As for the country’s prosperity and international relations, Somaliland is like a cow drinking water from a pond and no intimidating cries or eyes of frogs will repel or turn her away from her fill

By M.A. Egge

The empty rhetoric based on delusion, self-defeat and incompetence that usually emanates from the so-called leaders of the failed country of Somalia, are not new to the ears and emotions of the people of Somaliland since 1991 when the two countries parted ways and the present fate of the Republic of Somaliland was sealed.

Somalia can not go on lying to their people and the world by invoking Somaliland’s name for their plights given that it is their only rallying cry to hoodwink themselves, instead of focusing on their national needs.

They will never gain mileages for invoking Somaliland’s name as a rallying cry whenever they address their has been elusive before and it will never be tangible for lies have no legs to stand on.

It was decided forthwith that Somaliland re-assert its national independence initially won on 26th June from Britain, severing the ill-fated turbulent union and dissolving that which formerly brought together the separate entities of the British Protectorate of Somaliland and that of the Italian Mogadishu. They were two separate countries.

However, such naïve and irresponsible words have been heard again and again from every man who became the head of the Mogadishu’s non-functional state for more than past three decades of successive non-functional government administration.

The most latest of the un-commonsensical rhetoric has just been spit by a man who likes to depict himself as holier than thou, Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud, who said that they will always be against Somaliland’s sovereignty as he addressed a diaspora audience in Washington. Mohamoud and all those before him who keep on singing the same immaterial songs, are in fact, themselves delusional for they are oblivious to facts and issues on the ground, 32 years later.

To Somalilanders within and without, the Mogadishu crazy and non-existent claims over Somaliland’s sovereignty have not even the remotest impact whatsoever on the country’s essence and well-being, apart from being terribly counter-productive.

If anything it would rally Somalilanders even more together in an even higher level of cohesiveness. Furthermore, by showing such animosity towards  Somaliland, it only rekindles the bitter emotions that propelled the bitter arms struggle that the country levelled against Mogadishu to re-assert her independence. In other words, it underpins and underscores the justifications of having severed the ties with Mogadishu by dissolving the turbulent two decades of union with the southern Italian state.

The notion that Hassan and his predecessors had/have is just as crazy as it depicts mental problems because even obsession to such a degree lacks description for a so-called state to perpetually indulge in.

Spewing of such nonsense perpetually by Mogadishu leaders is palpated in Somaliland as deep hatred hence treated with the deserved contempt that they emanate.

The more crazy and worst thing is that his audience erupted with clapping of hands when he uttered Somaliland matter which, weirdly, it is the only thing that unites Mogadishu sycophants; whereas they can not do anything about it nor do they have any iota of a say over Somaliland. That is indeed total madness.

People in Somalia and their leaders from their childish slumber and foolish attitude towards Somaliland and chart out their future. These choruses of theirs were in futility before and will only worsen and compound their problems into worse quogmaric waters.

Again, this Mogadishu ill-will situation that has been going on for the 32 years that the Republic of Somaliland has been enjoying its independence; they have, to date, not pacified their country nor built a centralized government in which they can safely operate. Their subjects can even travel from one town to another freely.

If anything their so-called governments have been known and reported to have been abetting terrorism by working in cahoots with terrorists. They shed blood on daily basis, all the more reason Somaliland severed the so-called union.

It is all reminiscent of the blood of Somalilanders shed in the two decades of Siad Barre regime perpetrated.

Hassan Sheikh’s rhetoric only reminds us of the brutality experience which we loathe to re-live such nightmares. The pains, heartaches and depressions are still quite fresh and vivid.

When one wonders why he was eager to gain mileage by invoking Somaliland’s name to their plight, one realizes it is the only rallying cry for Mogadishu to gain an elusive mileage.

As to the country’s prosperity and international relations, Somaliland is like a cow drinking water from a pond and no intimidating cries of frogs will repel or turn her away; she will drink and drink to her fill.