By M.A. Egge

The ruling party KULMIYE has signed agreements on many aspects with the ruling African National Congress, the ANC, of South Africa following a meeting they held at the headquarters of the KULMIYE party in Hargeisa.

The Chairman of the ruling party of KULMIYE Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed who is also the Minister of Internal Affairs received at the headquarters of the Kulmiye Party in Hargeisa high level officials from the ruling party of South Africa ANC, who are on an official business trip to the country.

The meeting was attended by members of the cabinet of Somaliland and some top officials of the Kulmiye party.

Hon. Kahin and the leader of the high-level officials from the ANC and the South African government jointly signed a cooperation agreement in many areas, such as investment, fishing, mining and energy.

The two parties of KULMIYE and ANC are led by men who have fought independence struggles and they are two parties that have a lot in common, hence both parties expect to cooperate on various bilateral aspects.

Officials from the ruling party of South Africa arrived earlier in the week where they were warmly welcomed Hon. Kahin himself.