MOGADISHU — The property market in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, has boomed since the government pushed out al-Shabab fighters.

The most peaceful period in the city in over two decades has brought thousands of Somali expatriates back to their homeland.

But with speculators hoping to turn a profit behind most of the investments in new properties, prices are skyrocketing while hundreds of thousands of internally displaced, only kilometres away, live in poverty.

Al Jazeera’s Nazanine Moshiri reports from Mogadishu.


  1. mashaallah excellent sing we're on our way recovering the nightmare this nation has been on let's keep going and not look back that's the only option for us for the first time I feel good about the direction this nation is heading.

  2. This is good news and like always everyone can't be winners on the first round but we have to strive for a goal in which the whole society becomes winners in various rounds and stages otherwise things will just go back to the same.

    I know not everyone is a winner baby…but that's okay. We have to look at the overall picture. One winner takes two runners up with him and it continues until the whole society is at peace with it self. No doubt it has long way to go but what Mogadishu achieved only in months is remarkable and up is the only way from here.

    This is a good start for a city that knew nothing but warlords and guns for 21 years. I definitely want a water front block in Mogadishu. Our current home is in Karaan, it's not far from the beach but it is time to upgrade and up size.

    Where is this area they currently building? Lido?

    Nevertheless Mogadishu is a prime location, the property of all properties…

  3. Abgaal city where everyone else is a refugee!

    16 Districts with 15 controlled by Abgaal and 1 by reer xamar. There is no place for anyone else, Abgaal will not allow this city to fall back into the hands of Darood who owned 75% of that city!

    Unless Abgaal give back stolen properties then it will never become the Capital it once was. 1-Clan city will at best remain a shanty town with 2million refugees.

    • What a fool person,mogadishu live population over 2.5,you Think everyone is Abgaal.i wonder how your little brain workers you need MRI scan.

    • let alone Darood son do you know how much Isaak actually own and live in mogadishu ?!
      We xamaar is surrounded by hawiye but thats cool son mogadishu is and will always be cosmopolitan !
      I must reclaim my family house in hawl' !

    • Buuxiye thinks the Somali capital is like the villages in the north where every village is settled by certain clan. You can't blame him, he grew up in a village surrounded by like minded people. They eat each others over clans.

      I will continue to expose them and tell nothing but the truth.

      Mogadishu has more than 50,000 Isaaq population forget Daroods, Hawiye, Rahaweins, other Dir, Bantus, reer Hamar, Barawanis, etc.

      Not everything is like your Garadaag village dude. First step out and you will see a new world.

      Meanwhile, keep begging sheikh Isaxaaq grave to bring you recognition, burn more foox and cuud.

    • lool Buuxiye last I checked Mogadishu was the capital of Somalia, mahaa isbadaley, Caadi iska dig.

    • What a liar.

      15 districts are not controlled by Abgaal.

      The 5 "H" Districts are majority Habar Gidir: Hamar Weyne, Hamar Jab Jab, Hodan, Heliwaa, Howlwadaag

      The district of Dayniile is majority Murusade.

      Abgaal are only majority in Karaan, Medina, Abdiaziz, Shangaani and Shibis district.

      The other 5 districts are mixed with everyone to the point where you can't determine who are the majority.

      Xamar is the most diverse clan city in Somalia. Rahanweyne, Bantu, Dir, Hawiye and Madhiban/Tumaal are the largest in Xamar.

  4. Most of those IDP's are farmers that not only failed their harvest but had to also deal with SNA and Shabaab on top of that fighting on their lands. Once security is back they will hopefully go back to cultivated their lands with some investment from the government in infrastructure/seeds/tools to feed Somalia once again Insha'Allah.

    • Fool me once Shame on YOU, Fool me twice shame on ME.

      NON Hawiye were chased once out of Moqadishu and they are still waiting for their REVENGE after Abdullahi Yusuf allowed Ethiopians into Moqadishu.

      CHASE-DAROOD to Dadaab Part-II… coming soon

  5. I've seen Mogadishu in videos and pictures and I have to say Mogadihsu is in an ideal place for a capital, near the beach. It is a place where tourist are likely to flood in, very beautiful. It's a shame for it to be in a state of destruction for more than two decades.

    Too bad we have put all our eggs there thou in 1960. I Know all my uncles, especially the ones who graduated from British universities all invested much in Mogadishu, wonder if any of our properties and lands are still there or maybe they have been turned into a military ground.

  6. Mogadishu is undoubtedly can be a beautiful city but it's residents don't have the courage of utilizing it's potentials..

    • Are you blaming the innocent residents? or the individuals that misused power to spread Nepotism (such as Siad barre's regime and Somaliland conspirators)?… Blaming innocent civilians is something that is very hard to accept.

  7. Mogadishu almuqadis (place of worship in Arabic ), Mogadiscio(Vetican Worship in Latin),
    good news.

    • Mogadishu is a Persian name and the city was founded by the Persians, it means mouth of the shark, since its right on the beach. Arabs arrived in Mogadishu in the 9th century while the Italians came yesterday, the Persians predate 2nd century while the Greeks even traded with Mogadishu about that era.

      By the time of the Moroccan traveller Ibn Battuta's appearance on the Somali coast in 1331, the city was at the zenith of its prosperity. He described Mogadishu as "an exceedingly large city" with many rich merchants, which was famous for its high quality fabric that it exported to Egypt, among other places.[17][18] He added that the city was ruled by a Somali Sultan originally from Berbera in northern Somalia who spoke both Somali (referred to by Battuta as Mogadishan, the Benadir dialect of Somali) and Arabic with equal fluency.

  8. Mogadishu has undergone more property boom in 8 months than the entire north did in 21 years, that is a fact. The highest property was recently purchased for $20m in Mogadishu while in Hargeisa the highest property costs mere $90,000 (city center right next to City center tower and Bubba building between ex-reer-Ugaadh building (now under Daryeel construction)).

    If you have connections it can be more than 50% less than that in fact my uncle just paid $20k right next to Goolis restaurant opposite Caraale (hilib geel restaurant).

    No comparison between a village with no infrastructure/town planning to nation's capital, beach front, ideal weather, ex Italian experimentation (Mussolini's so called modernism (read Modernism and Fascism. The Sense of a Beginning under Mussolini and Hitler))….where he took the best Italian designers to Eritrea (Asmara) and Mogadishu.

  9. well at least we did not kill own peoples , thats something the south has to live with , own people somalis how will perseave other tribes if they kill own people . the killings made us more somali , with more hounor and ihsan

  10. have always persued a new capital for somalia in the hafun pennsular with a trible cap at 400,000 of each trible with security in the pennisular being excellent to maintain , its a vibale and optimistic approch , that signals a new change in somali democrate allance

  11. there will alsways be conflict in moqadisho because it is to far south from and has a iranian name,
    so i think that moving the capital to the hafun which has history with the azd trible of oman and yamin,
    would be a good place to start and going and writing in the somali arabic script again , whats this roman aplhabeta thing , said barre is not a somali , as he killed somalis , he killed the somali inside him , do arabs like iranians nope so new name new city in the hafun is best with new intentions , eg
    bismillah , this new city on the hafun pennsular opened for all tribles somali for trade