By Goth Mohamed Goth

A well-attended handover ceremony was today(Sunday)held at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources.

Among those attending the handing over ceremony were the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources, the outgoing director-general and the incoming director-general, government officials, dignitaries, departmental heads and ministry staff.

Eng. Abdurrahman Abdeeq Muhumed, the outgoing director-general briefed those attending the ceremony on the various achievement attained during his tenure and the structure of the Ministry of Energy and Minerals.

The outgoing director-general speaking at the venue said that the ministry of energy and the government of Somaliland have increased their efforts to develop the natural resources that God endowed us with and our dream as a nation is to become a country that benefits economically from its natural resources.

“I would also like to this opportunity to thank the ministry of energy employees both male and females for working with me hand in hand and mostly the minister for his support and guidance, once again I personally thank you,” he said.

He added, “The ministry employs 151 people, ninety-three are official employees, eighty-five are informal employees. The ministry consists of six departments and heads of public relations and media.

Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the incoming director-general speaking during the ceremony pledged that he would enhance the ministry efforts in creating a sustainable extractives sector that stimulates equitable wealth and employment in the country.

Mr. Jama Haji Egal, the minister of energy and mineral resources wished the outgoing director-general well in his undertakings. He added that Eng. Abdurrahman Abdeeq Muhumed, the outgoing director-general through his work ethic had proven that he is an able and dedicated servant of the people who committed himself to assist the country to move to a higher trajectory of development.

The energy minister added, “On the hand, I would like to welcome Mr. Mohamed Yusuf Ismail, the incoming director-general to the ministry of energy, he is an experienced civil servant and I have confidence that he will pick up the mantle where Eng. Abdurrahman Abdeeq Muhumed left.

Lastly, the minister of energy officiated the handover ceremony. The outgoing official was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the minister of energy.