guys focus.

  24. Runsheeg You are an Idiot, You Trash Talk, you are not Somali, You are Ethiopian. I believe Runsheeg is an Ethiopian Name.

  25. Yohanas There Shall no Names, use Your Words, Not name Calling Buddy. So deals this Problem in a Civilzied Manner, Lets about Knaan, Bro as a Somalilander My Self, Insulting and Accusing our Brother Knaan like that is very immature. We are Somalilanders, We are Expecting People, and We Shall not promote the negative side like Ethiopians or Puntlanders. We are known as a peaceful People, and also expecting people aswell. and don't be arrogrant, and be a good boy. Listen Boy You Don't behave Like a Somalilander, and like a person from Hargeisa Who is uneducated and unemployed.

  26. Ali Hirsi,
    If Ali Hirsi is your real name, then you would know RUNSHEEG is a real Somali nickname. I dint know Somaliland press was so infiltrated by Ethiopians with agendas.

  27. Why are you targeting a Somali PopStar, Or Hip Hop Star, Whatever You Kids call it, let me tell something, To be a real Somalilander you have to be more expecting to other Somali's. Although we are seperated from Somalia, we are Still have to care for one another, because we are Somali's. With this behaviour all of you acting like Ethiopians. and Knann is an Aspiring Young Man with a great Potential. May be he did not add Somaliland in his Comment, the hospitality we give him was outstanding. He Will give us alot of Credit for the action we did for him. The Problem With us Somali's in General we Look at the past, and say that Mahamed Abdi's Was My Best Friend since we were kids in the Old Country, and Until his Kids through Egg's at my brand car back in the Summer of 2003.
    We haven't talk to each other ever since. A wise Texan Busniness Man said to me it is easy to forgive but hard to forget. Children be nice to each other which part you from whether from Somalia, Somaliland, Puntland, and it is better to expecting, and that tribelism really stinks, and that there is a bad smell to it.
    I am an Old Man and Please Respect Me as your Elder.

  28. Ok Run Shack or Runsheeg, it is more like a Jamacian Name or an American Retail Store. Runsheeg is not a Somali Nick Name, or a Somali Name. Check and Mate.

    • Rusheeng it is an Ethipions, and You are Oromo, and Tell Your People To leave Somaliland. and should stop begging.

  29. Somaliland ppl where never slaves for anyone, history tell that and the facts on the ground confirm it. Somaliland was and it will again be independent once more like it or not, so keep dreaming about us, and before you get to that hate emotion thing your ppl have it against Somaliland learn your history well and you will know who is the slave, it’s your species but can you admit that, I doubt it, and that is way your kind are mentally disordered.

  30. To Old Man Isse

    I do respect you but I don't respect your take, is that we don't care weather he favours Somaliland or no, we don't care weather he supports our case cz our case will not be something to be selling by ARTISTS, so what we care is that he gave a wrong but a fabricated information about Somaliland, but guess what he came too late because Somaliland is 19 Years of Lasting Peace and prosperity, its a 19 Years of working hard to a future we shaped by our unyielding hope, it's 19 Years that people from around the (even Japan) has come to see to find the best story that AFRICA has got.

    Long Life to Somaliland

  31. This is so fresh that I can still how some Somalilanders almost chewed my head off because I dared to question the skinny hawite boy Keenan's visit to Somaliland and what do we have here? Yes you guessed it right as I said before he will truly in a Wanlaweyn fashion bite the hand that welcomed him and thousands and thousands of other Wanlaweyn fleeing their own people. What I find stupid and beyond niavete is how some Somalilanders welcome their vowed enemies with open arms and expect the enemy to return the favor, only when the scumbag snake bites them they wonder why… Case in point Maryam Mursal, and now Keenaan, I wonder whose next

  32. I can still recall how some Somalilanders almost chewed my head off when I dared to suggest that a Moooryaan will always be ungrateful to the people who not only welcomed him with open arms but also thousands and thousands of his fellow Wa.nla.Weyn who freely roam in SL. Yearsterday it was Maryan Mursal today its keenaan tomorrow who will it be? Maybe Yusuf Garad of the BBC whose mom lives peacefully in Hargeisa while he spews his anti-Somaliland diatribe in London unscathed.

  33. As Long We did Our Share. That's it Does not matter what Knann did, It Between
    Him and Allah. We Should Be proud on what we did, we shall be rewareded by Allah. So Who Care About Knaan, Just Care What We as Somalilanders.

  34. Faisal and Elimi As Somali's We have to be United and Care for another. You Guys are having the attiudes of Ethiopians, You Guys Are Ethiopians. Don't be a Fool. Faisal You are take on Somali's is Unexpectable and Stop being a dead beat. Somaliland Boy Wash Your Mouth out of Soap. Elmi What is Your Problem Son. What Do You have against Other Somali Celebrities Coming To Hargeisa. The Only People Who Decide Who Should Come and not come to Somaliland are the Immigration and Custom Official in Somaliland.

  35. Kaynaan is well knowing Somalia rapper and like it or not there is nothing anyone could do about it. He insisted he went to the Northern part of Somalia and ligally Somaliland is part of Somalia according to International community. Did you wanted him to say he went to Somaliland and he could be finding himself more problems. Mr. Kanan has entitle to his opinion;therore, that's how he see things.

    There is always people who would love Somalis to fight forever and that is their interest because they will gained from Somali problems and we all know that. They may act like they helping Somaliland, Somalia or Putland but their motivation indicated otherwise. Music is free from political and Mr. Kanan need to stay away from making regative remarks toward Somaliland and Somalia.

  36. I was in Somaliland from January to May 2009. I found the people welcoming and exceptionally courteous, as i was always offered help when i clearly needed it. Nobody tried to take advantage of me on the markets and cafes (well maybe only the street vendors, buts that have to be expected right).

    If I as a 6ft 3 inches tall Caucasian male who wore shorts on a daily basis didn’t have to carry a gun, then I suspect Mr K’naan isn’t truthfully representing Somaliland and its people. Maybe he said it to bolster his hip-hop bravado.
    Sure we had curfew but that was for our own safety more than anything else.

    Anyway i look forward to the day Somaliland gets de jure recognition, it shouldn’t be too long now, especially if the south continues to be chaos with piracy and terrorism.

    3.5 million people in a country the size of roughly England and Wales, I say once recognised, development will be most rapid indeed.

    All the best Somalilanders

      • Gregory , Those from Somalia are mad ppl truth kill them, they aren’t human like us they are something else.

        • You Should not be calling Follow Somalis Animals. Somali's Will Never Mature, and You Guys Talking Like a Bunch of Fourth Graders.

  37. May be K'naan should listen to people like Gregory, here. There is no need to try and boost your career on the expenses of others. If K'naan cared about anyone but himself, he wouldn't have said all these lies. He has just made the biggest mistake so far. I hope he learns from it and offer a sincere appology to the people of Somaliland.
    Despite his lies and animousity toward the people of Somalland, we should not boycot his products or name call him and the people he represents. I know some Somalilanders got hurt by K'naan's blunder, but trust me he'll be the one who is gona live with a regret. He has just isolated thousands of his fans. What artist wants to do that?
    People, please have patience in responding to such stories and consider the other people who are involved in your comments. K'naan is a one man, and his tribe men do not deserve the fault mouths of those upsetted by K'naan's disrespect.

  38. Nobody is perfect, including K'naan. He is just a man. And I have heard him say both positive and not so positive things about his experience of Somalia. If it is his experience then it is the truth. We should not be afraid of acknowledging the truth. The truth should always be told.

    I believe that K'naan has goodwill in his heart for Somali people and the country itself. Yet as I read all of the comments I am truly disappointed at what are such negative, divisive, and purposefully hurtful comments. I am saddended that such mean-spirited, accusatory comments seem to be an accepted means of expression among Somali people.

    These personal verbal attacks on K'naan are not helpful to anything, but demonstrate what appears to be the hostility of a people. I thought Somalis were more peaceful. I expected better of Somalis, yet I am saddened and disappointed that they would choose to use language in such negative manner.

  39. Turning Africans against Africans is exactly how colonialism was made possible. All this public slamming of K'naan who is one of your own, instead of trying to talk with him or express any love, peace, and compassion, yeah, keep it up. Such lack of unity is very entertaining to non-Africans. I hope you're proud of yourselves.

    • If you are blind, you still have your heart to see through but when your heart is blind then your kind don’t have a hope to see life, reality and truth as it is..

  40. Wow. I came across this site from Canada…. and I am shocked at the racism I'm reading here!
    Who cares if he carried a pistol? At least he wasn't using it.
    If people were talking about me the way you are all talking about him and his people, I would have carried a pistol there as well!

    • Telling lies about Somaliland security is offence against the peace loving ppl of Somaliland if you can’t understand that then know that you are the racist here.

      • I'm sensing more hostility than peace from the people on this web site, if they are any indication of what it is like in Somaliland, then I can't take their accusations seriously.

        • Living in hostility and sensing it is two different things. I hope you wouldn’t experience the other. If you don’t know anything about Somaliland situation then my advice to you is to educate yourself about it. We are as a natural human beings get anger when someone disrespect us. That is all the case here, not more not less, and if you can’t see that then you need eye glasses.

  41. This is one of the most destructive strings of commentary I have ever read. I'm ashamed that people would take the time and effort to express such negative thoughts about another human being. It's embarrasing and disappointing. Where is the peace? This is a public shaming of one's own countrymen instead of a positive dialogue with K'naan that would certainly be more productive for everybody. But all of these awful comments shocks me. Somalis should be better than this.

    • Go to Somalia and try to comeback from it, then you will know the meaning of peace. Telling lies about Somaliland security is offence against the peace loving ppl of Somaliland if you can’t understand that then know that you are the racist here.

  42. Is this a new feminine that all Somaliland ppl now will be labeled as Ethiopians?
    You guys should look for a better than this. Not everyone who said I’m Somalilander is a one. His/her action will define who they are. A true Somalilanders were classified as Ethiopians just coz the expressed their opinion and pointed to the devilish enemy.
    Let be known to all of you that the Ethiopians helped us during the holocaust war against the ppl of Somaliland. Millions of Somaliland ppl flee from a systematic slaughtering which takes hundreds of thousands of innocent ppl. And whether they had their reasons which I’m sure they did when they helped us but never the less, they were the only country in earth that harbored our ppl. Forgetting that is a gigantic mistake, and those form Somalia should stay focus to the subject of this topic.

  43. Insult Each Other Will Never Work Out, And Somali's. Have to Stick Together.
    Instead of Being Prejuidce to each other. There is a really Bad Smell what I can smell from the bad comments on this article, is Triablism, especially to the South. The Smell needs an Air Freshner to get rid of Tribalism. That is our Problem, and the Negative things You are saying about the Young brother knann. That really makes me very upset. about saying to your fellow Somali brother. We need to be different from the rest of the African. Not be like them.
    Do You Guys realize Your hurting Someone feelings. or even hurting people feeling like the southners, and calling them crazy.

    • You guys are something really strange your kind are murders and terrorist supporters, and you telling us that we are racist.

  44. Gregory Roberts,
    You seem to have interest in disintegration of the Somali people. What is it friend, Aid projects? When you say AID will be coming, do you think we need your hand outs? You still think us unable people ha!!! You guys never change, even after we have shown you who we are.
    Imperialists like you are what prolong the conflict among and suffering of our people. First you, British Imperialists, divided our nation into five pieces and now you want finish off the unity we worked so hard for. Our elders signed agreements with your forefather, British Imperialists. What we got in return was deception and giving HOUD, land owned by us Somalanders to Ethiopia. We all know the history of NFD and Western Somalia. Know you advocating for finishing off what is left of Somali people into clan fiefdoms under the control of your Christian Friend, Ethiopia? You think us stupid my friend? We know your designs but it will make us stronger. I am proud Isaq, habar—Awal, Sacad Muse, Jibril Abokor. Straight from Gebilay and live in Goljanno, Hargeysa. We better off united Somalis free from tribalism. We are the true superpower of this region.

    • Mad FAQASH from Somalia, you can hate us as much but know that my ppl will fight for their freedom.

    • I am not faqash, i am Isaq and i am Somali. I am not tribalist like you who live in dark ages. We are Somali and our interest is with the Somali people. Secessionism is your position, not mine. Soomaliweyn is my stand. I wonder why you respond for the WHITE MAN? Slave mentality ha! Cheap. I am sure a true Isaq wound’t go that low.

    • Runsheeg,
      You are asking the guy if he think you are stupid. I will tell you the trueth with utmost sincererity…You are STUPID. You are angry for no good apparent reason. You are gashing your guts out here for something totally unrelated to the subject. You are still, embarrassingly, crying over something that happened long time ago and is done now. My brother, stick with the present, and start reevaluating situations.
      In short, you are an embarrasment to all of us. Do us a favour and stop this nonsense verbal dairhearia and aimless attacks on people.

    • Mentioning tribes names or saying you’re a Somalilander want make you a one. If you really are who you claiming to be tell us the exact address and we will come to see you in reality. Don’t worry Walahi we wouldn’t harm you…

  45. Watch Your Mouth Boy, Ibrahim You have an anger problem to deal with your anger else where son. people you like you give Somaliland a bad name.

    • You ran to Ethiopia, It was people like who struggled for Somaliland. You Don't even behave A Somalilander in General, or even a somali. You Insult People, Your are the Hyprocrite. You are a Bully. Your kind is scum, they way you behave. I am Somalilander, and what I see here is not patriosim, it is crticism.

    • youy lie. Smali national movement (SNM) was formed to ovethrow barre regime and form better government for Somalia. That what SNM fought for. Now the history of SNM before claiming they died for secessionism.

  46. You are the racist here, and that tribes you are focusing on. there is a huge difference between race and tribe My friend. So learn the differences. We have the same culture and same race here. Your Tribalist. You Need help. You Dirty Man Don't insult your elders, and learn your manners. If you have them. Stop the Hate. Stop hating that Young Man. You are very Irrogrant

  47. Look Who is Talking You are kind is the Enemy to Somaliland, Please You are making a fool out of you self man, Your are the enemy to Somaliland. You don't love Somaliland You hurting Somaliland By your Words, and How dare talk to me about my Nation like that, one more word i will complain to the adminstor of the website against. If you are keeping talking, get a life, I am retired.

  48. I honestly don’t care whether you are retired or not, your mentality as you stated (old) describe who you are. Everyone knows who Somaliland enemy is, and I don’t have to repeat my words. And if there is anyone who is fool in here it should be you, by pretending to be old person so we don’t replay to your bullsshit.

  49. I honestly don’t care whether you are retired or not, your mentality as you stated (old) describe who you are. Everyone knows Somaliland enemy is who, and I don’t have to repeat my words. And if there is anyone who is foool in here it should be you, by pretending to be old person so we don’t replay to your bulshitt..

  50. I honestly don’t care whether you are retired or not, your mentality as you stated (old) describe who you are. Everyone knows who Somaliland enemy is, and I don’t have to repeat my words. And if there is anyone who is fool in here it should be you, by pretending to be old person so we don’t replay to your bullshit.

  51. I honestly don’t care whether you are retired or not, your mentality as you stated (old) describe who you are. Everyone knows who Somaliland enemy is, and I don’t have to repeat my words. And if there is anyone who is fool in here it should be you, by pretending to be old person so we don’t replay to your crap.

  52. Hello people!!! You are wasting too much of your time commenting on what an insignificant wanna be gangster said in newspaper small print, which is by the way already discarded and is in the landfills. Come on, this guy is just enjoying his five minutes of fame which will surely fade away in no time. There were already too many pop stars and rappers who came on to our stages and then disappeared. Many don't even make the Z list. You need to stop this tread and debate the real issues that affect our country and people.
    And please, stop insulting our brothers and sisters from the South. They have nothing to do with k naan or whatever else you are talking about.

    • I really Support Your Come back on Ibrahim Ahmed. Your right We Should Should Stick Together. Somali is one big family, when targetting southners, it is like figthing with your own brother or sister.

  53. Why they have to change the topic to tribe whenever something is mentioned. Really I don’t care what happens to Somalia. I ‘m and will remain who I’m, we are a peaceful loving ppl but some of us has to fight back those beast. And stand against their weak hatred words, and terrorist mentality.

      • Jew, Ethiopians, Arabs, Europeans you just mention it as long as I’m not labeled as someone from Somalia, I don’t care coz I believe all of that I mention are better million times then being from Somalia.

  54. Why secessionists assume anyone who advocates for unity of the Somali people is “FAQSH”? I am from Hargeisa and my stand is UNITY of SOMALIS. I am against secessionism and I believe that our interest is with our Somali brothers. Why it is some one always has to come and fight us? Is that democracy? SNM did not fight to secede but to correct a regime. Where this secessionism comes from?

    Unlike Ibrahim Ahmed, I will not renounce my SOMALINESS because of BARRE REGIME. Barre didn’t make me Somali, I born Somali.

    • No one is forcing you to be anything. You seem to be very passionate about what you want and I understand that is uniting with Somalia. Instead of unleashing your anger on everyone, just relocate to Mogadishu, and I am sure they will welcome you with gunfire brrrp. FYI, Somaliland has chosen to regain its independency. A referendum took years back showed that almost all the people in Somaliland wanted to be independent from the Union of Somalia. If anything, you should respect the wishes of all these people. Peace

      • Walaalo, are we talking about our tribe or others who where part of the British Somaliland. No clan from Sool, Sanaag and Awdal voted for this referendum. If real referendum takes place, secessionists will be outnumbered, in my opinion. What we have, except Hargeisa? Wake up sister. Think about future generations. Economically, culturally and politically we are part of Somalia. I have been to Mogadishu and i found people there more progressive than our society in terms of tribalism. People there are more ideology driven then tribe. Tribalism is there but not like before.

        • There you go then. It would be one less traitor who, with your mentality, would always plot against his own people within their home. Have you ever heard of the Somali saying…Dhulku ma guuro'e dadka ayaa guuraa…No one is stoping you to join the "progressive" people.
          Warning; others tried before you and only came back home distraught.

    • I have met with a lot of our enemies who pretend and say that they are from Somaliland, but in the end they can’t prove that they are from there. Never the less were you come from or who you are doesn’t change the reality in the ground Somaliland was and it’s a independent state, and this or that person can’t highjack the diction of the majority. So this lost hypocrite can go to hell with his nonsense ideas

    • Enemies to Somaliland like those will always bark whenever they hear the name Somaliland, but in the end they wouldn’t succeed with their terrorist plans.

  55. Old man, or whatever you call yourself, are you serious do have any idea about what you are talking about? We didn’t choose to be massacred, we didn’t send a terrorist to kill innocent souls, and we didn’t mention tribes when we spoke about this fool singer. So wake up and know who is the raciest here.

  56. people really need to go back to the basics, for one we are all Muslims, if answered yes than act as one, because these garbage and nonsense, go back to the teaching of prophet Muhammad (SAW), Quran and the Sunnah and that i believe should be the focus point in life. Rather than focusing on the insignificance like this discussion…

  57. well brothers k naan is nothing but fake ass MORYAAAN who talks and walks like getto youth, if he was honest he would have said it like he saw insomaliland , so what dos that tell you.


  58. To Old Man

    You said in your comment that to respect u as OLD but we have all the right to disagree with you in many points you mentioned. firstly everyone knows that Somaliland isn't Somalia that has been dragged to wars, that it doesn't look like the old African Story of not viable government,lack of democracy, not sustained economy, so I didn't understand why you didn't bring that you're furious about what he said Kn'aan about Somaliland because that contradicts with what Mr. Nick has seen, what Mr. Mark has witnessed and what Mss Janet has discovered about Hargeisa – people I met with them in person while I was working in Somaliland, it also contradict with the long success that wasn't gained by gun or force but by democracy, liberty, opportunity and unyielding hope… Now Old Issa don't know why we didn't hear a word condeming the comments of Mr. Kan'aan, why you're defending him having said, that shows only one thing – is that you're not but someone needs reality CHECKK. I hasten to say that I don't critise by people by their names or nicks but by their solid facts. something you didn't understand on my speech.


  59. Somalia is known as the nation of poets. But to use such mean language to publicly hang one of its own brothers, a son of Somalia and Africa, without even having a mature, intelligent conversation with the man is the most unpoetic, evil and unproductive series of expressions I've ever read. Is this how Somalis and other Africans treat our own family? Can't we do better than this? It's shameful and unGodly.

    None of those judging him are perfect people themselves, and they should be careful. Every evil word and intention toward Mr. K'naan will only be visited upon the speaker or his/her own beloved.

  60. There is something wrong about Somalia and Somaliland. Let the young men like Kanaan do what he likes. Like many of you who are too negative about him, he doesn't carry all the experiences people have and he left Somalia when he was about 11 years old. He had nothing to do with the divissions Somalis have. Those who want to create their own country like Somaliland if those of you who live in Somaliland all agreed on this then what is the problems jus be it. I'm not shure if all people in Somaliland on board but there is always hope you could have better future.
    As long as you respect your people young and old.
    As long as you are equal under the law.
    As long as you(S.landers) respect other Somalis. You will be oky but hostility toward others would but you difficult and unknown future. Let the young man enjoy life. World wouldn't accept Somaliland fighting others Somalis and it will reduce you chance of getting the green light to joing the world community.

  61. To who doesnt know Somaliland people.

    When Somaliland people has taken that journey that was difficult, improbable and long they did expect to meet many challenges, vase taugh times and meet many who will be against its god given right for independence, we all know the tactics by some who're against Somaliland to come or sell their ideas to the world, so as we're building our nation we didn't overlook to help those in the South that never found a solution for their problems, we sheltered many of them and provide them all the necessity to exercise their freedom and living with peace among the people of Somaliland but what was the REWARD? it was by shattering their Oasis of Serenity and to dismay them after forgetting the OLD days of Barre Regime. I bring that tonight because I see some are accusing Somaliland just because it said that Knaan has not but made a fabricated story like the Garooweonline Media, Long Life to Somaliland

    To continue

  62. now let me be absolutely celar that the people of Somaliland are friendly with everybody and not in any position favouring Hatred or Hostility, and the reason we prosper and are different from South Somalia is that we're people who are bound together by some values and stories, some stories that will make u understand how the people of Somaliland treat the people.. all that years we didn't harm South Somalia but we see their people are hurting our people in Hargeisa,LasAnod anywhere where they see there's a democracy and a sense of nationhood so one will ask where is this wave is coming from? from the extrmists groups of Alshabab,Hizbul Shaydaan or from the TFG Regime or the Media that is playing a great role on giving to the west some wrong informations about the only place that Dr. Iqbal JHAZBHAY has called Africa's Best -kept Secret.

  63. People are reading the media, taking all their sources from it but nobody has wend beyond that to be able to receive it from the Somaliland people, Nobody has talked about Somaliland like the way Somaliland press is talking about with fair and democratic way We need someone critsise us all the time and we're not afraid to listen that but I can't listen for someone who's still conveying his UNITY Message, beast like OLD Man,Runsheeg many has never asked why people are frustrated why this guy has said that he was taking gun and has survived from explosions not in Somalia but in SOMALILAND. now that doesnt make a sense, so I will say that I will give a credit to the huge amount thats supporting him but Mr. Kn'aan should not be ungrateful to the country that has welcomed him even they he was from the South by saying FANAN QABIIL MALEH.

    Long Life to Somaliland

  64. I wish Mr. K’naan would get on here and say something. I welcome his response and I’m very interested in what he has to say about this. That is an invitation. Mr. K’naan, the floor is yours.

  65. Faisal, You need to know that people from the south are not hurting us, there country is in crisis, and you have to be grateful for them for helping us during the war against Said Barre. Never Forget that Cousin or Brother or Friend or Partner or Amigo or comrad.

    • I hate when some speak against Somaliland ppl with a tone that he is one of them. For god say who are you telling this fairytales stories to, we know who was our enemy we know who was killing innocent children and women’s, how can anyone say they help us. They were a part of the extermination and the inhuman crimes committed against civilians. We know what our alleged brothers you talking about did, instead of help us they were the one who was committing crimes against the innocent ppl of Somaliland. We know our history very good and we are teaching it to our sons and daughter, so they will know who their real enemy is.

      • You are not Really A Somalilander, Why don't You Just Shut Up. They Way you talk. Makes me Sick, You don't really Now anything about History, I hate You Ibrahim, and People Like who say that Somaliland is about hate and demorcation, and you are giving my Beloved Nation a bad name.

        • Mix emotions, hate, love and sick. Definitely you need a shrink, Somaliland is not about hate and it wouldn’t be coz we know that once you enter that cycle you will end up like Somalia. so don’t misunderstand my comments what I have said was the reality and fact that happened during the extermination of Somaliland ppl, no one can deny or forget that and doing so is a crime against any human being. We might forgive but we will never forget. And that what we are doing in Somaliland right know.

          • Ibrahim You need Anger Mangement. Do really have to use anger comments to be heard, You are not acting like a Somalilander.

          • (You are not acting like a Somalilander)

            Whenever you say something, you raise a question. How in your opinion Somalilanders should act like? We are not living in a story like Alice in Wonderland, were you can shape things as you wish. Nevertheless I never get angry with anyone of you coz I know that none of you are real simple as that. and I have to disappoint you and tell you that the truth should be known for everybody and that is not ANGER.

          • Liar, Liar. You are not even from Somaliland You are from Ethiopia. Somalilander's Don't talk like that.

  66. Somaliland Shall be proud of it self for welcoming Knaan to Somaliland, Somaliland did it's share for welcoming him to the country, and it made him feel it home and welcome. If we say negative things about knaan I twill make us look bad, Knaan is a hard working young man with a great potenial, But Knaan Will never forget how who he was treated and how was welcomed in Somaliland. In Our Great Land of Somaliland. God Bless Somaliland. Long Live Somaliland. People Like Faisal and Ibrahim Ahmed and Rusheneeg are giving Somaliland a bad image of saying bad things to our Brothers and Sisters, South of the border in Somalia. We have to be a good example, and for anyone support the people from the south who are coming to Somaliland. for a new life their. does not make them the enemy. if you expect people to the country are going to call them of the enemy of the nation.

  67. Another Thing is thareally enemy of the nation is that if you don't expect the guests to the country, and most of Somaliland Income comes from Foreginers.
    If you tell them to get lost or beat it, that is a bad image for the country. Ibrahim Ahmed, Mr Smarty Pants An enemy of the nation are not people who are from other countries or other regions or miniority tribes. an enemy of the nation can be anyone, even a person who is from Somaliland, and turn backs against the nation. I would like to apologize For My Brothers Behaviour Ibrahim Ahmed, and Yohanshag, and Runsheeg, for their immature behaviours.

    • Pls do apologies as much as you want, but don’t use my name for such purpose, and tell me again who are u apologizing for???
      (most of Somaliland Income comes from Foreginers) ???
      Who are those foreigners (ALIEN’s???) do you mean Somaliland diaspora community?

        • You are Ignorant, Ibrahim You were Wrong to say that. He has a right to mention the names there, because U are hurting people's feelings.

          • Feelings again enough with this emotions things what is the point? to make me stop telling truth? And to not express my point of view in civilized way, without booms and explosives, I must disappoint you guys and tell you that there is now way that I will ever stop exposing the enemy.

            And Ismail, you need enlightenment man to understand, and before you get excited, and shot me down open a book and start reading something.

  68. i would love to have more constrictive debate with those who are claiming they are from Somaliland. But unfortunately this is not a debate supportive platform for such discussions.
    Its history and reality what makes those from Somalia present their selves as Somalilanders and write comments that a true Somalilander wouldn’t write. What I have said was the fact not more not less, simply history. Don’t be dishonest about your true identity we know who is our enemy.
    It disgust me one someone tell a fabricated lie about Somaliland like this statement made by …. (most of Somaliland Income comes from Foreginers) ??? Should I reply to him?
    Is there any since or rationale to his statement? naaa I don’t think, coz 50% of Somaliland income comes from Somaliland diaspora families who support their families in Somaliland, and the rest by verity recourses.

  69. i would love to have more constrictive debate with those who are claiming they are from Somaliland. But unfortunately this is not a debate supportive platform for such discussions.
    Its history and reality what makes those from Somalia present their selves as Somalilanders and write comments that a true Somalilander wouldn’t write. What I have said was the fact not more not less, simply history. Don’t be dishonest about your true identity we know who is our enemy.
    I hate one someone tell a fabricated lie about Somaliland like this statement made by …. (most of Somaliland Income comes from Foreginers) ??? Should I reply to him?
    Is there any since or rationale to his statement? naaa I don’t think, coz 50% of Somaliland income comes from Somaliland diaspora families who support their families in Somaliland, and the rest by verity recourses.

  70. You are the Enemy, and you are not even Somalilander. Ibrahim Ahmed Is the enemny Of Somaliland.

  71. Wow No Body Is Enemy Ibrahim and Liban What is this, why are you guys fighting. Somalilanders against Somalilanders that is Wrong, I Just want this Problem Resolved.

  72. @ Liban S. Really!!!
    I have said it in one of my old post that no one can tell who is a Somalilander and who is not. The only thing that can determine a true citizen form a one behaving like a one is by his/her action. And I have to say there is another way to do this, and it’s by confronting the person in reality that to say meet him in Somaliland.

  73. Ibrahim Ahmad, tribalist is what you are. I don’t think you can get along any one outside of your sub-sub-sub clan. You serve your emotions, not the interest of the people. People need advocates and politicians who think 100 years ahead. But you my friend, you think now. If I say kir to you, you say kir back to me without thinking the consequence. That is not how to represent society.

  74. It is time to think beyond mere emotions. The economic, security, identity, and over all wellbeing of the people, among others, should be prioritized. For me, as a person with Gebilay background, I think our interest is with Somaliweyn. Clannish politics, which is what brother Ibrahim Ahmed is advocating for, behind Somaliland banner, will destroy and isolate us. If left alone, we will fight each other for the top seat. If Burco don’t get it now, we are in trouble, if you know what I mean.

    Siad Barre time is gone. This is new Somalia and we can play a leading role. If the Somalis in the south trusted Ina Godane to lead their Shabaab organization, regardless of his clan background, why not people with democratic ideals from us try: UCID or KULMIYE or UDUB open branches through out the country and play national parties? With this thinking, I am more Somalilander than tribalist secessionists because this is where our long term interest as a people lies.

    • We know what you mean. And what you trying to imply is stupid. If you want to betray your people, at least do it quitely. Waranka ninka kugu dhufta iyo kan kugu dhaqdhaqaaja, ka kugu dhaqdhaqaasha ayaa xun. Waxaad tahat ka dhaqdhaqaajinaya.
      What you mean is if Kulmiye looses again. Kulmiye lost it before and nothing out of character or serious happened. And if Kulmiye looses again, nothing bad will happen. The members and supporters of Kulmiye are patriotic enough to preserve the good values that people of Somaliland hold high. Something you are sadly lacking.
      P.S. See me as a protector of Somaliland. And know wherever you talk cheap I will response to you, trying to enlighten you and guide you to the truth.

      • Salma,
        I am aware that my views are aberration to secessionists like you, but are right. You know it and I know it. No other clan in Somalia is complaining, why us? Said Barre killed people from each tribe he saw threat to his seat. His time is done. We begin new era and we can play role as a Somalis. I think that is the way forward for us.

        • You do not know what you are talking about. There is a big difference between secessionism and self-determination. Somaliland's struggle is a self-determination. They are fighting for their rights and freedoms. FYI, Somaliland has independently joined with greater Somalia ideology, which they believed like many other Somalis will work whilst the umbilical cord was moist and the connection was still there. But that umbilical cord has long dried and separated from its source. In other words, the hope of greater Somalia has failed long ago and will never happen. If you want to live in the past, and wait for a birth of something that never was, then good luck. Somaliland, on the other hand, decided to move on. We retracted our steps back to our independency, and now are ready to realise our dream of taking this nation to compete in an international level.
          Siyad Barre had caused great destruction to Somaliland, but did us the favour to see the reality of a mad man's ideology of idealistic union.
          It is shame that people like you are stuck in an impulsive ideology that will NEVER work, and that they are willing to sacriface their people (if you are from where you said you are) for sham ideology.

          • Having been a British Colonial territory cannot constitute nationhood for out people but a common language, culture, religion, ethnicity, geographic location and economy, which we share with the rest of the Somali people, does. Tribalism is a Somali phenomenon that exists in Somaliland also. It is easier to solve it at the national level than the local level. We need to lead, not to live in the past politics of tribalism. Somaliweyn is not dead; it is the only option for Somalis. The alternative is clan fiefdoms.

          • You know the democratic states in the West jail traitors like you for life. Somaliland's civility to others and the democratic orthodixy they practice there, is something you should be grateful for.
            The only person emphasising tribalism here is you. Your motive of mentioning tribalism in your every comment is dubious. But other than that you are just pessimist and i won't reply to your nonsense here.

  75. I don’t know if you guys are following this but Djibouti is planning to take part of Somaliland territory. It is not accidental that the coronation of Ugas Mustafe, Ugas of the Issa, to take place in Zeila. Why not Djibouti or Diredawe? Why too many high level delegates from Djibouti government attended with life television broadcast without interruption? Some one must read between the lines.

  76. Really at least I’m not a coward who is hiding his true identity like your kind, and keep dreaming about us if you think what is in your micro mind can happen you are a lost, and whether you are a Somaliwayn believer or a lost sheep from the so called Somalia. believe me when things get tough we are tough.

  77. I’m afraid what I wrote earlier may have been misconstrued by some. All i wanted to highlight was that Hargeisa in my humble opinion is one of the safest capitals in Africa; period. You just have to look at the annual crimes rates from PH and the local authority.

    Some of you have accused of being some kind of neo imperialist because of my support for Somaliland and its people, but the right of self determination is universal. Why should the people of this region be held to bondage? Because of some failed union that occurred decades ago. Somalia has been in a chaotic mess for more than two decades now, and instead of encouraging and fostering peace in Somaliland they want to help destroy it suck Somaliland into quagmire a of misery and despondency.

    As i write this today the citizens of Somaliland are stilling living under the threat of mines. The country is littered with them, a gift from their so-called Somalia brothers. So every time a goat wanders off and gets blown to smithereens, lest it be a child or an unfortunate citizen, it will serve as a reminder to the totality and barbarity of the Somali civil war.

    Sure Somaliland faces huge challenges but with the grit and determination of with own populace and some outside help, it can achieve remarkable development in a short time. I have worked and travelled many former warzones, and have yet to come across such warm, welcoming and most importantly; proud people who ooze vibrancy and self believe.

  78. I think some of ya'll are given this guy k'naan too much credit.
    Who the hell cares what he says? most of us havent even heard of him.

  79. Gregory Roberts,

    See a foreign man like you can speak the truth but those so called "fellow Somali brothers" would rather deny my existance, my self-determination and lie to the world just to look "ghetto".

    This is the kind of people we dealing with and you been to Somaliland and understand, as you said they littered with landmines and they want us to be with them because we are all "one brotherly family who speak same language, same religion, same skinny legs" – big JOKE i tell you.

    They cant even put their homes in order nor unify two suburbs in Mogadishu yet they talk about unity.

    We are not at all mad about these people from Somalia, they can be our neighbours but we are disappointed with the international community – who are forcing us into these people whom we share nothing in common with.

    We have bright future and we will reach there even ask they bark behind us because without us they are hopeless, they cant leave us alone and do their own things.

  80. This surely is bad and an embarrassment if we take such protests to Coca-Cola company. They can't be associated with a dirty little liar like him; it is so unprofessional.

    Please write to them using the bellow and direct them to this article and our reactions. They will surely be most interested in "K'naan" attitude and integrity problems. K'naan is definetely not a man to advertise Coca-Cola products:


    or write to:
    The Coca-Cola Company
    P.O. Box 1734
    Atlanta, GA 30301, USA
    1.800.GET COKE (800.438.2653)

  81. Don't confuse yourself, we are not protesting Mr. Kanaan here and don't forget this form is representing Somaliland's Democracy where people speak of their mind and at end we all come to the turn that Somaliland is our home. I don't listen to Kanaan's music but don't take the topic to another deriction. Coca cola already made the decission regarding Mr. kanaan and he will be promuting Coca cola world cup in South Africa.

    Why would anyone gains from someone else is lost? You have your rights to protest Kanan in anyway you like and you could contact the company for yourself but stop telling us what to do because we wouldn't want this young Somali man lost business and dreams. The income he gather may help many young Somali or non-Somali children if he uses the right way. Just wait when he go to S.Africa says i'ts all waving flags. We also forgive him if he say few unwanting comments about our home. We have more other things that we need to solve.

    • The man not only misrepresented his hosts, he made a serious allegation of his Faqash ass been sought after as if anybody would care about him or know him. He certainly needs to educate himself before he sings about "education". When was the last time Coca Cola made deals with dirty rappers who rape little children?

      This man raped Somaliland people and cannot be trusted. What good will he be to you or Africa if he cannot even appreciate the truth. The man is an ungrateful gangster, who should not be selling himself as an African who helps African causes when is he truly destructive.

      His song is just one of them insignificant songs chosen by Coca Cola, just as they choose anthems from South Africans, Europeans etc. Real Coca Cola does not bother selling other peoples CDs, and I am sorry if your little heads have overgrown themselves with this fact.

      But then again, these faqash people were supporting a peadophile song witer called Sangub because of being associated with the former Mighty Mouth regime which they all escaped and saught asylum from his junta. When will you faqash people find some common sense?

    K-9 DOG

  83. Why did he lied he was walking around with apistal and there was a bomb placed in the road. He was stayed best hotel in hargaysa, meet government officials. This is not how you treat people who welcome you and your family. here his comments!

    "He went instead to Hargeysa in the north of the country, and visited friends and extended members of the family. Was it dangerous? "Well, walking around with a pistol is a pretty strange sensation. And there was a bomb placed in the road for our party at one point, but we figured it out."

  84. hey all, i cant read all the 170 comments but basicaaly all are are saying how ungrateful K’nan is rite??????? think it in the other way what if his were words twisted? if anyone says bad things about somaliland its not true we all know what the counrty stands for. even if K’naan said those things does that mean its true??? so give him a break and let him explain himself.. i am not saying he is right but we are all human we make mistake, we are not perfect just relax there is explaination for everything

  85. Salaam aleykum

    I think it's a tad over sensitive of the person who wrote this to be upset by Knaan's comments that he carried a gun in Hargeisa. Perhaps you should bear in mind that he's someone famous of a none Somaliland descend who probably has never been to Somaliland before. I'm sure you're aware that foreigners are encouraged to go around with armed police for their own safety. My own friend from UK who hails from Burco was adviced to carry one for his own safety too. It's no big deal!

    The fact that Knaan has visited Somaliland which, as I understand, was part of a documantry exploring his culture and roots is honourable and we should be apreciate that he chose to feature our country and our poets like Hadraawi.

  86. hello this is guy who said he Blew up half of his school in Mogadishu with a grenade when he was 12, this is the guy who is singing for Haiti when his beloved mogadishu is dead and burried, this is the guy who use to perform at gay clubs in toronto but never performs for somalis is simple he just wants attention and fame at any cost and if we continue to talk about him like then we are just contributing to his cost he loves Gaalo so much typical Somali from the south, am from Laas caanod and we are happy to be party of somaliland and not somalia

  87. I would totally disagree with this report , as much as i respect the somalilandpress , but this was a propaganda lol
    K'naan may not be a fan of somali breakaway state , but he has alot of respect for somaliland, This is why he visited Somaliland , and talked so beutifully about somaliland on QTV.
    K'naan worked hard to try and get the world cup to hargeisa , he even went to the UN at one point , pressing his case to get the world to somaliland. The FIFA said No , because somaliland would use the world cup as a troophy to boost their political agenda. Im a big fan of k'naan and patriotic of somaliland 🙂