The Liberal Democrat group have submitted a motion to be moved by Councillor Christian Martin (Clifton East) on the right of Somaliland to be recognised as a sovereign state, the motion is outlined below:

“This council believes that Somaliland – where more than 10,000 people now in Bristol originated – should be recognised as a sovereign state.

Somali-landers make a significant contribution to our city and the council notes that members of this community in Bristol would strongly urge us to support growing pressure to recognise their country as independent, allowing it a seat at the United Nations.

Somaliland declared independence from the Somali Republic in 1991 following a long war. However, it has never been recognised by the UN or the Africa Union, despite a campaign by its politicians, diplomats and prominent citizens.

This council recognises the strength of Somaliland’s cause and the fact that it is a stable democracy, where there have been four elections over the last two decades and where opposition parties are free to represent the interests of their supporters.

The Somaliland government, which does not receive international aid and keeps its waters free of piracy, believes recognition would help to entrench democracy in the Horn of Africa.

Recognition would also, it believes, help to strengthen international co-operation in the fight against terrorism and other major criminal activity, including the dumping of toxic waste. It would allow Somaliland to market itself as a safe destination for tourists and attract jobs and international banks.

This council, therefore, calls upon the British government to recognise Somaliland as an independent state and to encourage other governments around the world to do the same.”



  1. God we are getting desperate. I am embarrassed. However it is not as bad as a Somaliland website once saying “Hawiye is recognising us” I almost got physically sick. Waar hadaad dhimanayso dhareerka waa layska duwa. No one is going to recognise us. We need to learn how to survive and thrive without it.

    • The dead deserve charity. The desperate deserve motivation. Recogniton needs a struggle, a hell of run-in, and objectivity in vision. The light for recognition has just started. We need to keep this light alight.

  2. i am praying for ALLAH INSHALLAH to see full recognition somaliland before i die !!!!!“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”“Without language, one cannot talk to people and understand them; one cannot share their hopes and aspirations, grasp their history, appreciate their poetry, or savor their songs.

  3. You get up in the morning and have your English breakfast of
    eggs, hash browns and bacon before you drive your little kids with freckled
    faces to the nearby school. You do not hear shooting in your vicinity and you
    know nothing about the perpetual Somali tribal squabbles and wars. Now, someone
    from far away war-torn Horn of Africa pays you a visit as you do justice to the
    meal in front of you. They tell you a tall story about a fictional country that
    only exists in the fig of their imagination. They tell you to campaign for their
    independence as a city or as a councillor; don’t you have at least the
    responsibility of finding all the facts about their claim before you go ahead
    and endorse them? Don’t you have the
    responsibility to go and visit the fictional country that you are recognizing
    to actually see where it is located and learn about the real political situation?

    Councillor Christian Martin and those in Bristol city know
    nothing about the history of northern Somalia. Former British Somaliland is not
    what it used to be under British rule. The region consisted of six tribal areas
    and they were forced to sign a separate agreement with each tribe to rule the
    region. The folks who are campaigning for independent region in Bristol today
    are from one clan and their territory is confined in to the triangle of
    Hargeisa, Burao and Berbera. The rest of five clans and their territories do
    not want to do anything with secession of the region and want to be part of
    proper Somalia. There is war raging now between the separatists and nationalist
    Somalis in those regions as I write this comment.

    You do injustice by recognizing one clan as a country on the
    expense of others. In fact, you become part of the problem when you get
    involved in the complicated tribal politics of Somalia and your efforts to help
    those who live in your midst may actually create more strife in the region.
    Stop and think. Stop and enjoy your hash browns and do not become one more
    tribe that adds more fuel to the fire. If you do not believe the veracity of my
    comment, read another story in this same page by just following this link http://somalilandpress.com/somaliland-sl-army-captures-town-taleeh-without-resistance-khatuumo-militias-49878
    and see the strive that is going in the region. Inform yourself and become knowledgeable
    about the situation in Somalia and you will not be fooled by clan loyalist

    • Allemagan: Full English Breakfast for a Lib Dem? You clearly don’t know anything about them. They are more of organic Muesli with fat-free Tibetan Yak milk kind of people the Lib Dems

  4. @ Allemagan, its 2014 and you’re still pushing the one clan Vs 5 narrative. These brits you talk about can book a ticket and be can in this so-called ‘fictional country’ and see with their own eyes whats happening.

    Pathetic propagandist like you have been weighed, measured and found wanting many years ago.

    Las Canood the capital of Sool province has been under Somaliland control since 2007, with no rebellings, conflict or backlash.

    Somaliland is a political framework designed in 1991 to bring together the people who gave up there sovereignty in vein, to this Epic failure that is the Somali republic.

  5. Inshallah God Willing Somaliland will get the recognition it deserves. We can’t only depend on the government of Somaliland for the recognition and the Somalilanders in the UK to fight for recognition we the Somalilanders in North America should wake up from this coma and instead of coming to May 18th parities to shake our rear ends that both Canada and the US are the most powerful nations in the world, and that we the landers in North America are not fighting for Somaliland’s recognition or taking part of the developments of the land or being active of our country. This is a reality check and we should think of SOmaliland all year along and fight for the recognition of Somaliland if we put our heads together Somaliland will get a UN seat in Manhattan New York City and Inshallah GOD willing Somaliland get recognized. We need to be like the UK and Europe the most patriotic Somalilanders in the diaspora, and the landers in the middle east don’t have say because there is no democracy there and they are not citizens of the land, and the landers in Asia live in dictatorial countries and they don’t have the say either and Somalilanders in Australia and New Zealand aren’t heard. Somalilanders in North America are to blame for Somaliland not getting recognized and we live in very powerful countries and it is in the interest of the United States and Canada to recognize Somaliland. Somalilanders in North America are denial and there is one certain somebody that said that I live in Canada and this is not true and that person is a liar and has not lived in North America for a long time.
    The Somalilanders inside Canada are always fighting with each other and they have divided on Somaliland and they can’t along, and the Somalilanders inside the United States are too quite, We should become better then landers in the UK. and put our differences aside and for Somaliland.

  6. Guled
    I dont think Allah SWT is in the business of lobbying and recognition seeking. So lets keep Allah out of it. What are we doing for ourselves? Nil. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Not one proper lobbying organisation with clear structure, focus and leadership. Not one proper website. Not one video/audio to send to organisations that might help us. Not one clourful or informative brochure. Only few headless, gormless, tactless, directionless geeljiere qaxooti guys(no girls) running around doing more harm than good. What will help?: One proper well-manned website in English, Arabic and French
    One Unit informed by the Bihis dep(no Frerlancers please). Focus on African countries and African individuals that might be sympathetic to our cause. Woo Russia now. Use pretty, intelligent females wherever possible not just some bearded geeljire who laugh out loudly in meetings although nothing funny was said. Hold snazzy parties and invite powerful people. get Media outlets on our side. None of thsi will ciost a lot. it just needs competence and degree of intelligence

  7. You are an athesist you don’t have faith and Allah brought you on this earth and you are not even muslim I was talking the lazy landers in North America.

  8. Guled learn to spell Atheist first! lol Faith=believing in things unseen. Santa, Allah, Big Foot, Yeti, that Alien from the Predator movies with the dread locks